Brooklyn Nets Unveil New Team Jerseys

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The Brooklyn Nets unveiled their new jerseys courtesy rapper-designer-team owner-father Jay-Z on stage last night at Barclays Center.

It’s a good thing Jay-Z got to unveil these jerseys all on his own – with none of the players around or any of the other front office employees. For one how else would we ever know that he had any association with the franchise? And do the Nets even have any other players?  I’m fairly certain that Jay-Z is playing all 5 positions once the season starts in November.

Following the concert the official website of the team Jay-Z owns gave us some detailed looks at the new uniforms. Jerseys are on sale now courtesy the official NBA shop.

Like the logo package, the uniforms are very simple.  Both jerseys feature just two colours – black and white with one colour name and numbers


Around the collar and around the arms are two white stripes, the inner thicker than the outer, separated by a thin black stripe, the adidas logo will not be worn by the players and only appears on replicas sold to fans


The BROOKLYN script, on both the home and roads, have a raised inner-stripe of the same colour as the script


Down the sides of the jersey are a single stripe with a herringbone pattern – similar to their home court design


Above the player names on the back of the jersey is the Nets’ secondary logo, a B in a basketball


Player numbers are thin and sans serif, similar in style to the BROOKLYN script across the jersey front

As for the shorts, it’s a continuation of the side stripe with the primary logo (sans “BROOKLYN” script below) at the bottom

As mentioned earlier, the jerseys are already available for sale at

How do you feel about the new look?

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  • they need to add a B.I.G. patch… that would be pretty cool like on the 15th anniversary of his shooting

    • Kris

      Looks like the San Antonio Spurs

    • yeah

      yeah right… and a tupac logo as well… and a wu tang sign on the back too… and the mention ” a spike lee joint ” above the team name

  • John Tyler III

    0.6% of it so I guess he does…

  • i like it…not alot going on,really clean

  • Greg Calbeck

    Boring just like the logo. Clean but nothing unique.

  • Scheherazade

    I like these. Definitely beats the new Knicks uniforms by a mile.

    • Dante

      I agree. The Knicks still need to match fonts with their logo, and could’ve done a lot more to make the jersey better. Very basic design, but very nice.

  • Lance Mitchell

    It looks to much like the old uniforms of the San Antonio Spurs.

  • taste

    Terrible. Perfect for the joke of a franchise they have become.

    • Michael

      Well, thats not very nice…

  • looks boring

  • Too bad their home jerseys couldn’t say ‘Nets’.

  • bland .. home unis’ doesn’t even say NETS .. home jerseys should say who you are and away should say where you are from …

  • The only thing I don’t like about these: the herringbone in the striping. It’ll be barely noticeable.

  • The only thing I don’t like about these: the herringbone in the striping. It’ll be barely noticeable.

  • Mike

    Wish I could thumbs-up a lot of these comments (ie Knicks, Spurs, Nets/Home vs Brooklyn/Away, etc). Spot on guys.

  • Skyler W.

    Well. You’re limited to what you’ve got, and Brooklyn certainly made it work.

    …If anybody was questioning what these would look like you need to check your life choices. What else would this possibly look like.

  • They are not half bad, traditional look. I still wish there was a third color.

    • micah

      I wish there was a color

  • Pautna


  • Andrew

    Very nice uniforms. Love them.

  • Skyler

    The Nets suck, so why would they want to have “Nets” on the jersey?

  • Aaron

    The jerseys are nice, but please put Nets on their home jersey.

  • Clipart jersey for a clipart logo.

    …needs stripes

  • Javi

    I like it, but it feels like they’re ripping off the Spurs.

  • Lame, like the team will be.

  • Cheli

    Wow. Those are boring.

  • Joe Smitty

    first the most boring logo in sports now the most boring uniforms. they should’ve consulted some of the hipsters walking around Williamsburg while designing them.

  • Brian Castner

    Don’t like them, don’t hate them. I like the overall look and the fact they resisted the retro trend to go back to the Dr J look. I’m not a fan of the way the double stripes are done though.

  • Aaron

    Like the herringbone design. Makes it look like part of a net.

  • Jeriat


    Just……. meh.

  • Bill

    Just a plethora of meh. The home jersey insults the home fans’ intelligence! They ALREADY KNOW they’re in Brooklyn! Home jerseys are for team names. And w ho took Lay-Z’s box of crayons leaving him with only a pencil and a black Sharpie to work with? (Looking in your direction, Nicki Minaj!)

  • Aaron

    I just noticed the Adidas symbol on the jersey. If next year, a corporate sponsor on the jersey is that size, I don’t think anybody should notice it that much. In fact, you see the NFL jerseys with the Nike logo on the sleeve, doesn’t really affect the look of the jersey. The way the CFL and the AHL do it is a bit overkill. Note to those leagues, less is more. Shrink the ads so your jerseys don’t look like a billboard.

  • Marc

    Did we think that the jerseys would look any different? Jay-Z is looking for a simple, clean and fashionable look that can be worn both on and off the court. I am a fan of the straightfoward jersey and font of the uniform, much in the same way why fans love the straightforward jersey of the the Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics and New York Knicks. If the Nets can finally produce a consistent team of winners and bring an NBA title, then perhaps this jerseys will be looked upon differently.

    • Aaron

      Sure! The Bulls, Knicks, Spurs, Pistons, Lakers and Celtics have won championships with straight forward jerseys. You don’t need flasy jerseys to win championships. The only really bling on the Spurs jerseys is the U spur, which IMO one of best simple jerseys of all time.

      • yeah

        yeah sure, the jersey is an important part of a championship run, it’s the stuff that wins titles.
        And the spurs jersey suck so much, by the way, always has, always will

  • It’s a bit too simple for my tastes. The B&W color scheme doesn’t allow much to be done.

  • It’s a bit too simple for my tastes. The B&W color scheme doesn’t allow much to be done.

  • JPHdeQ

    Hipsters and wanksters, get your Brookyn Nets jersey!!!

  • SFforlife

    They’re okay. That’s it. They’re clean sure, but they look too much like the Spurs. I dig the pants though. They’re sweet.

    • jon

      yeah they look like the spurs uni, that’s why they suck so much

  • jeff

    This is the best that the “creative” mind of Jay Z could do ?? What a joke..must remind him of his days when he was dealing drugs…in brooklyn no less…what a joke

    • jon


    • micah

      they got ripped off by the designer, these unis look so cheap, it definitely is a joke

      • micah

        brooklyn crooklyn indeed

  • Aaron

    Are you sure the team isn’t run by RUN DMC? LOL

  • Bradley

    These uni’s are fantastic. Nothing flashy, showy or trendy. They look ageless and could have easily been worn for decades. I love them!

  • micah

    could it be anymore plain?

  • celtic

    the only good thing about the jersey is that it has “brooklyn” writen on it

  • ingmar66

    Like these uniforms a lot. No childish gimmicks or trendy colours, just black and white (but a little Dodger Blue in the collar would not have hurt). The Herringbone design in the stripe is genius, it is my all time favourite parquet pattern!

  • Nathan

    pretty much exactly how i pictured them