Trailblazers Tease Fans with New Alt Jersey Pics

Written By:  •  Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Portland Trail-Blazers have taken to Twitter and Instagram to offer their fans a little glimpse of what the team will be wearing in 2013.

Photos showing a new red alternate jersey have been posted to the teams social media accounts stating the club will wear these for their home opener against the Lakers when the season starts in November and again another 8-10 times throughout 2012-13.

The photos showed shots of the wordmark across the front of the jersey which will read “PORTLAND” in thin black letters outlined in white; also visible is the teams traditional diagonal striping on the fronts in a slightly different style from the red alternates of seasons past (see photo below).  The “ripcity” logo also appears to be on the back of the shorts near the top.

This new red third jersey pictured above will replace the red alternates the club had been wearing since the 2002/03 season pictured below:


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  • Brian Castner

    It already looks better than the Spurs.

  • ingmar66

    I am not so sure about the angle of that new stripe, it looks almost horizontal. Leave it to adidas to mess things up horribly. On the other hand, the rip city logo is a nice touch.

  • Chawls

    Hopefully, with the black on red they don’t look TOO much like the Bulls.

  • The diagonal striping definitely looks different from what I’m used to seeing. FTR, I liked the other red alts they used.