Atlanta Hawks Bringing Back ’90s Gradients?

Written By:  •  Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Boy do I ever love social media, it sure makes my job of finding clues to new jerseys a little easier.  Today the Atlanta Hawks were the latest to post a photo on one of their social media networks that gave a hint of what they will be wearing during the upcoming NBA season.

In the photo posted originally on their Facebook page and also shown below (with arrow added for your convenience) you can see the typical array of team jerseys hanging up in the closet – the regular “blah” set of navy blue and red the Hawks introduced a few seasons ago ending multiple decades of red and yellow as their primary colour scheme.

But look on the table there… that’s a black-to-red gradient pattern on those shorts! Which matches up exactly with that rumour we posted back in August about the return of several jerseys from the ’90s for 2013.

Likely this will just be a “Hardwood Classic” jersey, not an official alternate, but it’ll still sure be fun to see these back on the court.

The Hawks wore this uniform originally starting with the 1995-96 season, introduced along with a new logo replacing their “Pac-Man” look which had been used for the past 25 seasons.  The Hawks kept the logo but ditched it from the front of the jerseys as well as the gradient after the lockout-shortened 1998/99 season.

Special thanks to Twitter user @RunOptionRight who sent this story into us, if you spot anything we’re missing just fire us a message on Twitter at @sportslogosnet or via email at

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  • Big Stunna

    That RunOptionRight always be keepin it fresh #REALTALK

  • You can see a little bit of the jersey on the far right as well. Oh yeah, these are coming back!

  • i’d buy one of these just to pretend it’s the 1990s and the NBA is still awesome

  • when was the NBA ever awesome?

  • I thought the uniforms they wore after the gradients were an upgrade. I would’ve rather seen those return.

  • To be honest, I’m not a fan of those jerseys.

  • I like it. Something to differentiate the teams other than color scheme. Plus, we’ll miss these uniforms when they replace the mascot logos with corporate logos..

  • The theme for this years Hardwood Classics uniforms is the ’90s.

  • Brian Castner

    Horrible. But they still look better than the new Spurs alt.

  • No, no, a thousand times no.

  • Herbie Murrow

    The best Hawks jerseys will always be from the Dominique Wilkins and Spud Webb era…

  • ingmar66

    Do not like gradients and beveled fonts and big logos on jerseys. Bring back the classic 80’s’set with the Pac Hawk logo.

  • Chris

    If that look comes back in the NBA, I’ll just stop watching the NBA. If it spreads throughout all of basketball, I’ll just give up watching the sport. That’s not a design. That’s the result of an infant spilling paint on a uniform. I’d love to see the Hawks bring back the red and yellow, either what they wore just before the current uniforms (without the black trim) or what they wore during the ‘Nique years, but with the longer modern shorts. That would be awesome.

    • Aaron

      I doubt they’ll bring this back as a permanent look. It was cutting edge back then, today is a little overkill.

  • Do not like gradients and beveled fonts and big logos on jerseys.

  • Miss Cleaver

    PLEASE bring back the pac-hawk logo and uniforms! I have utter disdain for the comic book panels uniforms became in the 90’s a la Suns, Hawks, Raptors, Rockets, Sonics, etc.

  • blair harvey

    I love these uniforms I was just a kid when they were wearing them I remember watching mookie steve and dikembe, please bring them back better than the new boring ones

  • Bobby

    I loved these jerseys, when I was a kid. I hope the Hawks make these available to buy.