MLB Throws Back to the ’90s In Two Weekend Games

Written By:  •  Friday, September 14, 2012

The 1990s. It’s quickly becoming the new “go-to” decade for throwbacks in sports leaving the retro trend of powder blues and elastic waistbands from the 1980s back where they belong (the ’80s).

This weekend we will be seeing two more 1990s throwback games as the San Diego Padres and Arizona Diamondbacks both take part in hosting separate turn back the clock events.

First up the San Diego Padres will be turning back to their National League pennant winning uniforms used from 1991-2001, the blue and orange era, for tonights game against the Colorado Rockies.

San Diego Padres 1990s throwback worn tonight, photo courtesy Majestic

This will be the third era of Padres uniforms the club has worn this season (in addition to their regular 2012 set, of course), having earlier worn their 1978 brown and yellow uniforms and 1989 white jerseys with brown and orange script.

1990s cresting, sleeve patch, and cap the Padres will wear tonight. Photo courtesy San Diego Padres Instagram

We polled the audience back in August about which Padres era they preferred the most…

It was close, but the retros being worn tonight finished behind both the 70s and 80s sets and coming ahead of only the current set.

Moving on…

Tomorrow night it’s Arizona’s turn as the Diamondbacks go back to their purple alternates from 1998 in their game against the San Francisco Giants.

Arizona’s 1998 alternate, will be worn on Saturday night vs. San Francisco

The Diamondbacks held a poll back in March for their fans to select which jersey they’d wear, you’re looking at the winner.  It’s all part of Arizona’s first-ever “Alumni Night”, which means we’re likely going to see throwbacks worn every September from here on out (they wore the white version from this set last year, but I guess it wasn’t “Alumni Night”)

The D-Backs have really been embracing the retro event even going as far as re-designing their website in their old colours of purple and teal in the week ahead of the game:

The official website of the Arizona Diamondbacks in purple and teal for this weekends throwback game

Aside from the Chicago White Sox regular use of their 1972 red and white home jerseys every Sunday home game (will be worn again on September 30th), these will be the last two throwback games of the 2012 MLB season.


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  • Brian Castner

    Both teams should still be wearing these uniform sets full time. Best looks for both teams.

  • Jimmy Kemp

    I’m getting old when the 90s are being used for throwbacks.

  • Joseph Newell

    agreed that these are the 2 best uniforms for these 2 teams.

  • Arizona had such a distinctive look and I loved their script. The black jerseys and the A homes were my favorites of the purple and teal era. Arizona looked different and unique. Also I loved the striping along the sleeve!

  • Jab

    I love both of these jerseys, remind me of being a kid in the 90s ( damn i agree wtih Jimmy 90s are retro?? time’s flying aha). Anyway I can’t wait to see the Diamondbacks purple and teal, was my favorite of the 90’s expansion teams. Wish they’d go back to them eventually.

  • Jed

    Padres need to go back to these unis they’re wearing tonight starting next season as the current home uniforms are terrible.

    • Aaron

      Definitely bring this uniform style back with the road uniforms that went with it, but with dark brown, orange and tan colour scheme. The road uniforms can be a greyish tan colour. Would probably look better than the sand colour roads they tried a couple years ago. Also bring back the last number style from last year. As far as the D-Backs go, as nice as the current ones are, revamping the entire uniform after winning a World Series is not the way to go.

  • Aaron

    Another thing, put the Swinging Friar on the sleeve.

  • Matthew Schilling

    Arizona needs to bring their World Series winning uniforms back! There was no need to ditch that era!

  • John Robert Crawford

    The Padres just aren’t the Padres unless they’re in BROWN.

  • ingmar66

    Padres in brown and gold or orange (with the swinging friar), D-Backs in purple and teal! Bring it back!

    • Aaron

      How about a combo of brown/orange/sand mixed together. If done properly, the Padres can pull it off.

  • Aaron

    If you see 1990’s theme weekends as being turn back the clock promotions, you might be getting old.