New York Knicks Unveil New Uniforms

Written By:  •  Thursday, September 6, 2012

After a video game leak back in late August, the New York Knicks have finally unveiled their new uniforms today at a press conference in New York.

The new uniforms are a more simplified version of the ones they are replacing, gone is black, here is silver.  Gone are stripes down the side, here is a clean, single colour for the jersey base.

The differences in the front jersey script for the New York Knicks, notice that the arch is much smaller and the lettering is “stubby”

Other new design elements include a coloured waistband on the shorts, the “NEW YORK” script on jerseys has made it’s arched smaller, sleeve trim stops mid-way, jersey numbers are larger, collar is rounded, and a new logo above the player names on the back.

At the press event the Knicks said their inspiration for the new design was that of their “Championship Era”, the early 1970s and that the sleeve trim stopping midway was meant to extenuate the “NEW YORK” name.

Showing the changes to sleeve striping and the return to a rounded collar at the bottom of the neck hole.  You can also make out the “Once a Knick. Always a Knick” motto on the inside collar

“I like that I can display the ‘NEW YORK’ logo after a big play”, said current Knicks player Tyson Chandler, referring to the wider “NEW YORK” script on the jersey front.

“They look awesome, they’re extremely clean and sleek.  Love ’em”, added Amare Stoudemare.

Changes to the home uniform include the removal of the side stripe, sleeve striping only going down to the NEW YORK script, a blue waistband on shorts.  (Photo on right courtesy Darren Rovell)

Road uniform changes. Black is gone completely, blue around the entire jersey base, orange waistband. (Photo on right courtesy Darren Rovell)

The “Once a Knick. Always a Knick” motto will be seen by every player every time they pull this jersey over their head reminding them that once they’re a Knick, they’ll forever be associated by the team and remembered by their fans.

Former Knicks great Walt Frazier loved the idea, saying that “(the way the Knicks are) embellishing the legacy of former players is great”.

The changes to the back logo, the “Subway Token” logo from 2011-12 has been replaced by the alternate logo as shown above.  Also, another shot of the sleeve striping ending just above the armpit.

These new jerseys are available for sale already on the New York Knicks official website and can be purchased here.  They make their regular season on-court debut on November 1st against another team debuting their new uniforms, the Brooklyn Nets.

We captured the press conference as it happened and uploaded it to our YouTube channel.  You can view the unveiling and explanation of the various design features and changes below:

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  • Andrew

    Really nice uniforms. I like them a lot.

  • Taylor

    am I the only one who feels like the number should be higher?

  • fogdog

    these suck. the ones from the past decade are way way way better…cant believe they changed them to this.

    • FUBLU

      Dude,… AMEN!!!

  • horrile.

  • D.C. Swinton

    I certainly think they’re an improvement over the previous version, but this always irritates me: having a jersey font that does *not* match the logo font. If the “New York” looked like the “New York” in the Knicks’ logo, then these would be fantastic.

  • “Once a Knick, Always a Knick” is incredibly preposterous. First, the team name is Knickerbockers, but I understand that everyone refers to them as Knicks, so that can slide. Next, you are a Knicks, not a Knick. I know that sounds stupid, but the team is the Knicks or Knickerbockers, just because you are a member of the team that doesn’t mean you make the plural team name singular. What do you do for a team like the heat, what are its members? Bad grammar. Finally, you are Knicks only as long as you are under contract. I mean, we are told this is a business right? Patrick Ewing is no more a Knicks than Jeremy Lin. Lin is a Rockets’ player, not a Knicks’ employee.

    • CK

      It’s a Knick not a Knicks, just as it is a Celtic, Laker, Raptor and Cavalier. The Heat and Magic are the exceptions where it is tough to define what to call their players, not the Knicks.

      • Nope, the team name is a collective noun and the individuals should be represented by the plural form. No one said English is easy.

        • Reed

          Nonsense. One is a Knick. The collective is Knicks. Nobody would say “Proud to be an Americans” or “I am an Englishmen.” That’s stupid.

          • Growing up in NY, I can say this singular use of the team name is especially popular in NY. People often say “Did you see the Yankee game last night?” or “I’m going to the Giant game today.”

    • oknazevad

      Um, the use of “Knick” as a singular term for a member of the team has been in use for decades. Maybe you should learn something about the team before criticizing them?

  • NDwas

    Absolutely a downgrade. “New York” looks squished, the number is too narrow, the number is too far down on both sides, and the waistline is just horrifying. I much prefer last year’s unis to these.

  • Totally disappointing.

  • Chris Oglesby

    I like them. I like how clean and simple they are. Getting rid of the black was a huge upgrade.

  • So, Jeremy Lin is still a Knick? Interesting…

  • Marc

    I like the motto: “Once a Knick, Always a Knick”. What is wrong with the grammar with their motto, perhaps it is a homage to Mr. Lin who they wish would still be a Knick. However, what about the line to the Jet Song from West Side Story: “When you’re a Jet/You’re a Jet all the way/From your first cigarette/To your last dyin’ day” Is this also bad grammar.

  • Harris

    The grammar is correct. Knicks=Knickerbockers. Knick=Knickerbocker.

    A Knickerbocker is basically an old nickname for a New Yorker.

    The design is a big improvement from before, which looked like it was for preteens. The name and number on the back should be a bit higher. They probably have them low so longer names can fit.

  • Aaron

    Nice, clean and simple uniform. Only thing, the words New York could be spaced out an inch or two. Otherwise very classic looking.

  • nycfellow

    Beautiful unis. Brought it back to the old school. The blue and orange waist band hasn’t been done on Knick uniforms since the 40s and 50s. An interesting mix with the waistbands to go with the original 70s unis. Great looking. Cant wait to see them in pre-season.

  • PB Paulie

    The wordmark isn’t terrible but I much preferred the previous arched version better. The truncated stripes don’t exactly bother me but I don’t understand why they just didn’t go all the way around? Still I dig these unis. New York teams deserve clean and classy looks.

  • Glad the NYK got rid of the late 90s black but they look a little… drab.

  • I really like these. Nice cleanup of the armhole stripes. I also like the updated neckline and team font. I also like the new colors.

  • Mike Barbato


  • Troy Griggsby

    Ditching black is always a good move; a missed opportunity otherwise

  • Im ok with it. I just do not understand why they put “New York” on the home AND road. We get it! Your from New York!

    • Chris Creamer

      It’s just a team tradition… with the exception of a few years in the early 80s they’ve always worn “NEW YORK” on all their uniforms

  • pK

    Two words….”bacon neck”.

  • Aaron

    Weird, the grey is barely even noticeable.

  • Martin

    i don´t like roundish collars.

  • Troy Griggsby

    The more I look at them, the more I don’t like…colored waistbands look weird and the reduction of the arched wordmark is weak, too.

  • Keep the NEW YORK font from last season cause these unis fonts look too close together.Like everything else though about it.

  • Downgrade.

  • Downgrade.

  • Are they wearing cumberbuns in the nba now?

  • Brian Castner

    Major downgrade. These look like something a middle school would get stuck with. If they wanted to go back to the Championship Era or whatever they called it then go all the way and bring the look back completely.

  • AndrewSa888

    UGH. Serious downgrade. Previous ones were better.

  • JF

    They are horrifying and have a number of things wrong with them. I do not even know where to start. The arch is awkward. Either you have a full arch or no arch at all. The halfway stripe on the arms looks like someone forgot to finish making the jersey. The “Once a Knick” thing is hilarious. Font did not need to be changed. And last but certainly not least, the belt look on the waistband. Goodness gracious is that thing awkward.

    Only thing they did right was the ball logo on the back.

  • Andrew

    Actually, the more I see these, I’m not really a big fan of them. Disregard my first comment on the top.

  • Thomas

    Now they’re practically a NBA Mets. Same exact colors, now the uniforms even somewhat resemble the Mets uni’s. They aren’t bad though.

  • I love the new look. Classic and sharp.

  • Breon

    looks more like the uniforms they wore back in 1979

  • Randall Flagg

    Cleaner than the crappy black previously…but the truncated sleeves really bug me. Reminds me of the 49ers stupid sleeves. The big waistband is…a bit odd as well, I think the area was fine before this, though I’m glad the side striping is gone. Other than that, they’re fine, an upgrade from the previous era.

  • Bryan

    kind of what the cavs did for 2011

  • ingmar66

    Sad, sad, sad. The arch is wrong, the font is wrong, the addition of the grey is wrong, the armholes that stop midway are wrong, the ditching of the token and the ugly rendition of a ball with faux retro lettering on the back is wrong, the motto in the neck is hilarious and ridiculous (lEvery former Knick player will smile every time he plays the Knicks and thinks about what’s written in the neck of his adversaries), only the waistband in contrasting colour and the long overdue retirement of the colour black are nice. This used to be my favourite NBA team, starting with Clyde, Willis, Bradley and Debuschere. As of this season I will cross the East River, no matter how ugly the BK logos and uniforms are. I have put up long enough with these overpaid underachievers (from Patrick to Starbury to Melo) from Manhattan and this downgrade of the uniform is the final letdown. Once a Knick, always a Knick? Not for me after more than 35 years. Go Nets!

  • Vinny

    I think the new uni sucks! The front letters and numbers are worse than before. The new waist band also sucks! What were they thinking?