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Brooklyn Nets part owner Jay-Z took to the stage tonight to perform at the inaugural event at Brooklyn’s new Barclays Center wearing the new jersey of the Brooklyn Nets.

This is our first official glimpse of what the Nets will be wearing on the court when their first season in NYC gets underway next month.

Jay-Z on stage wearing the new Brooklyn Nets jersey

Jay-Z, so far, has only shown us the road jersey, and as expected it is a very simple design.  Black base with BROOKLYN arched across the front in white.

Around the collar and arms we see a thick white stripe on the inside and a thin white stripe on the outside separated by a thin black stripe.  A single white stripe goes up either side of the jersey.

The script logo that goes across the front of the Brooklyn Nets road jersey

The home jersey is expected to be a straight flip of the colours, they will not read NETS as both home and roads were announced would feature BROOKLYN above the player number.

A view of the side stripe on the Brooklyn Nets jersey

Brooklyn will play their first pre-season game on October 13th when they take on the Philadelphia 76ers in Atlantic City, NJ.  They will make their regular season debut during Game 7 of the World Series – November 1st against the Knicks.

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  • Wolfie

    What a lame way of introducing the new uniforms. Especially with all those chains around his neck blocking the front of the jerseys. Way not just have some of the players come out and show off both home and road uniforms like normal?

    • Chris

      What a better way than to sport the new jersey’s at the grand opening of the Barclay’s Center. It was such a great concert too. Opening it with “Where i’m From” made the moment perfect. Hopefully, i’ll pick one of these up.

  • Wolfie

    What a lame way of introducing the new uniforms. Especially with all those chains around his neck blocking the front of the jersey. Way not just have some of the players come out and show off both home and road uniforms like normal?

  • Aram

    If you don’t think this is a pretty cool way to introduce the new uniform, you clearly aren’t the target audience.

    • Wolfie

      Lol what are you going on about?! If you had read what I was saying I have a problem with the fact that he had his chains covering up the uniform. Thats why I said it was a lame way of introducing the new uniforms and that it would have been better to have a few of the players model them instead.

  • OK,so when’s the REAL unveiling? This CAN’T be it!

  • Devin J. Mattera

    IT’S SO NICE!!!!

  • saule wright

    For the complaints about the “unveiling” these jerseys will be worn by the hip hop crowd much more than they will anyone that isn’t aligned with the culture. Jay Z picked the perfect way to unveil them and if they aren’t on sale yet, I’m sure folks are already ready to rock them with a black NY snap back, buying 2 at a time. Great move for Jay and the sale of what will soon be, one of the top selling jerseys in the NBA, just like the way he moved the Yankees fitted.

    • thomas

      the so called hip hop crowd of today, don´t wear jerseys

    • The Yankees move their fitteds. They don’t need help from anyone with that. Let’s see how much the Nets move when the team remains terrible. Still about Miami, LA, Chicago, and Boston.

  • Jeti Mar
  • Austin Ell
  • Scheherazade

    Love the new uniforms.

  • They Need one more color only because they look Same as Spurs

  • Other than that not bad

  • Dan Becker

    They look boring and plain, wasn’t worth the wait and it ain’t worth buying!

  • Bill

    Jay-zzz was lay-z with that blah uniform design. Or did Beyonce-bot steal his markers, use some as make up, and give the neon colors to Nicki Minaj?

  • Ben in LA

    Clean and simple. They didn’t want an elaborate scheme; nor did they need it. They’re going to be selling a lot of these without a problem. I’d even “Roc” the cap…and I’m a Lakers fan!

  • Aaron

    The uniforms from what I see look clean and simple. But personally, I think the home jerseys should say Nets.

  • Austin Harbeson

    If you remove the jewerly, it would actually look sweet

  • BL.

    I’m torn, I don’t hate them but I don’t love them either. They seem a bit lackluster, I think they need a third color and not gray.

  • jeff

    Jay Z is a rascist thug….would never support this team

  • ingmar66

    A lot better than most uniforms in the NBA. But an extra accent (say, some good old Brooklyn Dodger blue) would add to its charm. Brooklyn!!!!!!

  • Bill Harrison

    Road uniform looks like old San Antonio Spurs road uniforms. Not a terribly creative design.