ChiSox Go Green for Halfway to St Pattys Day

Written By:  •  Sunday, September 9, 2012

St. Patrick’s Day is a big deal in Chicago, it’s so big that they even dye the Chicago River green every March 17th.  Pity for the local baseball teams that the regular season doesn’t begin until after the big day…

Well that’s where inventing a new holiday comes in handy!

Ever since the 2006 season the Chicago White Sox have been celebrating “Halfway to St. Paddys Day” during the last month of the season – this year the event was held on the 7th, which, eh, isn’t quite halfway to March 17th… September 17th would be exactly 6 months, or half a year, away.

As part of the celebrations, the ChiSox don green in place of their familiar black.  Green caps, green pinstripes, green numbers, green logos, green undershirts, green belts, and yes! Even green helmets!

Photos below of the green White Sox in action from this past Friday’s game against Kansas City…

A shot of the green caps and logo

MLB silhouette logo on back collar and helmet remained in black and silver

Green helmets and belts! Nice touch ChiSox. Also notice WGN using green for on-air Sox graphics

The green name & numbers… also is Francisco Liriano someone you’d want pitching in a St. Pattys Day game?

Another shot of Liriano and the player names/numbers

Chicago White Sox bullpen players wearing caps appropriate for the occasion

The Kansas City Royals are planning on holding their own “Halfway to St Paddys Day” game on September 17th (uh oh, it’s spreading…) no word on if they’ll be wearing green uniforms but they will be giving out green KC caps to fans as they enter the stadium.

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  • Aaron

    The emerald green pinstripes and caps at least look professional. But can you imagine if the White Sox dared to try this on their Pepsi inspired uniforms of the 80’s. This colour combination would be fine with a potential expansion team if done properly like the Sox did. Just don’t add gold or you’d be copying the Oakland A’s.

  • Brian Castner

    I love it! But if any other team besides them or maybe Boston did this it would be horrible.

  • thomas

    they forgot the green batter logo on the back !

  • ingmar66

    This is very cool indeed. I want to have a green White Sox hat right away (with the batter in silver and black on the back, to remind people it is really the team from Chicago)! But too bad KC wants to copy it. Only the Sox (both white and red) should do it. And maybe the Yankees, the favourite team of all the Irish policemen in NYC, according to all those television series…

  • Link

    Half way to St. Patrick’s Day? How extremely lame. Now they have to celebrate holidays 6 months beforehand as an excuse to sell special jerseys?

  • Edward C.

    I’ve seen restaurants in my area do a “Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day” promotion, so this certainly isn’t limited to baseball.

  • Evan

    does anyone know if the green on field hats will be sold?

  • yh

    It would be one thing if there was no baseball played on March 17. But there is, so this is really nonsense.

    Erin go bah.