Colorado Rockies to Celebrate 20th Anniversary in 2013

Written By:  •  Thursday, September 13, 2012

Colorado Rockies 20th Anniversary Logo 2013

The Colorado Rockies paired the announcement of their 2013 schedule with the unveiling of their 20th anniversary logo yesterday. We got our first look at the new logo courtesy the Rockies’ printable schedule file for next season.

The logo features a similar design of the purple mountain peaks from their primary logo, the mountains in this logo continue on to form a baseball diamond to enclose the logo, also included is the “CR” cap logo and the anniversary being celebrated with a banner at the bottom.

Colorado Rockies anniversary logos over the years – 1993, 2002, and 2013

It is not yet known if the Rockies will be wearing the logo as a patch on their jerseys, but they have worn patches previously for their first and tenth seasons so I would bet on this also appearing on their uniform sleeves.

We’ll keep our eyes open for other clubs hitting milestone anniversaries, the Miami Marlins joined the National League the same season as Colorado and will also be celebrating 20 years while the New York Yankees name will be turning 100 years old in 2013 (that’s 100 years since they took the name “Yankees”)

Special thanks to Twitter User @cmarkham20 for the heads up on this news item.  If you’ve got some news that we’re missing out on, send us a tweet at @sportslogosnet or an email at

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  • Jimmy Kemp

    Yeah I feel old, I can remember when the Rockies weren’t in the league.

  • Jimmy Kemp

    26 teams in 1992.

  • I’m so old, I still think hockey when I hear Colorado Rockies.

  • Michael Taylor

    Will the Marlins have some super colorful patch too?

  • WOW

  • Ryan

    Funny, they did the Year of the Fan Celebration this year, I thought that was their big 20th Season thing.

    • Tony Schmitz

      Management decided to delay the 20th anniversary celebration to honor the fans during the 20th season (not so sure why it was necessary). Unfortunately that happened to be the worst year in franchise history. Heres hoping celebrating 20 completed seasons during the 21st season goes much better……Oh! Well what do ya know the rockies are old enough to drink now!

  • Aaron

    I remember when the Colorado Rockies came into the league. I was just 13 going on 14 that year. Kind of does make me feel old. Perhaps they should’ve started in the AL West with their expansion cousins already in the NL East.

  • Bill

    I would like to see an all purple Rockies cap with the “CR” logo colored exactly as seen here.

    • Aaron

      Perhaps that style cap would go with the all purple uniforms. Make sure the CR has some black in it for some contrast.

  • Matt

    I realize they have the baseball diamond in the background, but I just feel his is very plain. Doesn’t excite me like a celebration logo should?

  • Brian Castner

    I still think of Denver Bears and Zephyrs first when I think of baseball in Colorado.

  • Aaron

    I wonder if the Rockies will ever wear the Denver Bears uniform for a turn back the clock event? That would be cool to acknowledge baseball history in the Mile High City.

  • ingmar66

    Good logo, as the team name is not included as it was in the unfortunate 10 years effort. Clean and crisp, reminds me of a beer logo as well, haha. How come that the Rockies purple turns up blue in so many publications and on so many websites?

  • Here’s hoping the Marlins go back to Teal and Black throwbacks for their 20th anniversary and 2003 WS 10th anniversary.

    • Aaron

      They probably will. And perhaps if they keep the logo, just reduce it to teal or marlin blue, black or midnight teal, silver and maybe just a splash of orange.