Oakland A’s, Arizona D-Backs in Spanish Jerseys Today

Written By:  •  Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Oakland Athletics and Arizona Diamondbacks will celebrate Mexican Independence Day by donning Spanish-language uniforms for their respective games this afternoon.

Oakland will be wearing “Atléticos” jerseys, which they had done in the past, wearing them at least during the 2010 season. The jerseys are white with “Atléticos” across the front of the uniform in the same style as the regular home uniform.


Arizona’s uniforms will be black with “Los Dbacks” across the front.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Atleticos jersey, it is currently available for sale on MLB.com.

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  • Theo Workman

    I was about to applaud this when I thought they would be better than the NBA “Latin Nights.” Then I saw Los Dbacks.

  • Theo Workman

    I was about to applaud this when I thought they would be better than the NBA “Latin Nights.” Then I saw Los Dbacks.

    • Michael

      Yeah, you just said that…

  • Aaron

    I’m surprised the Athleticos spanish uniforms weren’t gold and Los D-Backs weren’t sedona red. That’d be cool. I’m also surprised the Dodgers and Padres didn’t do the same thing this weekend considering both San Diego and Los Angeles have huge spanish populations.

    • wolfgangII

      Padres are in spanish, and Dodgers would be “Esquivadores”. Didn’t sound so good

      • Aaron

        Good point. I’m referring more to when teams add Los to their uniforms like Los Suns, Los Marlins, Los Lakers, etc. I don’t know what those words are in Spanish.

  • mike

    Why do they do this? Gimmicks are just gimmicks.

  • dex1lsp

    This is a perfect example of one good Spanish jersey and one bad “Spanish” jersey. The Atléticos jersey is great because it’s actually in Spanish. The Los D-Backs jersey is really stupid because adding “Los” to it does NOT make it Spanish. It should be “Cascabeles”.

    • Aaron

      I guess the same thing can be said for Los Lakers, Los Suns, Los Spurs, eh?

  • The design of both jersey’s are so much attractive.The choice of color is very important matter for making jersey. My favorite color is black.So i like much the jersey of Los. But supporters of a team always like their team jersey ,it not depends on color.Supporters of a team are always with their team it is not a matter of jersey color.