Astros Accidentally Show New Uniform, Cap on Teaser Graphic

Written By:  •  Friday, October 5, 2012

Another case of “Oops!”?

The Houston Astros, scheduled to unveil their new logos, uniforms, caps, colour scheme, and mascot on November 2nd posted an invitation to attend the event on their website the other day.  This invitation contained a teaser graphic showing a blacked out version of the new uniform.

A simple playing with the exposure and brightness settings and… ta-da!

What you see in this graphic is the new uniform will feature orange piping,  “ASTROS” appears across the front in navy and orange block lettering and also a player number on the lower side below the script.

The caps, when zoomed in, appear to be navy with an orange bill and feature a version of the classic 80s Astros cap logo shown inset on the graphic:

All of this information matches exactly with the description provided to me by my very trusted source and written about back in August.


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  • Kevin Joseph

    Well, that looks terribly boring. Hopefully it doesn’t include the crap-ass “shooting star” above the Astros text.

    • k

      One person’s “boring” is another person’s “classic!” I’m glad they’re going back to their original colors.

      Although I’m not usually a fan of the headspoon look, this one appears to have potential.

  • I have been told the uniforms are terribly plain, basic block script across the front – think 1960s uniforms without any shooting stars

    • Alex Giobbi

      So this is basically going to be something along the lines of a 1980’s Detroit Tigers jersey?

      • Chris Creamer

        Actually, yeah… the 80s Tigers road jersey is a good comparison for colours and front lettering style.

  • Shane

    The S on the jersey doesn’t exactly look script.

    • Chris Creamer

      Forgive my terminology, I meant the “script logo”, a term I use for the lettering that appears across the front of a jersey… it is indeed Block lettering, much like the Astros uniforms of the late 1960s – check the link to the story in August (at the end of this article) for details

      • Shane

        Ah, okay.

        I don’t think it’s going to necessarily look bad, but it does seem a little overly simple.

  • Matt the Brave

    Great work, as usual!

  • Brian Castner

    I don’t like uniforms with pants piping but no sleeve piping or ones without front numbers with a few exceptions so even though I’m also not a retro/fauxback fan I’m already liking these better than the ones they’ve worn previously. And no more Astros in pinstripes is an added bonus!!!

  • eh..

  • haha fail…


  • Chris Oglesby

    returning to the old logo is a plus. kinda interested what the full set looks like when fully unveiled

  • This is up there with the Cardinals’ cracking egg from a few years ago

    • Chris Creamer

      Oooh, flashback – forgot about that one

  • Anthony O’Neill

    Guess they shouldn’t have clicked the “Send” button…anyway it seems better than the rainbow popsicle from the ’70’s

  • Andrew

    I’ll wait to see the jersey, but liking the new/old hat & logo alot!

  • boo

    i think the cap logo will be the current star logo with the old school H

  • Moral to the story: Astros can’t do anything right nowadays!

  • Mike

    pretty sure those are the logos and jerseys.

    • Mike

      Actually, those don’t have the number on the front of the jersey. doesn’t have the piping on it either. hm the ones i linked must have been just proposed ones. my mistake

      • Chris Creamer

        Not even that — just another fan concept which everyone keeps linking me to

  • J.B.

    I’ll be disappointed if the new Astros uniforms DON’T include the shooting star on the front. Love the classic “H-Star” logo for the caps, too. I’d like to see an orange cap with navy bill as well.

    • 11in ’11

      I agree…love the classic H-star hat and unis, but hope/wish they would include the shooting star above the name.

  • matt

    Not bad, but should of just gone w/ this years’ shooting star throwbacks. Too orange-heavy. I thought those were perfect.

  • John

    I’m not a big fan of the orange bill on the cap, but everything else is an improvement over the brick reds the Astros have been using for the past decade.

  • Danny Vanderlee

    Isn’t that the purpose of a “teaser”, to give you a little, but not the whole thing?

    • Chris Creamer

      If you look at the original graphic at the top, it’s clear they didn’t intend to tease nearly as much as they did when taking the photo into Photoshop.

  • HAX!

  • Aaron

    If these are on fact the new jerseys, they look great. However just place the star where the number is and we’re cool. An orange brim on the home cap is a good idea and have all navy on the road or vice versa. And please include an orange alternate cap.

  • Andrew

    Can’t tell but does it look like there is a 2nd pipping stripe on the ends of the collars and sleeves like the SD Padres?

    • Chris Creamer

      I’m not seeing the second stripe, I think it’s just the quality of the image gives the impression

  • Brian Bishop

    I really like what I see so far! Very consistent with Chris’ previous report along with a few surprises like the orange piping and navy hat with orange visor. I would expect that we would also have a solid navy hat and additionally an alternate jersey or two plus the batting practice jersey/hat combo. Really would like to see the shooting star but it isn’t a deal breaker for me. I would go out and buy a jersey and hat right now based on what I have seen with this teaser image. Go Astros!

  • Chris

    If this image is accurate, I am quite pleased… I was hoping they would adopt their previous hat… I was hoping for a complete copy of the astros earlier uniforms with the shooting star, but what they’ve potentially done is nowhere near as offensive as I was worried about… I may even buy an astros hat!

  • Dave

    Looks good to me. I can not stand the new wave of absurdity in college football and glad to see a modest uniform.

  • 713 Tango blast 713

    It don’t matter if its new school shooting star or old school H star HOUSTONE owns the star now

    • Dan

      When it comes to a star, Dallas owns it… well, the Cowboys do at least

  • R Mads

    Was I the only one who found the 2000’s Astros uniforms looked really sharp? Why do they have to ditch it? I understand they’re ringing in a new era and going retro is the “in” thing to do amongst organizations, but I don’t think they should ditch their current design, in this case.

  • D.C. Swinton

    These are beyond boring and too old school for me. Also, not a fan of bi-colored caps.

  • Matt
    • Chris Creamer

      Primary from that concept is somewhat close — rest of the set is wrong

      • Yeah, anything linking to DaPortfolio or Behance was done by me, actually posted them over on the boards first. Nothing in that project was used by the Astros.

  • ingmar66

    These threads look fine (especially if an orange hat will be thrown in as an alternate as well), but I am wondering about the new overall logo (so not the one on the hat): will it be changed or not?

    • Aaron

      Rumour has it the H star logo will be back, but in a modernized form. I think the bi-coloured looks fine but only use it as either a home or road cap. An orange cap, considering it’s part of the Astros ilk should be included, but only as an alternate. Kind of like their rivals from North Texas do with their caps.

  • Aaron

    And by the way, what’s wrong with their current mascot. I know it’s not much of a space theme, but I think whatever animal it’s supposed to depict emulates Texas well. If anything, they should have a secondary mascot with a space travel theme.

  • Aaron

    As far a bi-coloured caps go, they work in certain situations…

    Navy cap with red brim, green and gold, sometimes royal
    Blue with red works. Even black and orange works. Yellow and black or powder blue and navy. Red on black or navy blue would work sometimes depending on the team and how it’s executed. With the Reds, they’re current road caps look out of place. Dark blue with black brim, doesn’t really work. Reversed, possibly. The Mets black on blue brimmed caps actually didn’t look terrible, same with the Royals version of that cap. The Rangers royal on black brimmed caps, enh. Navy on orange, I don’t think they’d look so bad. I’d have to see it in action.

  • Chris

    As an Astros fan, if this is what the new uniform is, I’m disappointed. I don’t like the bill to be a different color than the hat. Was hoping they’d have one orange one and one blue one. Also, I don’t mind piping, but navy blue would work better, I think. Finally, the script S looks traditional block style; nothing creative or unique. The Astros font should have a motion effect to it. I was hoping for a modernized font with the shooting star, but underneath rather than above the Astros script.

    I’m hoping this isn’t actually the new uniform, but I guess we’ll find out soon enough. I do like the return to blue/orange and to the star with the H over it.

    • Aaron

      The orange piping if it comes into fruition would look great. In fact, if you put that with navy piping, it look even more unique. Too many teams already have navy piping. The Astros are known for having unique uniform styles. I’m surprised they never used orange pinstripes in their last uniforms.

      • russ99

        That orange piping will look even cooler if the players wear a navy shirt underneath the jersey.

        Love the H-star logo, especially if it’s modernized as expected.

  • bob

    Love the two-tone hat, the h-star logo is great and should have never been dropped in the first place. Can’t wait to buy this hat…will it be available soon after the launch?

  • tripsbacks

    I really wish it had the shooting star, but I like what I see so far. I live the old school piping. I have been wanting something like this for a while. I wish they would keep the current star logo but with the orange/navy color scheme. I can’t wait for the unveiling. Go Stros!


    I like it remind me of the pre rainbow era can’t wait to see the logo.

  • Tony

    As an Astros fan, I was hoping for something a bit better, such as the new design that is on the web, with the round crest and star underneath “ASTROS” with navy hat. That design is awesome!

  • Ajibade

    That will a shame if the uniform turns out to be plain and boring. They have had some bits and pieces to pick, choose, blend and modernize from their past looks. I sent a request to Jim Crane to show him a version I did about 5-7 years ago. He said no. The league was doing the design and they could not accept unsolicited designs. I used the Navy and orange colors with a futuristic font style. Oh well.

    • Aaron

      Would you like to show me that design please? I just want to see what we could or could’ve been dealing with for the Astros. If it’s anything like the mid to late 90’s, that would probably suit this team well.

  • Doug

    I, personally, like the current cap logo. The H with the star is ugly, uncreative and symbolizes a losing baseball era in Houston. The Nolan Ryan identity with the cap is the only thing I can think of that would result in some form of nostalgia but he is the owner of a division rival so … bump that!

  • bob

    The H-star logo is classic, way better than the current star…all of you complaining probably got tattoos of the current star and now you’re butthurt. Rockets need to take note and go back to the championship logo.

    • Steve


      Butthurt? What are you, 12? Can we please speak like adults… ? I grew up with the old star and H logo but don’t like it; I’d much prefer the current logo, and no, I don’t have it tattooed anywhere on my body.

      • bob

        No I’m not 12 it’s just a funny expression, guess you don’t watch Workaholics… Don’t know how anyone doesn’t like the old H-star logo, I do like the 90’s blue and gold uniforms but the brick red was terrible.

  • SFforlife

    I’d rather have a more plain look than all the stupid, jumbled designs we see now a days. I just kinda wish they weren’t moving to the AL, they’ve been fixtures of the NL for awhile now, I think they got a raw deal…and I’m a Giants fan. :/

    • Aaron

      I agree with you on the whole AL/NL raw deal with the Astros. It should be the Rockies. But maybe the Astros will have better luck in the AL. Hey come to think of it, teams like the Seahawks, Brewers have had luck swapping conferences.

  • Jessica

    Bring back ORBIT the mascot!!! He was definitely better than Junction Jack and deserves to be THE mascot for the Astros. I’d like to see an all-orange hat too, not so big on the two-tone hats for my MLB team.

  • Jab

    Crappy jerseys for a horrible team. I’m a big fan of old skool/traditional jerseys, however these are too plain. That’s just my opinion.

  • Kyle

    Saw depiction of new Astros uni’s at Are these an earlier version of the ones that were finally approved?

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