Pics: Notre Dame’s “Shamrock Series” Uniforms In Action

Written By:  •  Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish took to the field this past Saturday in their special “Shamrock Series” uniforms courtesy the design guys over at adidas TECHFIT; described as “abandoning all tradition” and “gimmicky” after their unveil by our very own J.R. Francis.

The main, unique feature is the bi-colour helmet, which has the large leprechaun logo on one side and a pattern on the other.

Photos of the special one-game-only uniforms in action from their game against Miami:


Just to compare, back in 2011 the Irish wore these much more traditional uniforms for their Shamrock Series game:

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  • Andrew

    I think the actual jersey looks tight but the rest is a big missed opportunity. They should have just kept the solid gold helmets, but if they’re gonna change it they should have put the blue on both sides, giving it a fat gold stripe down the middle. Maybe loose the fighting-Irish logo on helmet for a gold shamrock too? And put the pant stripe on both sides.


    Seeing it in action… Not bad, but… Notre Dame is Notre Dame.

  • Should be called Shame-mock Series… TURRIBLE!

  • bad just bad

  • Skyler W.

    That helmet had a chance to be good…if it were split 50/50.

    All in all, TERRIBLE.

  • Dante S.

    I hurt when I was watching part of this game. Terrible idea. The jersey isn’t awful, but the helmet certainly is. *One* color. The pants should’ve had just a solid navy stripe, maybe with the leprechaun, but probably with the shamrock.

  • Yup just as I thought. Good uniform. Bad helmet.

  • Chris Oglesby


  • DoubleB

    I know I’ll be the only one to say this, but I kinda like these helmets. I like the bi-color concept, especially since they were NOT split even down the middle. But the big honkin’ logo on the blue side… kinda ruined it. Nothing against their logo, but with the blue side being the smaller side, it looks like they crammed in the logo to try to force it to fit. I think that people would have liked it better if the the blue was the dominant color on the helmet (especially since the textured shiny gold stands out plenty on its own), and the logo wouldn’t look as cramped that way.

  • Jed

    The jersey looks fine but that helmet is an atrocity!

  • ingmar66

    Horrible helmets and painfully ugly pants. The jersey is OK. The score was even better for me as an Irish fan, although I learned after the game that Mike James of the Canes had a very emotional tie to this game. The last time they played each other in 2010 it was his mother’s funeral but his family told him to play. The Irish beat the Canes in that game, so for human and emotional reasons Miami should have actually won for Mike James in Chicago.

  • Blake

    The uniforms were nice, I honestly think that Adidas is just getting with the times all teams have a modern alternate uniforms, they looked good and also it pulls in recruits I think. Notre Dame is currently third in this years recruiting class. So besides doing well on the field they get to wear nice uni’s occasionally defiantly helps.