PEI Rocket announce Islanders as new team name

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Charlottetown’s Prince Edward Island Rocket of the QMJHL has announced that they will re-brand as the PEI Islanders for the 2013-14 season. They made the announcement during the first intermission of their home opener on Friday night.

After a month-long name-the-team contest in which fans submitted their choices and then voted among the top three “Islanders” came out on top.

“Islanders named the team after themselves. I think, was probably the best name there. It’s appropriate to everybody that lives on this red soil or are from here and have moved away.” – Trent Birt, PEI Rocket vice-president of operations

Islanders received 49% of the vote, Riptide came in second with 39%, Confederation finished in last place with 12%. Despite getting 49% of the vote the new name is currently getting a “thumbs down” vote of 56% in a poll being held by the PEI Guardian.

The new logo and colour scheme are currently under development by Reebok.

Logos used by other teams named Islanders from around the world of sports

This won’t be the first time a QMJHL team has taken the name of a current NHL franchise, in the early 1970’s three teams were using names and slightly altered logos of NHL teams – the Drummondville Rangers, Shawinigan Bruins, and Verdun Maple Leafs.  The Verdun Jr. Canadiens were the last to do so which they did up until 1988/89.  Elsewhere in the Canadian Hockey League the Kitchener Rangers and Plymouth Whalers both of the OHL are the only active franchises that originally owe their identities to current NHL teams.  The Islanders name had been used previously in the CHL by the WHL’s Nanaimo Islanders in 1982/83.

The Rocket launched the name change process this Summer, ten seasons after they inherited the Rocket name from a relocated Montreal team.  The Montreal Rocket were originally named after Maurice “The Rocket” Richard, while a legendary hockey player Richard has little to no connection with Prince Edward Island.


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  • Ryan Martin

    The obvious choice. Perhaps too obvious…

  • How original…

  • Ryan Martin

    Not sure which sounds worse, Prince Edward Island Islanders, or PEIIslanders.

  • Aaron

    Great choice for a PEI team name. I can’t wait to see what the logo looks like. Although if they used the Isles’ fisherman logo and colours, it’d be perfectly alright considering they are a minor league team.

  • Prince Edward Islanders?

    • Tim D.

      they have to go with this, its the only name that sounds good

    • robert

      thats what i submitted in. I put in prince edward islanders . Cause prince edward island islanders would not sound good or p.e.i islanders.

  • Bill

    Oops, Chris. You forgot the logo of the NASL’s Puerto Rico Islanders.

    • Chris Creamer

      Didn’t forget it, chose not to include it

  • Kenny

    PEI Islanders kinda sounds redundant. Prince Edward Islanders or PE Islanders rolls of the tounge better.

  • John Burlie

    I think they should use the 1995 NY Islanders logos and jerseys. The colours aren’t being used, it’s cheaper for them, and the logos and jerseys looked very minor leaguesque. I hope to see the old Islanders jersey return

    • Aaron

      Exactly what I was thinking! As for the lighthouse logo that went with it, a silhouette of PEI can go in the background as an alternate.

  • sensational

    Chilliwack Bruins?

    • Chris Creamer

      What about them?

  • Lawng island

    I like it. I feel like the ny islanders need to drop ny and just become the long islanders. Ive never met an isles fan that lives anywhere other then long island. (the people who moved to florida dont count)

  • James MacDougall

    I am from PEI and usually people refer to me as an ISLANDER. I think it is the perfect name so epic!!!!!

  • James MacDougall

    besides i never liked the habs 😛

  • robert

    i had a great idea for the logo too. they should have prince on one side of the lions head with a crown on it. Then edward on the other side. Then under the lions head that looks like the lions head on the provincial flag. Have the island with color of the rocks that is very common there. I think its a red color rock. With the water splashing up the along the rocks. also lions paws can wrap around it to make the outer trim so it wraps complete around the whole red rock, water splashing along it.