Baltimore Ravens add Art Modell Memorial to Helmet

Written By:  •  Friday, September 7, 2012

The Baltimore Ravens today tweeted out a photo of the memorial decal they’ll be placing on their helmets to honour the legacy of their former owner Art Modell. Modell, also the former owner of the Cleveland Browns died yesterday from natural causes at the age of 87.

Modell was in charge of two NFL championship teams, first with the 1964 Cleveland Browns and later on with the Super Bowl XXXV Champion Baltimore Ravens during the 2000 season.

The memorial decal is very simple, a black circle with “Art” in white smartcase letters.  A white outline around the black circle to help it stand-out from the black shells of the Ravens helmets.

For those wondering, no the Cleveland Browns are not planning any memorial decals or much of anything.  Modell relocated the Browns from Cleveland to Baltimore following the 1995 season just days before a city council vote on upgrades to their stadium, the NFL restored the Browns franchise in Cleveland for 1999.

Expect to see the new Modell decal on the Ravens helmet for their season opener this Monday night.


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