Jays Player Leaves Hologram Sticker on Cap

Written By:  •  Friday, September 14, 2012

In what we’re hoping was purely an accident on his part (otherwise, ugh! let’s not start this trend on Major League ballfields), Toronto Blue Jays first baseman Adam Lind played last nights game against the Seattle Mariners with his MLB Authentic Collection hologram sticker still under the bill.

If anything this proves to anyone who had a doubt that the NewEra caps produced for the fans and those produced for players to be worn in-game are indeed exactly the same.

Lind never did take his sticker off the cap, it remained there from first pitch to the congratulations after the final out as you can see above.

Special thanks to Twitter user @chriskaratebass for the heads up on this one.  If you catch a fun little thing like this during a game you’re watching, let us know!  On Twitter at @sportslogosnet or via email at ccreamer@sportslogos.net

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  • Samuel

    This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this done by MLB players but it isn’t something that I see often. I can’t remember what other players I’ve seen do this, but I recall they were pitchers. And I know that pitchers aren’t allowed to wear anything reflective while on the mound (like earrings, gold necklaces). These stickers I believe fall under that category.

    Of all the stickers that come with these authentic caps, I leave these hologram stickers on my caps and remove the rest.

    • Ben Hibberd

      I have also seen other players do this as well. Dexter Fowler comes to mind immediately. I also leave the hologram on my cap as well, so I don’t mind players doing it also.

  • Jason

    At least he didn’t leave the big 5950 sticker on the top of the bill!

  • Marty Fox

    I will admit that this is the only sticker I leave on my caps. I don’t know that I like it on the field, but who am I to judge?

  • John Aiken

    Maybe they should leave the price tag on. This is the dumbest trend in wearing hats with the purchanse things on them. Do you keep the hanger on the shirts when you buy them doh

  • Michael Rudolf

    I don’t necessarily fault Lind for this. Why didn’t the equipment manager who issued him the cap remove it first? It’s not like Lind went out and bought the cap himself.

  • Emmet Broderick

    I agree! Why didn’t the equipment manager take it off? Let’s hope that doesn’t lead to wearing the cap tilted off center! If that starts happening more, I’m writing to Bud! And don’t get me started on the baggy pants!!

  • Michael Giuliani

    I thought that I saw alot of players with that during this years HR Derby?

  • Boy Wonder

    What a waste of two minutes of my life. This qualifies as newsworthy?

  • ingmar66

    Bring on the fat gold chains and the face tattoos! MLB going street! Keeping it real! Little kids are allowed to keep the hologram sticker on their 5950’s (and not bend the bill), but adult MLB players should remove all stickers and price tags straight away. This looks really dumb.