Brooklyn Nets Show Off their New Hardwood

Written By:  •  Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Courtesy the official website of the Brooklyn Nets, we have our first looks at the new, completed, court design for the NBA’s newest team playing out of the NBA’s newest arena, Barclays Center.

The court is made using maple with a unique “herringbone” pattern on the wood as explained at

“Brooklyn Nets CEO Brett Yormark debuted the team’s official homecourt Monday, September 10 at Barclays Center. The unique, herringbone-patterned Maple Hardwood was designed by the Nets’ creative team and produced at Connor Sports Flooring Manufacturing Mill in Amasa, Mich.”

At center court is the Nets secondary circle logo featuring a “B” around BROOKLYN NEW YORK, script logos are under each basket and the team website and Twitter handle are on the baselines, keys are painted black.  The Barclays Center logo, in blue, on either side of the center court logo.

The new home court design of the Brooklyn Nets

We’ll get our first look at the new court in action on October 15th when the Nets host the Washington Wizards in their debut pre-season game at Barclays Center.

Special thanks to Nick Logan for emailing this news tip into us, if you caught a story or rumour that we’ve missed send in an email to or on twitter at @sportslogosnet

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  • Martin

    when will their jerseys be revealed?

    • Chris Creamer

      September 28th

    • Adam Luther

      they already have been

  • Chris Oglesby

    i’m really not digging the black and white scheme. The whole identity reminds me of create-a-team on default colors. Blue and White could have worked. at least something other than xerox colors.

    • The colors have grown on me. Knowing that their “creative team” aka Jay-Z was using the NYC Subway logos as his inspiration helped me get there.

  • Andrew

    Very nice. Love it.

  • The court is interesting. Looks good under certain lighting, too dark under other lighting. Overall not a bad looking court though the blue Barclays Center writing sticks out like a sore thumb. But at least there’s some color on the court — ish…

  • di

    It will look much better with people in the seats and players all over the court. I’ll watch more often than I do no to fill the void left because of the crap going on in the NHL.

  • Wasn’t a huge fan of the logo but this court is amazing! 10/10!

  • Joe Smitty

    if only they put as much effort into designing their logos. has to be the simplest logo in all of sports. some high schools and even youth soccer programs have more intricate and complex logos.

    • Taylor

      they were going for simple. they weren’t going for intricate or complex. they wanted something classic-looking.

  • PB Paulie

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything the Brooklyn Nets have done so far with their understated team branding, marketing, product design….and now the new court design. I’m a huge believer in less is more…and this right here I’m digging so hard on. I just wish my Chicago Bulls would re-think and re-design their home court it feels so outdated and hokey.

    Now we await the grand finale…THE UNIFORMS. According to Paul Lukas over at UniWatch, he’s seen them already, they’re not what everybody expects…and they’re gonna be slick looking.

    • wolfgangII

      you can’t mess with the Bulls court. It´s same court in wich MJ won six titles. That’s classic, not this black/white scheme. You can be simple, but what the Nets are doing it’s being lazy. They already know it will be a huge fan base, so why invest in design?

      • PB Paulie

        Well I see that argument of the court being the one the Dynasty won on. Although you can still clean up the design and maintain the aesthetic of the original. Like remove the basketball design from the center of the court…do we need a reminder of what sport this team plays? They have another four small Bull heads, two on each side of the keys…it’s overkill. Lastly, the wordmark on the baseline doesn’t match any of the team branding, match it up with that of what Bulls use in their logos and I’m down with it.


        MJ won 3 in Chicago Stadium, 3 in United Center. 2 different courts for 6 titles.

  • Brandon Lewis

    They’re prob gonna b plain

  • Not expecting much from the new unis.

  • Joe G.

    They should have shaked it up a little with the color scheme, throw in some gold or powder blue, something other than Black & White. The court is an alright design, but it kind of reminds me of the Celtics parquet at the TD Garden (pieces of the pattern). The unis probably won’t be too stunning, unless they really shake it up with the design. Not too crazy about the new scheme, but at least the logo is a bit better than the old nets logo, feel like they could have added more references to Brooklyn, like a brooklyn bridge or ebbets field image (would be a cool patch though, “Sports Returns to Brooklyn” or something like that). We’ll see what the unis look like though in few weeks.

  • Matt Marczel

    It’s obvious that the jerseys are gonna be extremely bland boring. Black and white with Brooklyn arched across the chest in the same lame boring typeface font as in the logos.

  • Ian

    Are they bowling or playing basketball?

  • Brian Castner

    I like it. It’s different and not relying on the 2 shades of staining that’s become the ugly trend.

  • Main Era

    The Nets won’t exactly be the first team to have that style of a court. The Raptors had it in their inaugural season.

  • Chris

    Hello San Anto… oh wait.

    • KeithL

      It does remind one of the Spurs…

  • Toucan Sam

    They put their Twitter handle on the court? The website is bad enough, but the Twitter handle? That is lame, I hope that’s not a new trend.

  • KeithL

    The arena Looks good, the logo is plain though and did they have to put Brooklyn New York in the logo? Why not Brooklyn Nets? Another question, are there that many sell out Knick fans in Brooklyn and other burroughs, that will drop the Knicks and pull for this team? Its not like the Dodgers are moving back home,Its the Nets.

  • ingmar66

    Love the herringbone floor, love the Brooklyn New York center circle, love the Hello Brooklyn on the scoreboard, can’t wait for droves of so called sell out Knicks fans to cross the Brooklyn Bridge. The Knicks have let me down for over 25 years, from now on I’m rooting for Brooklyn, even if they have 25 years (or more) of losing seasons ahead of them. And I am not even from NYC. As for the BK logos, they are not spectacular but work well. Curious about the uniforms!

  • Love how the court looks! Kinda of a mix of old school (but not quite) and edgy with the all black around the court and in the paint. Nice.