SportsLogos.Net Re-design Launches

Written By:  •  Friday, October 12, 2012

Welcome everyone to the re-designed SportsLogos.Net!

After nearly a year of planning, designing, coding, and testing we’re pleased to finally be able to make this change live to all of our loyal users out there in celebration of our 15th anniversary!

Things have been moved around, re-painted, and most importantly re-coded to create the easiest and quickest browsing experience possible.

Back on the main site (not on this page) you’ll notice a black bar above the main content with sport names, this is how you can now access the logo sections – leagues will appear as you hover over each sport.  If you click a sport you’ll be taken to the entire sport page, or you can click on the category or the league that appears on the drop down menu, entirely up to you which page you launch from.

Every internal page now also has a breadcrumb which will make navigating your way back through the site easier, this breadcrumb will stick to the top of your browser as you scroll past it preventing you from having to scroll back up to find it.

The new layout, launched earlier today, features equal news/logo focus, is faster, and has dropdowns to access different sports, leagues, and teams to get to your logos easier

The new search feature, now powered by Google, will bring up results for the logo site as always but now also the news articles and message board posts.  If you miss the old Image View of the old search, you can click the “Images” tab on the search results page.

You can rate logos again! It can be found on the logo detail page on the left hand side.  Also on the logo detail page you’ll notice an expanded “Other Logos from this Era” section, giving you access to all the logos and uniforms used by that team (that we have) during the period that logo was used.

The new updates section goes waaaaay back now, forget the last 50 teams updated, how about the last 300 or so logos with thumbnail previews of the actual added or updated logo?

Temporarily missing are the logo almanac features such as the league annuals and champions pages, they will be returning in the coming weeks – they just weren’t quite ready in time for the re-launch.

All of our social links are now featured along the uppermost bar, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest – if you’re looking for more logos news and content those avenues are the quickest and best way to get it.

We appreciate all your support over the last 15 years, for fun here’s a gallery of every page re-design this site has ever had over the years… For all you under-20 year olds out there, warning, the ’90s were not kind to the Internet:

* Click any image for a much larger version, images open in same window *


If you have any comments, complaints, suggestions, compliments? about the new look please share them here on the comment section of this article or you can use the contact form on the site.




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Chris Creamer

Chris Creamer is the founder of SportsLogos.Net and has been maintaining it since June 1997. You can follow him on Twitter at @sportslogosnet or contact him via email at

  • DAN


  • Brian Rightley

    love the clean look. very organize.

  • Neonix

    As a kid (before the Internet) I used to draw NHL logos and uniforms and almost liked it even more than the game itself. It inspired me to become a graphic designer. So you can imagine what came through my mind when I found your website back in 04 or 05.. It eventually lead me to others like Icethetics and Puckdrawn. What? There are other logo freaks like me? I have checked it daily ever since…

    Amazing new look and congrats on 15 years! To at least another 15!

  • mattb6

    Looks very professional. it also keeps the forum, database, and news all looking the same. Great Work!

  • To be honest, I don’t like much. Then again, I’m not one who likes change much of anything. No matter, kudos on fifteen years and many more! You provide a great service to many people around the world and you do it very well.

  • ingmar66

    Congrautulations, Chris! You are the main authority in sports logo information and now the site is up to par with the high level of your knowledge. Here is to the next 115 years, cheers!

  • BL.

    Great stuff. Congratulations, Chris.

  • As a sports and fellow sports logo junkie, congratulations on 15 years. Your site has been an invaluable resource. I appreciate the work you have put into everything. I like the new look very much!

  • Nathan

    It looks nice but me no like

  • deebear

    wow, there was an award called Crappiest Logo of the Year.

  • Weatherman

    Just awesome.

  • Nico

    Congratulations on the redesign! I’ve been a fan of your site for the past 5 years now, and I’ve seen it grow and improve. As many of other visitors I’m a sports logos fan myself, and I really enjoy stopping by every week and seeing what’s new. Keep up the good work!

  • Scott

    Great site Chris, love the new look. Who designed the 15th Anniversary logo for you?