Monday Night Mare. Georgia Tech Alumn Despises New Uniforms, Begs For Their Ouster

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Georgia Tech new uniforms ugly honeycomb white chickenwire helmet awful back

Being a Yellow Jackets fan and alumnus isn’t easy. The team teases with success, loses games they shouldn’t right after winning games in which they stood no chance. It’s a difficult battle to defend a team that has middling, yet often top 25 performance. There are unique academic standards at the Institute that aren’t matched by many perennial bowl teams or many conference champions.

But the one thing we as a fan base always had to hang our hats upon was tradition. There are few college football fans who would argue that Georgia Tech holds a solid place in the pantheon of great teams when it comes to history, tradition, and class. The 52 team is often ranked as one of the top 10 programs of all time. 19 conference titles, 4 undisputed National Championships,  the longest-standing on-campus field in all of NCAA. All of it adds up to ESPN U ranking Georgia Tech as the 18th most prestigious program in all of history.

Monday night all of that was wadded up into a crumpled ball and tossed into a nearby waste paper bin. The athletic department casually tossed it over their shoulders and let it bounce into the can and become trash.

Honeycomb’s Big! Yeah, yeah, Yeah

The uniforms, made by Russell, that were worn on the field against Virginia Tech, and only announced in the hour before kickoff are simply the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to the football team, the Institute, and to each and every person who has ever worn the old gold and white on the field, in the stands, or simply in their own living room. And they aren’t done assaulting our eyes with them.

Georgia Tech new uniforms ugly honeycomb white chickenwire helmet awful studio

“Yes, this is horrible, this idea.” – Samir Nagheenanajar

Chicken wire white helmets, pale gold shoulders that appear to be made of The Giant’s Causeway, randomly twisting side striping, blue bubble wrap numbers with dimensional texture that looks like a hidden 3D image painting. Colors that don’t match the football team’s official set, and worse still, don’t match the tones between piece of an individual player’s uniform.  It’s a mess.

Georgia Tech new uniforms ugly honeycomb white chickenwire helmet awful TD

The team performed well in a game they were the underdog, but the uniform inspired nightmares.

Previous to Monday night, the worst looking uniform released in 2012 and possibly the entire history of college football were the odd ¾ helmet and strange number font of the Notre Dame Shamrock Series Uniforms. At least those were a single-game edition.

These Tech atrocities aren’t for one game only. There are white, navy, and gold versions of the jersey and white and gold versions of the pants. The white chickenwire helmet is said to be replaced with a gold one for several future games, but no one has said if it is the traditional gold helmet, or some other stupid, gimmicky, tacky, ugly mess like the white one.

Georgia Tech new uniforms ugly honeycomb white chickenwire helmet awful gold side

Apparently the “gold” versions will be white from the back. Good lord.

Not only are there 3 versions of the vomit they wore Monday, but apparently last year’s uniforms, which were no beauties in their own right, but far overshadowed in their ridiculousness by the new designs, will be in the mix as well. So, a program that has gone entire seasons only wearing gold helmets, white jerseys, and gold pants, will have more uniform possibilities than they have games.

Georgia Tech has, in the past, looked really good on the field. Some of their uniforms of the past have been really clean, classy, and distinctively the Yellow Jackets.

Georgia Tech new uniforms ugly honeycomb white chickenwire helmet awful Choice

Tashard Choice beats up on the Miami Hurricanes

In 2005, the Yellow Jackets proudly wore the most traditional uniform in their history. Gold helmets, white jerseys with black numbers and gold and black arm stripes, over gold pants. This is what Tech looks like. Its what they wore for their national championship in the 50s, and their best, most classic look.

Want Tech to be a little more progressive? The 1999 uniforms were.

Georgia Tech new uniforms ugly honeycomb white chickenwire helmet awful 1999

Gold numbers continued a couple years more, even getting a futuristic font in 2000. This is a nice look, old gold and white done right.

The uniform is the most distinctive items for fans and alumni to identify with and celebrate. As was famously said by Jerry Seinfeld, we cheer for laundry. This laundry is so bad, so awful, so gimmicky, so mismatched, so against the distinguished tradition of a great program that it isn’t fit for the laundry hamper, it should be immediately deposited into a dumpster behind Lane Stadium before the team leaves Blacksburg. I’d rather us look like the Oregon Ducks at this point. These are the worst uniform in the history of football. Ever.

Consider this my personal cry, an open letter, a pleading diatribe, to the Georgia Tech Athletics Department from a dedicated alum… please trash these abominations that sully the name of Heisman, Alexander, and Dodd. I’m begging you. Before my son and his friends think THIS is considered acceptable for one of the most prestigious programs in the world.

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  • Chris Oglesby

    good god that’s an ugly uniform.

    • Todd Levinson

      In a word…gruesome.

  • Thrashers Fan!

    As a Tech fan I did not like the jerseys at all. The helmet was cool as a one time thing but i never want to see the rest of the uniform again.

    Although I understand Tech has a tradition of using a gold helmet, I can’t help but think how nice these would look if they were the permanent uniforms ( ).

  • Thrashers Fan!

    Also, in 2005 the numbers and stripes were navy, not black.

  • Matt the Brave

    Well, at least UGA doesn’t have the worst looking alt uniform in the state of Georgia anymore…

  • Please burn that one, couldn’t watch the game cuz of the threads.

  • Lindsay Resnick

    I am a Tech student and I watched the game with a bunch of my friends/classmates and they all loved it. I wanted to vomit from looking at it. Hideous.

  • Michael Jaworski

    I liked the honeycomb pattern on the gold sleeves and neck, but not in the blue numbers. Make those plain, and the helmet gold, and I’d like it more. And this is much better than those Old Gold pants from a few years ago. Those were ugly.

  • Those are brutally brutal. Just way, way, way too much honeycomb. Remember the whole, “I gotta have more cowbell” bit?… Well GT needs a lot less. And the gold back with the name so high above the numbers looks dumb. #Fail

  • Brian Castner

    Horrible but sadly still nicer than what they’ve worn the last few years.

  • Troy Griggsby

    Awful. A big problem in this recent trend of sports uniforms becoming goofy costumes lies with coaches who have zero aesthetic or design sensibility. The thought is, “How hard can it be to design a uniform?” or “I have an opinion, and I’m the new head coach, so let’s do new uniforms because it’s fun to design!” Plus, a university’s keeper of brand standards no longer has control over the athletic brand system of marks, particularly when a coach brings in millions to the school, and Nike and Adidas are now the keepers of the “athletic brand.”

  • JJHoser

    I don’t know why you people are hating on this. I love this jersey idea. Extra design is what makes jerseys fun. You can add whatever the hell you want to make it look cool. Like the seahawks did on their helmet with the Feather design in the stripe. Or when the CSU Rams had Ram Horns in the shoulders on the jersey. So stop hating. The only thing I think about the jersey is that the blue shouldn’t be there and GT should still use black.

    • FUBLU


  • Dewayne Lawson

    I wasn’t aware that yellow jackets made honey….

  • Jed

    I knew the Oregon ones were bad, but these? Horrific is an understatement.

  • From a designers viewpoint, they are hideous and more importantly NOT in line with the standards. Somebody should get fired for “designing” that crap.

  • Sam

    I like the helmets, but that’s the only redeeming factor of the uniform.

    What’s wrong with doing something clean and simple, like Virginia Tech was wearing?

  • Matt

    It’s almost as if Nike, Addidas and the rest of these apparel companies hired a bunch of fashion designers who are used to designing women’s clothing and the ridiculous outfits from the Paris fashion show. Seriously, who are these morons?

  • Roquetman

    I love the helmet! I don’t see what the gripe is about, I must be the only one who liked them, and I have no association with GT what so ever.

  • Pat

    I actually really liked the helmet. I also think the jersey might have looked good if the hexagon design was more subtle, like the design on the helmet

  • ingmar66

    It is all wrong. Team sports, especially college football, thrives on traditions and the uniform should be such a tradition. People who like their team to look more progressive, daring and exciting should stick to design-your-own-uniform computer games or buy a season ticket for the Chippendales or something. There is nothing wrong with tweaking a classic, basic design every now and then but the recent trends in uniform design are all wrong. They are designed by people who hate sports, it is like one huge payback from those who were picked last during a pickup game.

  • Nicolas Ballou-Perez

    Wow these “uniforms” are ugly as hell. It’s a slap in the face to past Georgia Tech football greats. My god they’re bad as the Seattle Seahawks new uniforms. I’m not even a Georgia Tech fan but please burn these monstrosities.

  • jchamberlain

    Less is more…the more simply the better…they are as ugly as byu’s uni’s from ’99 i reeeeeally canter see any team playing to their potential when they hafta wear crap like that

  • Brother Wolf