Sonics One Step Closer to Returning to Seattle

Written By:  •  Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Those Seattle Supersonics may be returning to the NBA afterall.

According to The Seattle Times, the Seattle City Council and Chris Hansen, the main investor in the new arena, both agreed upon changes to the original understanding that would address public transportation issues in the vicinity of the new arena.  This was the one last hurdle to having a new basketball and hockey arena built in Seattle.

This should also make Seattle an extremely attractive candidate for a future NHL relocation.

The Seattle Supersonics won the 1979 NBA Championship

The Seattle SuperSonics moved from Seattle to Oklahoma City in 2008 where they were re-named the Thunder and suddenly became a championship-calibre team.  The Sonics had played over forty seasons in Seattle, including winning an NBA Championship in 1978-79 as well as several appearances in the NBA Finals.  The move to OKC was due to owner Clay Bennett’s disagreement with a lack of support from city council over a new arena for the Sonics.

“Sonics fans have a reason to smile today!” – Seattle mayor Mike McGinn



The NBA stipulated at the time of the relocation that the Sonics name and colours would remain in Seattle to await a new team one day returning to the city, the Sonics franchise history (including their World Title) was carried over to Oklahoma City so this wouldn’t be a Cleveland Browns situation should a team return… maybe more like a Winnipeg Jets or Washington Nationals.

The mayor of Seattle is expected to make an announcement about the approval of this new arena later today.

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  • Eric Gillard

    Where is the original source link for this, Chris? Please add it so people won’t think you took this without giving the Seattle Times proper credit aside from a brief mention in your blog post.

    • Michael Mueller

      Good Advice!!

    • Chris Creamer

      I figured crediting the source would have been sufficient for providing credit – perhaps I’m wrong. Although most news agencies (such as the AP and… newspapers) only mention the source as well.

      • Josh

        You are correct, Chris. Once something is cited, you’re good to go.

  • Johnny Garfield

    Well, it’s about time!

  • Jake

    Great news! And I think, like you said, that Seattle can be prime territory for an NHL franchise as well.

  • Seattle SuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuperSonics!!!

  • Kieran in Dallas

    Hansen’s group will seek to restore the Sonics history, banners, trophies and retired jerseys back to Seattle. I see Bennett, Hansen and the NBA returning all things related to the Sonics from 1967-2008 to the fans in Seattle. The NBA has a LOT of repair to do and that will go a LONG way to start the process.

  • Aaron

    Hopefully this story will turn out to be true with the NBA returning to Seattle. And yes, should definitely be called the Sonics. I also think it would be a nice gesture for the Seattle fans to do what the current Cleveland Browns did. Which is also what the current Winnipeg Jets and Washington Nationals should’ve done. Unless they have the same nickname in every city like the A’s, Braves, Dodgers, Giants, Lakers, Warriors, it just doesn’t seem right having your team championship history and retired numbers in another city especially if you get the team’s name back.If the Phoenix Coyotes relocate to Seattle, technically they should do what the Baltimore Ravens did, now that the Winnipeg Jets are back.

  • in honor of chirs hansen they shall be named the seattle predators

  • Good for them. And I mean that sincerely.

  • finally

  • Sweet

  • Brian Castner

    Good for them. It would be interesting to see if they could get the NHL team there as well.

    • B. A. Smith

      Portland would be the better NHL city. Seattle is to close to Vancouver, B.C., and Portlanders love they’re Winterhawks. NHL would be a success in Portland.

  • Todd Lang

    As long as they don’t steal the The Phoenix Coyotes

    • Aaron

      Steal the Coyotes? I highly doubt the fans in Glendale will ever notice. Except the fans dressed up as empty seats. LOL.

  • Brian Castner

    I know people say the league is over-saturated already but I think the NFL has it right at 32 teams. It gives a nice balance by conference and allows for the 4 team divisions. Give Seattle an expansion team and I’m sure you can find somewhere in Canada that would gladly take the 2nd expansion team. Or, 2 words a lot of other people would like to hear. Hartford Whalers…

    • Aaron

      Well, it’s too bad the NHL can’t have four teams per division like the NFL if they were to expand to 32. As far as the NFL goes, LA is looking for a team or two. The league would likely prosper with 34 teams. I think in a few years, you’ll probably see at least 32 teams in MLB, NHL and NBA with a 34 team NFL and a 10 team CFL. I think anything more than that will be too much.

  • Toronto Tom

    I think they should be called the Seattle Kings, you know have Sacramento relocate, and have the sonic colors in their logo

    • B. A. Smith

      That would be the perfect move. Even if they were not the Supersonics, The Kings name would fit great in Seattle. Being in King county and all.

  • Jeriat

    Seattle SUPERSONICS….. and nothing else.

  • thomas

    Sonics fans have a reason to smile today!” – Seattle mayor Mike McGinn

    fukk you mayor………only if kevin comes back too, will i smile !

  • Seattle, please take the Milwaukee Bucks off our hands!

  • Aaron

    Maybe the NHL team could be called the Seals and use the Sonics green and gold. Hopefully they’d have a better logo and uniform set than the Oakland Seals.

  • Jed

    They need the Sonics back and if they can land the Coyotes of the NHL, then even better…two for the price of one.

    • Aaron

      Sounds like a good deal! Two for the price of one. If Greg Jamison ends up buying the Coyotes, maybe he should consider partnering up with Chris Hansen on this. Wouldn’t have to risk losing millions over 20 years in the desert wasteland called Glendale. And at the same, perhaps if he really wants hockey in Arizona, purchase a minor league hockey team, place it in Glendale and affiliate themselves with the Seattle based team How about three for the price of one.

  • Rob

    The Washington Nationals (Expos) are not a team that has moved to DC as a direct replacement for the two AL Washington Senators Teams. Nor the NL Senators of the 1890’s
    Personally I still consider the Ravens to be the Cleveland Browns and the expansion Browns as a New Cleveland Browns, regardless of what the NFL says! The owners,players,coaching staff,equipment etc…went to Baltimore, so that means the team/organization/franchise is the same.

    I don’t think Seattle will be getting an NHL team anytime soon,maybe an NBA team

  • Bobby

    If seattle does get a new NBA team they have got to find a way to get their history back. The championship trophy & records aren’t OKC’s.

  • Good news! And I think, like you said, that Seattle can be prime territory for an NHL franchise as well.I think the NHL team could be called the Seatle player and use the Sonics green and gold. Hopefully they’d have a better logo and uniform set than the Oakland Seals.