Spurs Release Alternate Uniform: Grey/Silver with Secondary Logo

Written By:  •  Wednesday, September 19, 2012

San Antonio Spurs NBA alternate uniform 2012 new design - feature

The San Antonio Spurs posted photos on their website today of their new alternate jersey for the 2012-2013 season. The uniquely designed silver jersey features only the clubs’ secondary Spur logo on the front with the player number on the upper right side of the jersey.  These new uniforms will make their on-court debut against the Oklahoma City Thunder in San Antonio on November 1st.

San Antonio Spurs NBA alternate uniform 2012 new design - front with black

What makes this uniform especially unique is the lack of any words whatsoever on the jersey front, just an icon, something the Spurs claim in their press release is a first in the NBA.  The sides of the jerseys have white and black trim, the Spurs primary logo is on the back above the player’s name. Another secondary logo, featuring just the city initials of “SA” in black is on the front of the shorts.

San Antonio Spurs NBA alternate uniform 2012 new design - front4

The Spurs last went with a silver-based jersey on a regular basis during their inaugural NBA season of 1976/77, while the numbers in the upper corner of the jersey bring back scary memories of the wild-design ride that several NBA clubs took us on in the mid-to-late 1990’s – anyone remember those Raptors, Rockets, and Hawks uniforms?  Oh my…

How do they strike you? Just the logo? Chest number? Seems like a distinctive look without going wild and crazy.

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  • Andrew Rafner

    wow. wow wow. i hate hate hate this.

    • John John

      nice pajamas

  • well, i guess it frees up more advertising space on the jersey.

  • Needs stripes.

  • Tim Stoklas

    TATC meets NBA.

  • Adam

    These are more or less summer league jerseys

  • dont like this maybe if it was the current set in silver with the fiesta colors as stripes

  • The last paragraph of the article was definitely what I was thinking. We’ll see how long this lasts….

  • Aaron

    I thought their third jersey would say San Antonio as a throwback to the ABA days. I don’t normally care for logos on the front of the jersey, but the Spurs and the Warriors seem to do it right without being too over the top. With just the logo and number alone, still looks simple. No need to add anything else.

  • Dan Becker

    I don’t know about these uniforms, they don’t look that great. The Spurs could’ve done a better job!

  • these look like practice jerseys

  • Nicky Santoro

    Very nice. The only thing negative I have to say is that it seems to be too much empty space, I would maybe make the logo bigger and lower it a bit. But that’s just a minor thing, overall it’s a very clean and classy look.

  • Seriously, though, it looks weird with the logo off center. Maybe if it was centered, it would look better.

  • Reminds me of the LA Kings ‘Burger King’ jersey.

    • T Sizzle

      That’s exactly what I was thinking.

  • Jim Pericotti

    It’s dull and boring. So it’s perfect for the Spurs.

  • Jonathan

    The 90s called…they said this was awesome 20 years ago!

  • Devin J. Mattera


  • Brian Castner

    One of the worst looks in the history of the NBA. I hope it doesn’t last more than 1 season.

  • Jeti Mar

    Why couldn’t they just brought back the 80s retro gray jerseys as an alternate.

  • Jimmy Kemp

    Looks like something in the 90s with the logo in the middle of the jersey. Not a fan of them, but who cares, the NBA will have ads on uniforms in 2013-14 and all uniforms will be trash then.

  • Sean Carter

    this worse alt inform in history of national basketball association

  • Looks like a warmup jersey

  • Brian Simpkins

    It’s kinda wierd the way they explain why they put the secondary spur logo on the front because of their deep roots. Why not spell SAN ANTONIO instead? This is not going to last long if the fans have their way. I wonder what commentary the guys have over at the boards. Oh well.


  • Matthew Schilling

    These are horrible. Though they are still much better than the high school looking neo-throwbacks the 76ers are parading around in these days. If San Antonio was going to do something different uniform wise, they should just bring back the black on black road uniforms from the 70’s.

  • Iamthere4Iam

    kinda remind me of the Seattle Mariners’ Future uni’s

    • Taylor

      I had this exact same thought

  • Great practice jerseys you got there, Spurs.


    I love this jersey!

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s awful. But as a Spurs hating Suns fan I love seeing them look so hideous. Reminds me of those MLB turn ahead the clock uni’s.

  • Andrew

    Ugly and unnecessary.

  • LWill

    You’ve gotta be kidding me

  • Jed

    It’s different, that’s for sure.

  • PB Paulie

    HA! Ok ok ok they had their laugh. So lets see the new alternate unis……What? What do you MEAN that’s them?!

  • D.C. Swinton

    …I don’t get it. “San Antonio” makes sense. “Los Spurs” being there permanently would be awesome. Just a logo and a number is terrible. There was a reference to Golden State earlier, and while it’s okay, I would prefer the Warrior wordmark instead. Those jerseys would be pretty perfect then.



  • Victor.P

    If the uniforms were all black with a silver logo they would look badass. But honestly who care what the jerseys look like the spurs are still gonna wreck shop…

  • Discogod

    “What makes this uniform especially unique is the lack of any words whatsoever on the jersey front, just an icon, something the Spurs claim in their press release is a first in the NBA”

    Well, that’s technically true, although the old Baltimore/Capital Bullets wore uniforms with no words on the jersey front for a few years (although the team logo was on the shorts).

  • I really like these. Nice work by the Spurs to finally release an alternate uniform.

  • Marc

    Is this the start of a new epoch? It reminds me of the Notre Dame clover jerseys from the mid 1970s. Simple and classic looking-however-we will not know its place in history until a few years from now. If the populace agrees with the look, we may see other NBA teams adopted a similar fashions. This is either the start of a new look for NBA jerseys or a small bump in the road.

  • Greg

    Personally I like it. Too many jerseys in the NBA recently have become boring (Clippers, Sixers as examples). It’s nice to see a team finally step out of the box, especially one who is generally looked at as being an old-fashioned franchise.

  • Taylor
  • Cheng

    Is this alternate for wearing at home or on the road? Not bad.

  • ingmar66

    Chest numbers are euro trash, I know, I am from Europe, I play basketball in the lowest possible league and we have to wear chest numbers. Why? To fill up the shirt with advertising (in our case to keep the purchasing price of the uniform to zero bucks, which comes in handy at this time of finacial crisis). Exactly that will happen with the sorry-ass NBA. How can a league cheapen itself so thoroughly? If there is one league that does not need ads on their uniforms it is the NBA. But no, they insist on being the uncoolest league out there. The NBA used to be the summum of team sports coolness, both in logo and uniform designs. Not anymore, by a long shot.
    As for this effort, the colour scheme and the striping are OK but the Spur should be on the chest and the numbers dead center. And these should be big, NFL style. Then it is okay to skip the town or team name. The primary logo on the back is OK but these SA initials on the shorts are so ugly. Another adidas/NBA failure.

    • Aaron

      As mentioned before, if they only use a small logo at the top of the jersey, the ad on basketball jerseys won’t be such a big deal. There’s Majestic on the baseball jersey sleeves and you barely even notice it.

      • ingmar66

        Well, I think it will not be a small ad logo. Count on it that the team name/ city name will be replaced by a sponsor all over the belly with a small team logo on one side of the chest and the number on the other. And a sponsor on the back, under the numbers. And a sponsor on the right front side of the shorts as well. Hopefully the NBA will not look too much at Euro teams or we will see sponsors on the backside of the shorts as well. It starts with a small logo and after that has been accepted the ads will spread like a disease all over the uniform.

        • Graves Fairly

          Actually the ads on the NBA uniforms are going to be small, 2inch x 2inch patches.

  • Rob

    Colors look great,but don’t like the number and logo placement at all. My first thought was that this is to get us ready for ads on the jersey next season, with the extra blank space.

  • Austin Harbeson

    They look from the 1990’s but in a good way.

  • Nick Logan

    These look like practice jerseys.

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  • Bobby

    I really like these as an alternate. Very different. Spurs went outside the box on these. I’ll definitely have to grab one of these.

  • I have a feeling we might see other teams do this down the road and it might not necessarily be a bad thing.

  • DWalz286

    i think it would look a lot better if the logo and the number switched places

  • The material is so different this time,, ,it is not plaint anymore..