Virginia Cavaliers to Honor 1968 Team with Throwback Uniforms Sept 29th

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1968 Virginia Cavaliers throwback college football ncaa - players

The Cavaliers will celebrate the outstanding career of Frank Quayle in their game against Louisiana Tech.

Special programs will have graphics from 1968, souvenir cups featuring Quayle will be available at concession stands, and the team will wear special throwbacks inspired by the 1968 uniforms. Nike created the throwbacks, with the V logo and stripes on what remains of the shoulders.

1968 Virginia Cavaliers throwback college football ncaa - unis

Uniforms shown sitting on a table

The helmets will also feature the retro V logo, with 1968 on the front bumper.

1968 Virginia Cavaliers versus Tulane Frank Quayle

1968 Virginia Cavaliers versus Tulane, Frank Quayle on the carry

As you can see in this photo from the 1968 game against Tulane, the current season throwbacks are “inspired by” rather than direct copies. No patches, logos, or decoration on the old uniforms, other than the arm stripes.

Do you like the look? Seem clean and classic to you?

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  • Is it that hard to find the MLB standard numbering font? “Inspired by” maybe, but at least put some effort into matching the numbers.

    • darkhaha

      Totally agree, slapshot. The numbers are obviously an integral part of the uniform, and it drives me crazy when they do these throwbacks and don’t even attempt to match the original font.

  • Delayed Penalty

    It’s a great look. Much better than their primary uniforms.

  • Iamthere4Iam

    those are some tasty helmets, I like those a lot. Much more than they’re currents fo sho!

  • Nathan

    Those are really cool. They should wear those atleast once a year!

  • I like these! Nice work by Cavs football.

  • Seth Johnson

    probably should have busted these out before that beat down by georgia tech.

  • ingmar66

    Nice, except for the strange font and the shoulder part: should have been a sleeve. The helmet is also nice. All in all a decent effort by Nike.