Pics: San Diego Padres in 1990s Throwback Uniforms

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Last night the San Diego Padres and Colorado Rockies fully embraced the Padres wearing their uniforms from 1998, the two teams combined for nine runs in the first inning alone.  Sammy and Mark would be proud.

Yes, in the last of three turn back the clock games held by the Padres this season the Friars put on their pinstripes, their blue and orange lids, and took to the field eventually losing 7-4.

One thing I can say about watching last nights game… they looked like the San Diego Padres out there.  You could probably chalk that up to the classic “well that’s how they looked when *I* was a kid” but to me it’s this set that is both a classic look for the club while also looking damn good (I threw that last one in there for all y’all “let’s bring back the 1978 unis!” folk).  The midnight blue and orange look may not be as instantly recognizable as the brown and yellow but it’d still be unique in today’s Major League Baseball (but next year, not so much).

Moving on to the uniforms worn last night…

The Padres got a lot right with this uniform and like most teams are doing these days they paired it with the proper helmet.  The MLB logo was absent from the back collar which is correct for the time period they were flipping back to.  There’s only one misstep that I noticed and it’s being a little picky but…

The pinstripes are too far apart.  Yup, picky.  Look at the amount of pinstripes running into the “P” and the “R” of the two uniforms above, you’ll see Tony on the left has one extra for each letter.  Otherwise, lookin’ pretty good I’d say.

Scroll on down to see more pics of the Padres from last nights game:

Old 1990s logo used for on-screen TV graphics

Tonight the Arizona Diamondbacks will also be turning back to the 1990s when they wear their purple and teal alternates of the day against the San Francisco Giants.  We’ll also be sharing pics from that one so stay tuned!

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  • Really wasn’t a big fan of the cap they wore back then, but it’s really not a bad overall look. The pinstripes are a major turn off though.

  • Aaron

    No, no! The pinstripes actually looked great with this team brown or midnight blue. I know they’re midnight blue, but if look closely, it looks like there’s a hint of brown in there. Mixing a little more brown with this midnight blue and outlining the white S and orange D with a tab or sand outline would be about as unique as the original brown, orange and gold itself. In fact, they’d probably be the only California based team right now to wear pinstripes if the Padres bought them back.

  • Aaron

    And also, the Friar would look great on the sleeve.

  • saule wright

    They should have turned back more. The brown and yellow are iconic and look much better than that one.

  • ingmar66

    Good effort, but blue and orange is not as strong as brown and orange, both capwise and regarding the pinstripes and lettering. in my opinion.

  • Manny

    Look at the post that you made announcing that the padres would wear these uniforms… Tony Gwynn’s jersey seems to have the pinstripes spaced as far apart as the ones they wore the other day. Padres must have changed the spacing at some point while they were wearing those

  • Jed

    The Padres need to go back to these home uniforms for the 2013 season and ditch the current ones they have on now.

  • SFforlife

    Pretty cool. I liked those jerseys, and the older orange and blue SD cap. If they’re gonna wear navy at least accent it with orange. Otherwise just go back to yellow and brown. Everybody pretty much wants that, including myself as a diehard Giants fan.