Nuggets Mine Their Past, Skyline Logo Returns on New Alt Jersey

Written By:  •  Monday, October 1, 2012

The Denver Nuggets long lost, but never forgotten, skyline logo has returned today with the introduction of their new alternate jersey.

Unlike the original skyline jersey, which was worn between the 1982/83 and 1992/93 seasons and were navy blue, these new jerseys are yellow – a better match for the current baby blue and yellow colour scheme.

Comparing the original to the modern, colours and font changes – logo remains identical

The logo used for the skyline is exactly the same as it was in the logo originally used by the club, either a nod to the history of the logo or the Denver skyline has actually not seen any changes in the past twenty years.

The “NUGGETS” font across the front of the jersey has also been updated, there is also a powder blue “D” logo on the collar.  Player number has switched sides from the players’ top left to their top right (don’t worry, there’s still room for an ad patch for next year)


Denver will wear these new yellow skyline jerseys an incredible 18 times in the upcoming season.

Jerseys are available for sale now here.


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  • Big Stunna


    • Jim Criniti

      Damn…so beat me to it! LOL

      • Joey

        I know right!

    • Iamthere4Iam

      ha ha, damn! me too!

  • Bryan

    what about the cavs they have a new alternate as well


    These are L-O-N-G overdue! Good choice Denver!

  • Joe G.

    I really like these…a classy way to visit the past…really really like these.

  • I grew up seeing those skyline jerseys and I’m glad the Nuggets are mixing the old with the new. Well done!

    • Bobby

      I love when teams put a modern twist on a classic.

  • David


  • Vic DiGital

    These were real BreakOut uniforms back in the day. (see what I did there?)

  • I would have like to see black, or gray, anything other than lemon yellow, way too distracting. Other than that, i like the design

  • sanbell

    I would have like to see black, or gray, anything other than lemon yellow, way too distracting. Other than that, i like the design

  • Chris Oglesby

    i generally don’t like yellow jerseys but since the lakers pull it off with ease, i don’t see why the nuggets can’t. but overall i like it. I always like the skyline jerseys just never cared for the old rainbow colors. but i definitely like these though.

  • Matthew Garry

    I saw these leak about a month ago!!!! I never actually thought they would be worn! Holy cow, any explanation on that Chris??

    • Chris Creamer

      Any explanation on how you never thought they would be worn? Probably because they look like a fan concept, not an insult in its design or anything but recolouring an old design is certainly a fan concept favourite.

      • Matthew Garry

        Well Chris, I quite honestly thought that they were a 2k mod. That was the forum that I found them in. I’ll be a little more cautious next time. If I think for a second something could be legitimate, you’ll be the first to hear.

  • Matthew Garry

    Here’s a link. These totally leaked over a month ago, and it slipped under my nose.

  • Aaron

    Very classy way to get back to your roots. For some reason the Nuggets seem to do the mountains on the front of the jersey right. Especially with the current colours. The Jazz tried this years back and it never seemed to work for them.

  • Joel

    Logo is not quite identical…

    • Chris Creamer

      Do go on…

      • Tom

        The mountains do extend down a little bit more on the left and the right than on the old ones. There are five stripes instead of six as well.

  • Anthony N

    He’s right. Slight updates in the skyline and mountains. Such a minor thing to notice though. The concept is the same and I like it.

  • Jed

    Love the old logo look but yellow? The number placement was much better on the older jersey than where it is now. They should have gone with navy blue for this or purple but this is too Lakerish.

    • DJ

      Agree with Jed. Navy would have been better, with white numbers and gold trim. And the six-color rainbow.

  • I’m actually happy they went with a yellow uni than blue. Plus, what an improvement over the actual retro logo.

  • Esteban Baul

    so will these jerseys replace the navy jerseys that nuggets had?

  • Very nice way to modernize and beautify a previously fugly uniform. Good work, Nuggets!

  • Dante Swinton

    I think these are pretty decent. I liked the alternate navy they were wearing, although I would have preferred they had the true Nugget wordmark. However, Dever MUST get rid of the black in the outline of their home (and away?) jerseys. It’s unnecessary.

  • Michael Jaworski

    Anything is better than that awful powder blue.

  • Marc

    Great look! It seems as if NBA teams are either putting out flashy retro inspired jerseys or basic block lettering uniforms-either way-well done!

  • kiechel

    Love them. I wish they would switch to the navy for the primary color on the road jersey. No bigger Nuggets fan out there than me and i still cringe when I see those powder blue monstrosities.

  • Aaron

    I think the alternates should be either a darker blue or the current powder blue. Yellow isn’t bad, but they look too much like the Lakers. In fact, a trade off, the darker blue on their main road and home jerseys (text only) and the powder blue for their alternates.

  • Trent

    I like the design, but I wonder if it would look better without the “Nuggets” text underneath the mountains. A lot going on, and removing that might clean it up a little.

  • ingmar66

    Agree, take out the lettering and this is the coolest jersey in the NBA. And do one in powder blue as well!

  • LEWJ

    They actually did slightly modify the striping behind the logo. One less stripe, the mountain’s top is now flush with the top stripe.

  • Jab

    Hmm I actually like these alot, like the mix of old and new however as others mentioned the script was updated to their current one and I feel as though the retro script would’ve flowed a bit better as it did back on the original jersey. Overall very nice imo.

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