Maryland Football To White-Out Versus WVU, With New Design Uniforms

Written By:  •  Saturday, September 22, 2012

Maryland Terrapins White Ops new uniforms - player

UnderArmour calls them the “WhiteOps” uniforms. Maryland adds them to their litany of uniform options.

Maryland announced on its’ official Twitter account that they will wear white helmets, jerseys, cleats, and pants against the West Virginia in Morgantown on the 22nd of September.

Maryland Terrapins White Ops new uniforms - helmets


White, silver, grey, with a touch of Maryland’s red. The helmet above shows the helmet, featuring the diamond pattern form the state flag.

Maryland Terrapins White Ops new uniforms - jersey


Number texture make and appearance. Diamonds again, in association with the helmet.

EDIT: Here is a shot of them returning to the locker room after warm-ups. What do you think?

Maryland white ops uniforms

So, the “Oregon of the East” adds another uniform option. What do you think? Its is tasteful for them? Do you like it as it stands alone?

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  • Bryan

    not bad at least they look better then the other maryland uniforms

  • shake tiller

    Just love it when teams have more uniforms than wins. Do see teams like Alabama, LSU, Oklahoma and USC running around in clown costumes? No you just see them in the Top 10 every year.

    • Dan

      @shake tiller

      Don’t forget Oregon… wait… they don’t meet your criteria, better not include them

      • shake tiller

        Yes they would be an exception. BTW exactly how many national championship banners have been hung by the Mighty Ducks?

    • SplashBoogie

      My! Could we be more snobby?

  • Nathan

    it’s cool i guess…

  • Bailey

    Very simple, nothing to dramatic. I like ’em

  • Joe G.

    Helmet is the classiest part of the jersey…good overall…better than some of their others.

  • Jeff

    It used to be that you could tune into the game and know which teams were playing by looking at the uniforms. But when they have different ones every week, it has to be hard to really establish a good brand identity.

  • Squizz

    I liked when the Terp was represented. The “shell” helmet was my favorite.

    • Mike

      I liked the shell helmet too. Where has the Terp gone period? I get it that they want to rep Maryland with the state flag everywhere. They should just go by Maryland, not the Terps anymore…lol

  • Matt

    You can put a new dress on a pig, but it’s still a pig.