Boise St Introduces Black Uniform Despite No Black in Logo

Written By:  •  Thursday, October 18, 2012

Boise State black black-out nike broncos - faded blue

The Boise Broncos, known for their blue field, already pushing the boundaries of good taste and design and sports, has now announced that they will, for reasons we can only guess are somehow related to these tasteless esoteric “youth.”

Gradient numbers fade from Broncos blue at the top to what at the bottom.

Boise State black black-out nike broncos - blue gloves

The models are shown with blue gloves and sweatbands. The pants are solid black all over, with a blue “Broncos” written down the side. The jerseys also feature the Nike-sperm collar that is goofing up several NFL uniforms this year.

Boise State black black-out nike broncos - helmet shoes

The helmets are painted a flat black, a notoriously un-favorite among our readers, with a HUGE broncos decal in silver. The shoes are a black and silver combo to match.

Something confusing is that different angles of the helmet seem to show different things. The above photo seems to show the decal being empty in the middle, allowing the matte black to shine through.

Boise State black black-out nike broncos - helmet shine

This photo appears to show a full decal, creating a shiny bronco head. Of course, flash and angles and so forth are to blame, as well as low quality photographs. But we can’t tell which will be true on the field. My guess is the full decal with shine, but tune in this Saturday to see.

Does matte, giant logo, gradient number, and black-for-no-GD-reason add up to be a universally panned uniform set? Or is this setup greater than the sum of its frequently-hated parts?


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  • Chris Oglesby

    Good God that is ugly looking.

  • C.d. Luebke

    Someone needs to tell them that it is no longer 1996.

  • I wonder if there will ever be a day when we talk about the 00’s/10s era of college sports where every team had a black alt and we all awkwardly rub the back of our necks and change the subject

    • wolfgangII

      there will be a day when this uniforms become “retro” (or even worst “vintage”) and people will say: “I love this one, bring it back”.

  • Lindsay Resnick

    So, so ugly

  • Dude

    Someone needs to call Boise and tell them that it is no longer 1996.

  • Jim Pericotti

    Needs more trends. And stripes.

  • Call me crazy but I don’t hate it. It’s certainly out there but I dunno I kinda like it in a weird “Boise State what are you doing” kinda way

  • Not a bad uniform, but I’d rather see them wear orange instead.

  • Matt

    The apparel Taliban strikes again. Awful.

  • The uniform is bad, but the Helmets are pretty bad-ass IMO

  • Stephen Peters

    Is it bad that all I can think after reading this post is that I wish EA’s Teambuilder even had the ability to do this kind of uniform creation.

    I hate this look, but I wish these type of options were available (e.g. large logo on helmet, matte, Nike collar, lettering on pants,etc.)

  • I like the helmets, but the rest of the uniform is god-awful. These new uniforms are getting ridiculous.

  • Black helmet looks awesome with the silver head. Unfortunately, the uniform as a whole is a bad idea. There is no black what so ever in their colors. So no need for a black uniform. I do, however, like the whiteout uniforms from last year vs Georgia

  • Matthew Schilling

    I actually like these. And they’re much better than the whiteout ones they had.

  • Boyee

    They should stick to Royal Blue and Orange…their colors. DePaul University’s basketball team has a black uniform despite their colors of Royal Blue and Scarlet.

  • Aaron

    It’s the New York Mets (2000s) of football.

  • Chris McCabe

    Black is what teal used to be in the 90s.

  • Brian Castner

    Oh good. Another matte helmet. Just what the world needs. Hate this trend. The rest of the costume I can go either way on. Just looks like a black version of the ugly set they already have. Not needed but could’ve been worse. It could be gray or cammo. Then again I don’t hate the black trend that much since black is my favorite color.

  • Jed

    What is it with Nike creating all these crap uniforms for many of these NCAA teams? These are hideous! Stick with what works and stop experimenting with tradition! Matte sucks!

    • Justin

      It’s all about revenue Jed. How much can you get. Each new jersey means more money in the pockets of Nike.

  • ingmar66

    Ban gradient numbers and logos by law right now! The rest of the uniform and the helmet are also very regrettable. Stick to royal blue and orange, Boise State!

  • Peter Riportella

    i dont understand why nobody likes them, i think they look awesome, i think black jerseys are a very good idea.

  • Nicolas Ballou-Perez

    What is Nike smoking when they are designing uniforms? First they went too far with Oregon then all throughout the NCAA Football people tried to copy them. Now they take ugly uniform designs to the NFL (Seahawks) which make me think that the NFL is gonna be like the NCAA soon all thanks to Nike. Just put your logo on the side of the uniform and that’s it!

  • Jeremy Cating

    Can Boise State please just go away? Nobody outside of Michael Wilbon and the people of Idaho care about you. Black for the sake of black? Get real!

  • Lights Out

    As a Boise State fan, I can’t stand any part of this uniform except for the helmet, and even that I’d rather not see on the field. Why on Earth would Nike choose to push black of all colors on BSU when that’s one of the Vandals’ main colors? That’s like if the Dodgers decided randomly to come out in orange jerseys one day.

  • BL.

    Beautiful uniform.

  • Ben Anijar Andersen

    I like it. But I do understand that too many colleges are adorning black as an alternate and that gets kind of repetitive.

  • Drew

    I really liked the helmet design when it was on the more-traditional blue helmet (though I really wish the logo was on both sides). This uniform, however…not really a fan. I don’t despise it as a one-off, but I don’t like it either.

  • Aaron

    I’ve mentioned this before, unless black is meant to be part of a team’s colour scheme, please refrain from using black jerseys or the colour in general.

  • Skyler

    Too many colors… blue, orange, white, black.

  • Bryan Grant

    Very sharp.

  • Bobby

    I honestly can’t stand teams that either currently don’t have black in their color scheme or have never had black in color scheme introducing a black alternate jersey. If you want to produce a fashion black jersey for the fans, that’s fine, but as an alternate don’t do it. With that being said, these aren’t too bad, actually quite nice.

  • Mark

    So they went black to look exactly the same as half the entire sporting landscape… bravo. Boise’s Smurf tone was a huge selling point, even the field turf- why turn away from that?? So dumb. Ask the Chargers if they think blue is hot.

  • Joey


  • Brother Wolf

    That black helmet is NICE!!!