New York Knicks Offer New Uniform Teaser

Written By:  •  Monday, September 3, 2012

The New York Knicks are set to unveil their new uniforms on September 6th, but in the days leading up to Thursdays big event the team has been slowly teasing their fans with the new look on Facebook.

Since August 29th the Knicks’ Facebook Fan Page has been “peeling away” an image of their 2011-12 road jersey to slowly reveal their new 2012-13 home jersey.  Already we have seen the new shoulder striping colour scheme of silver, orange, and blue.

This only further confirms the previous leak of the Knicks jerseys we saw in mid-August when a video of NBA2K13 inadvertently included the new uniforms in a video preview of the video game.


Special thanks to Jonathan Levin for sending in this news tip via e-mail… if you know of any logo or uniform news that we’ve missed, give us a shout!  E-mail at on Twitter at @sportslogosnet or on our Facebook Fan Page here

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  • not all that impressed. just continuing the new york color scheme. the mets are gonna ditch the black in about a year also

    • nycfellow

      The Mets already ditched the black.

  • ingmar66

    I do not like the trend of small and narrow teamnames that are within the boundary of the digits (or even smaller) as we already witness more and more in college football, ‘New York’ should be splashed out big across the chest, not as teeny weeny as in the game example. And it looks like they are using a different (and condensed) font with a different angle in arching. Yecch! And why the silver? Stick to orange, blue and white!

    • Gavin F.

      The NBA 2K13 screenshots are accurate but not totally. The silver stripes on the sides aren’t as big as the orange and blue stripes and although the New York wordmark is less arched, it isn’t going to be as small as it looks in the screenshots.

    • nycfellow

      They have to adjust the font size because the custom arch wouldn’t look right on the modern v-neck jerseys. That’s why the C’s and Bulls don’t have the traditional team name plate on these modern jerseys with the v-necks. It wouldn’t look right. It wouldn’t be traditional. If the Knicks were to go back to the early-70s, mid-80s to mid-90s jerseys with the round neck lines, then you would see the traditional arch. Putting the arch on the v-neck jerseys wouldn’t come out right IMHO. The font size will remain with a small arch would be fine with me. And speaking of font size, they need to tell the makers of the jerseys to fix Cs and Bulls name plates on the Bulls home and away and the Cs home and away. The Celtics name plates are just too big. The way they looked two seasons ago was better and Bulls logo is too spread out and a bit too small.

  • Brian Castner

    I’ll wait to judge it when I see it but I think the half stripes on the arms would drive me crazy if they are on there like on the game.

  • Taylor

    Hey Chris, how come nothing on the front page about the Nets’ jersey leak from McFarlane toys?

    Do you know something we don’t, or just favoring the Knicks?

  • Chris

    I really wished they brought back that old-school lettering Ewing wore his first few seasons in the league, that same Frazier/Reed text. It was distinctive to the Knicks. It was classic. Now the Knicks use that same generic block text that most teams in the league use, which was first ushered in the Riley era. Lame.

    I also wished they brought back the NY symbol on the shorts. Classic as well. The logo on the shorts is lame as well.

    I just feel like there is nothing distinctive on this uniform that represents the vibe of New York. I like the semi-retro look of them, but for some reason, they just come off generic, like they are some middle-of-the-road team. I think it’s that small jumbled New York font on the front, it looks cartoonish. Should have stuck with the old New York script.

    • Chris

      By old-school lettering, I am referring to that lettering they used for the players’ names on the back on the jersey.

  • Bryan

    There was a leak about the Brooklyn Nets new uniforms over a Deron Williams toy here is the link