New Logos, Uniforms for the Phoenix Suns?

Written By:  •  Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It looks as if the Phoenix Suns are making some changes to their logos and possibly uniforms for the 2012-13 season.

Photos of their new home court design (see above) show a very different font in a Suns wordmark logo than we’ve ever seen before as well graphics from their official website and Facebook accounts suggest there will also be other changes in store…

The secondary logo (which the Suns have been using as if it were their primary logo) has gotten a slight modernization it seems.  The PHX font is now bevelled, the basketball has black seams on it instead of purple, shading on the lower part of the basketball has also been toned down.  Overall a much simpler and cleaner design

Also on their website shows a new script logo, perhaps one that will appear on the uniforms.  This script logo features a similar font to the one shown in the court painting photo at the top of this article.

One neat thing about the new centre court logo is that it’s an ambigram, in that it can be read exactly the same upside-down as downside-up, now fans sitting on the opposite side of the court will not have to view their team logo upside-down.

Workers paint the new court for the Phoenix Suns, new logos all over the place

No word on when or if the Suns will be announcing these changes as official, the latest NBA stylesheets still show the Suns as using the same logos and graphics as 2011-12 but clearly the team is definitely doing something new.

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  • One nice note: from the looks of things, there will be a cool ambigram at center court!

  • Fe;lix

    will it be connectucut sol look a like logo

  • Attack of the Beveled edges!

    JEEESH! That looks godawful

  • Aaron

    Defintely looks cleaner. I’m pretty sure the uniforms will look cool. Although perhaps slightly more emphasis on the serifs, but not overpowering.

  • Jeason Gagnon

    Nice! I hate their wide shoulder jerseys just looks dumb. Hope they have a turn around and use less purple

    • Aaron

      No way. Puprle and orange have been the colour scheme for years. From what I can see on the logo, purple is still around.

    • Neonix

      The teams website says “All for Orange” which could be an indicator…

    • JASON

      THEIR COURT IS SO BORING AND THE PHX BIRD DOESN’T NEED TO BE UPDATED!!! The original firebird was fine the way it was. The court could have been so much better, plus where’s the purple in that court! ORANE AND PURPLE ALL DAY!!!!

  • Joshua

    I tweeting the Suns twitter account, and they said they are not getting new uniforms for this season. Maybe they only said that so people wouldn’t stop buying the ones they have now. If that’s the case, they’re all about the money. Of course. If they don’t get new uniforms, I’ll be really pissed.


    They wanted to do new uniforms this year but the NBA wouldn’t allow it because they missed an apparent deadline. So they will be getting new ones next season.

    As for the new logo/font. I think its a major downgrade.

  • ingmar66

    What was wrong with the old font?I do not like the beveled look, it is so 90’s and faux retro, but then again, today’s young graphic designers seem to adore this era because they were happy toddlers back then. Also, it looks like black is creeping in as an important secondary colour, when you look at the logo and the court, which I would regret. Purple and Orange (and in that order, please. orange as the main colour is horrible)!

  • If the Suns are gonna use orange as their dominant color, that’d be the 1st occurrence in my lifetime. I love the new secondary logo, but I wonder if their primary mark will change.

  • nikstrrmntls

    we’re going young. the black is perfect, should represent a new era of suns bball..

    • Aaron

      When the Suns had their black alternates, they even looked cool. But for the uniforms in general, they’ve had orange text before. Suns can be in orange, but make sure it has purple outline around it. The players numbers should be purple. As should their main road uniforms. Orange jerseys can definitely be their alternate. With the players name in purple.

  • Rich

    Does anyone know when the deadline to present new uniforms to the nba was?? Seems weird Portland only announced a new away uniform and they got theres…..We must be gettin new jerseys…if we werent,wouldnt they be already sellin dragic,beasley,marshall and scola jerseys already?? they couldnt expect us to customised the players we already have. We must have new uniforms.

  • campbell

    no suns fan but sick how you can see the logo upside down witch is pretty cool the replacement refs suck they cost the packers the game how are the bears on monday night football the sea hawks could beat the bears legit so if your a seahawks fan you did not win the game okay SEAHAWKS SUCK

  • Doug

    I guess the Suns wanted to do something different for the post-Steve Nash era!



  • THe new center court font looks a lot like Oklahoma State University Cowboys. And what’s with the behind the basket font, it’s different as well. With old style at uniform it’s so confusing.

    Some parts of the new updated secondary are better, but why black, we don’t need black in the color scheme.

  • helloiaco

    change the design of the jerseys, gray on the side and shoulders is horrible.

    A beautiful orange and black jersey with a touch of purple and the new typography could be extraordinary.

    Go suns !!!