Maryland to Honor Dodgers for Game in Brooklyn

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Maryland Terrapins basketball uniform special grey gray kentucky wildcats brooklyn dodgers - feature


OK, let us get all of the facts straight. On November 9th, the Maryland Terrapins will play the Kentucky Wildcats at Barclay Arena in Brooklyn. Maryland has announced that to honor the “sports history of Brooklyn” they will have a one-game “wool-look” grey uniform that is intended to look like the Dodger’s old Brooklyn uniforms.

Did you catch all of that?

A school is honoring a city they aren’t from by wearing a uniform that isn’t made of the material it looks like, after a team that doesn’t play in that city any longer, while playing a game against a team from a third state, in an arena for professional basketball.

Is your head spinning yet? (Yes -Ed.)

Maryland Terrapins basketball uniform special grey gray kentucky wildcats brooklyn dodgers - school name

The uniforms, with their wool-texture sublimated on top of the normal light-weight Under Armour material will have an old-school baseball type script across the chest and the Maryland flag shapes on the collar and sleeve openings.

From a distance, they look almost like digital camo, but upon closer inspections they look like a combination of concrete-too-close-in-a-video-game, and chicken scratch. Only because of Under Armour’s press release did we know this was intended to look like wool.

Maryland Terrapins basketball uniform special grey gray kentucky wildcats brooklyn dodgers - front-shorts

The shorts will match the grey texture, and appear to not have a top stripe. We will have to wait for the game to see all of the hsorts, as the above two images were the only two made available.

Grey is becoming the new “Black-for-no-damn-reason” in sports. What do you think? Does it look good? Do you see the point in honoring the Dodgers? Will you run out and buy the replica? What if it actually WAS made of wool?


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  • Stephen Peters

    O.o … I hate you UnderAmor, Adidas and Nike.

  • Bryan Smalley

    Looks like the wool has been pulled over our eyes.

  • Bryan

    this should be interesting

  • Joe G.

    I like the script, but I wish they had done what they looked like in the 1950’s, or a faux-back because the font looks pretty good, but the wool itself is just awful. God D&@$ it Under Armour.

  • Jed

    This is nothing more than a gimmick as Maryland are known for their bad uniforms…look at their football uniforms and I rest my case.

  • Iamthere4Iam

    I really like the script.

  • B. A. Smith

    Wait…..what? What’s going on here?

  • ingmar66

    What an incredible detour only to launch a new uniform which needs to be sold to the Terps fans. Shameless act by Under Armour and Maryland. On top of that these jerseys are really ugly (except for the script).

  • afuzz17

    id also like to point out their posing for the photos in a arena thats not theirs either there in towson

  • Jab

    Nah I’m not feeling these, too damn ugly.

  • Erik T

    The road unis Mizzou baseball wore last year (made by Under Armour, before the full AD-shift to Nike this year) had the same pattern.

  • Eric

    It’s Barclays Center, not Barclay Arena.

  • I love this look.