Time To Give You Your Say in the Best, Worst Unis in 2012 NCAA Football

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You are a huge fan of sports design, or you wouldn’t be here. NCAA football has 124 (Thx, crashcarson15 – Ed.) teams in its highest subdivision, with a total of teams in college football around 1,000 So, there is plenty to see. What do you like? What do you hate?

Take a look at our latest NCAA News and see what has been released in 2012. Which teams suited up super sharp? Who looks more like a kids bad custom Madden team? What’s the best? Worst?

Only on SL.N, want to know what your favorite new-for-2012 and most-hated uniforms are. Limit yourself to new uniforms for this year, so no “My favorite is the Crimson Tide because they never change.”  They must have had a significant, news-worthy new uniform for 2012.

Email us and let us know what you found. And tell us why! We will write up the answers, include the best comments, and even link to your twitter, blog, or website. Format your response like this sample:

From: Kevin Spacey Jam. Twitter @jammityjamjamKev

Best: Spurberry College Troopers. Their new all-black uniforms are the best, because they use matte black on not just their helmets, but also brought back the sand-knit to make the jersey and pants flat. Also, that helmet logo is so dynamic with the holograms, it makes me want to lick my TV screen.

Worst:  East Northwestern South Nebraska Tech Kittens. These uniforms don’t match their whites between the helmet and jersey, the barbed wire stripe across the chest is a stupid gimmick that looks like it was sponsored by Brahma Bull EnergyDrink. What are their pants so short? I swear I can see ass-crack, which makes the brown color just out and out gross. And the helmets are so lopsided you can’t even read the them or see what the logo is.

So, that’s that. SportsLogos.Net is a site of the people. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for our amazing readers, so we want to hear what you think! We will name a “Best” and “Worst Uniform change for 2012.” We will name any others who get a lot of votes, any that seem out of whack, and provide lots of quotes from the emails we receive. So, let’s hear it!

What uniform do you wish you had, and wish you could bury? Send us your email and let us know!

Note: Only votes and input received via EMAIL, as stated and linked above, will be counted! Click the email link, and tell us what you think!

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