Oklahoma State To Wear Orange Digital Camo Ballerina Unitards Against Texas

Written By:  •  Thursday, September 27, 2012

Oklahoma State University Cowboys Digital Camo camouflage nike texas - feature

As first reported by Royal John on the Cowboys’ SB Nation, The Cowboys will wear a Nike-designed uniform with matching orange digital camouflage jersey and pants. The helmet is an orange chrome by HGI

Oklahoma State University Cowboys Digital Camo camouflage texas - helmet

The top of the super-shiny orange helmet is topped with a grey-toned digital camo stripe, and a grey OSU decal. Odd how the uniform is oranges, but the stripe uses greys.

Oklahoma State University Cowboys Digital Camo Nike camouflage texas - jersey

Nike’s official press kit calls out the Hydro Graphics helmet, and well as the standard Nike uniform features, including the terrible looking collar.

Crazy use of camo here with Oklahoma State, topped off with the opposite of camo, with a ultimate shiny helmet. How do you like it? Does this rank in the all-time terrible uniform sets, with Notre Dame and Georgia Tech, or is this better?

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  • Atrocious.

  • Chris Oglesby


  • Andrew

    I heard this was a proposed and rejected look. I’ve heard it’s not happening.

    • Ben

      That’s correct Andrew. These were just proposed by Nike but never approved by the team. Didn’t show up on the filed tonight against OSU.

  • Aaron

    Do you think they got inspired by the San Diego Padres? The helmet is fine without the camoflauge stripe. Honouring the military is one thing. But keep the military camoflauge look off sports jerseys please. Makes them look too busy!

  • Brian Castner

    Hideous from what I see there.

  • Jed

    This uniform looks atrocious and butt ugly. Can’t NIKE produce anything worthwhile that looks decent?

  • BarfORama.

  • ingmar66

    This is the summum of ugliness. I am glad I am not an OSU player having to wear this.

  • Connie Loman

    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! THEM! Can’t wait to see them in person tomorrow.

  • Brian Reed

    their not wearing them

  • From what I’m hearing it seems the jerseys were just a prototype, proposed to the university by Nike but ultimately shot down by OSU

  • Brian Castner

    They shot down the almighty swoosh? OSU prepare to become a 4th tier team for not letting them do whatever they want! As far as the swoosh is concerned the only OSU is the Beavers, you’re dead to them now!

  • Mattwb1981

    They didn’t wear these, who was the source of this information? Who ever they are, I would not rely on them again.