Pics: Brooklyn Nets Make Their On-Court Début

Written By:  •  Sunday, October 14, 2012

Thanks to the magical world of pre-season basketball we got a preview of how the Brooklyn Nets will look on the court once their regular season schedule begins on November 1st.

The NBA’s newest identity took on the Philadelphia 76ers last night back in their old home state of New Jersey at Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall.

As it was a Sixers home game the Nets wore their black road jerseys eventually finishing as a 108-105 OT victory for Brooklyn.

I was a little disappointed how they looked in action – sure we knew what they looked like going into the game but it doesn’t really hit you until you see it.  Black and white?  It’s just too simple to be interesting. You can judge for yourself, I think it’s an interesting concept but just doesn’t quite hit the mark.

Photos below courtesy the Brooklyn Nets Official Website:

The eagle-eyed viewer may have also noticed the Sixers are wearing a patch, this is their 50th season patch celebrating their 50th season since moving from Syracuse to Philadelphia back in 1963/64.  We have yet to get a good quality version of this patch but will add it as soon as we can.

Brooklyn will wear their home whites for the first time, presumably for their first home pre-season game (also the first basketball game at Barclays Center) which takes place tomorrow night against the Washington Wizards.


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  • Wiktor

    maybe now thats cool concept (black/white), but hey! spurs have also grayscale and they look so boring

  • You know Brooklyn, there is a reason people no longer watch black and white TVs. This is a world full of color. Take advantage of it.

  • Brian Walterich

    All that is missing from those uni’s is the word “San Antonio”

  • Chip Hendrix

    NBA sucks anyway. Who cares

    • Michael

      NBA fans, thats who.

  • I like the idea, but like you said it just misses the mark.

  • Zoltan Lasak

    I like it but I can see them eventually adding silver trim.

  • Lackluster. There is something to be said for simplicity, but there just seems to be an utter lack of design vision with these. Im not sure these are all that much better than OKC’s, which I despise.

  • Adam C

    Needs a dark blue on it, keep some of that Nets legacy.. And just to give it more character

    • Aaron

      Dark blue? I’d probably say more royal blue to keep some of the Nets history. Or at least a silver blue. Other than that, these uniforms do look sharp.

  • Scheherazade

    It makes me laugh when people complain about the Nets using just black and white, looking like the Spurs and everything. Yet those same people want the Nets to use their old colors or to simply add blue to the color scheme. Yeah cause no one else in the league uses red, white and blue as their team colors…..*rolls eyes*

    • Michael

      Spurs use black and silver.

      • Scheherazade

        I know that. I’m just repeating some of the comments made by those who constantly try to compare the two.

  • BL.

    Wow those are rather boring.

  • Swordsof1000men

    Eeeeeeeeeeveryone’s a critic. I too have some design-purist complaints with the primary mark, but all in all, the brand works very successfully. They’ve gone with the black-and-white color scheme 100%, without hesitation and it should (already has, really) paid dividends. I see the circular mark (the one at half court) daily now in and around New York; it all works together. Some people will call blasphemy for even making this analogy, but would there be the same outcry about the Yankees brand if that was introduced today? “Navy blue and white? How uninspiring! Detroit Tigers, much!?” It takes far more courage and confidence in today’s visual environment to make a simple, restrained logo and extending brand than one with a hundred bells and whistles and colors. Nitpicks aside, kudos to the Nets on this look.

  • Otis Byrd III

    I agree that the Nets new uni’s look like the Spurs uni’s. It’s going to be confusing when the Nets play the Spurs this upcoming season. LOL. Seriously thoug.

    Overall, I think the Nets new uni’s don’t look that bad actually. I thought their new uni’s were going to suck, but now that we’ve seen them, they don’t look that bad, even though I agree that they should’ve stuck with the red and blue colors. Yes, the Clippers, the Sixers, the Wizards, the Pistons, and the Hawks wear red and blue, but the Nets had uni’s that made them look unique. It’s kind of too bad that they didn’t go back to the uni’s they had in the early 90’s when Petrovic was there, or even the old New York Nets uni’s that they were wearing as their throwback uni. the past couple of seasons. Those two Nets uni’s looked awesome. Probably two of the better looking uni’s in their history so far.

    I think Jay-Z could’ve done something with one of those two Nets uni’s and designed a sick uni if he would’ve stuck to the designs of one of those two Nets uni’s, even though I guess he wanted to give the Nets a new Brooklyn-era design and color, with these uni’s. I mean yeah, I understand the color black matches with other colors and it sells, but the Nets had a unique looking uni and I think they should’ve kept the uni’s that made them look unique, and they still could’ve had a Brooklyn feel to them.

    But yeah, the new Nets uni’s don’t look that bad and they are sharp, but I agree, yeah, they do kind of miss the mark, where you feel like saying they’re cool, but eh. I think if the Spurs uni’s didn’t look like these, maybe it would be different. I wonder if the Nets will go back to the red and blue at some point. Those are their colors.

  • ingmar66

    It looks good, reminds me of the old Providence Friars uniforms of the late 90’s. A little sky blue (Barclays Centre) or royal blue (Dodgers) in the collar and arm/leg pits or in the middle of the side striping wouldn’t hurt and make it more distinguishable from the Spurs. But on the other hand, if you choose for b/w all the way, you should stick to it. I still like the idea of keeping it glitz and bling-free.

  • Greg

    Sure they’re a “bit plain”, but are any of you who are complaining about these uni’s the ones that are also critical of horrible many college football uniforms?

    Seems like everyone has a negative opinion every time Oregon adds another uniform, and also takes shots at a Brookyln as well. If neither is what you want, why don’t you design a uniform that “works for everyone”.

    • Chris Creamer

      It’s as if you’re suggesting the only two options for a design are extremely plain or extremely over-the-top… as with everything in life there are shades of awesome which exist in between the two extremes.

      • Greg

        I’m not suggesting that their are only two extremes, only that seems to be the reaction to any new uniform that has been introduced recently. I personally am a uniform traditionalist, so I’m completely about the in-between.

  • Jason

    The Nets could use a little red or sky blue in their uniforms, but to be honest, if they start winning then everything will be just fine for the Nets in Brooklyn. I would suspect that new jerseys will start appearing withing Year 3 of the organization. However, if you are a teenager who is going out to the club, would you rather where black and white out with friends or the red, white and blue the team previously wore?

    • Aaron

      Yeah,I guess a hit of sky blue wouldn’t hurt. But like you said, if they start winning with these jerseys, they may not have to change them so fast. Hey look how well the Angels are doing now with their all red motif.

  • B. A. Smith

    Simple is good, but boring is bad. These are boring. I agree with others with adding some blue, or red to keep some history in the team. NO CREATIVITY!! Come on Jay-Z.

  • Ryan Petrynka

    I’d like to see some charcoal/dark gray pinstripes. Not too light that they look like prison uniforms and not too dark that they’re invisible. This may not be a popular opinion, but in my opinion pinstripes look good on a basketball uniform.

    • Aaron

      For the Orlando Magic and Charlotte/New Orleans Hornets, pinstripes are fine. The Pacers didn’t even look bad with theirs.Teams like the Bulls, Rockets shouldn’t have even attempted to use them. The Bobcats once used them to pay tribute to the Charlotte Hornets if I’m not mistaken. But pinstripes generally should really be limited to baseball jerseys other than the mentioned examples.

  • Otis Byrd III

    Here are the links to the two old Nets uni’s that I was referring to, when I said that Jay-Z could’ve done something with one of these Nets uni’s and designed a cool looking new Nets uni. For the first link, I was actually referring to their New York Nets uni’s, but this one was close enough. Here are the links:

    But yeah, don’t you guys think Jay-Z could’ve done something with one of these Nets uni’s from the past, to make a sick Brooklyn Nets uni.? We’ll see how Nets fans take to the Nets new black and white uni’s.

  • Rob S.

    This jersey looks clean and very sharp!! I definitely approve!!

  • Steve Cramsie

    You know it’s just a matter of time before they come out with alternate black uniforms to get more money from their fans.

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  • Steve

    I’m from Brooklyn and am a Nets fans! I love the new uniforms! I think they definitely hit the mark! When I first heard the black/white color scheme, I wasn’t happy, but I think they did a great job with it! The simple, classic look works! I love that they put the stripe down the middle and decided to use Brooklyn on both jerseys since the team is being smartly marketed more as a Brooklyn team than a Net team (being from Brooklyn, that was the right call). The lettering is nice too (the old Net lettering was way too big). And I like the Net logo on the shorts! Simple, yes, but it works perfectly! 10/10

  • Josh

    They will add more jerseys to the collection as they go along, especially with all the hype behind the move still fresh fans will eat it up. Personally I don’t care to much about the jerseys myself as long as the Nets can become relevant again in the sense of the playoffs. Realistic, but hopeful.

  • Derick Madden

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