St Louis Cards 2012 Back-to-Back NL Champs Gear

Written By:  •  Monday, October 22, 2012

The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant!

The San Francisco Giants sure gave the St. Louis Cardinals a taste of their own medicine didn’t they?  The comeback kids of the last two post-seasons were up 3-games-to-1 before dropping three straight ending their bid at a second consecutive National League and ultimately World Series Championship.

It is now the Giants who will move on to represent the NL for the second time in three seasons, taking on a well-rested Detroit Tigers team more than happy to eliminate their second Bay Area team in these 2012 MLB Playoffs.

Enough with the chit-chat, on to the phantom championship merchandise, as with the New York Yankees AL Champs post earlier this week unfortunately I do not have any championship t-shirts.


And as a bonus, some shots at some of the Detroit Tigers vs. St. Louis Cardinals 2012 World Series “matchup” merchandise:


And as a double bonus, some other once-possible 2012 World Series matchups:

You know, no matter which way it ended up from the ALCS and NLCS, that would have been a beautiful looking World Series, from a logo and uniform point-of-view no matter what.  Giants-Yankees seems so yesteryear, would have been nice, you know, aesthetically.



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  • Qumar Zaman

    So glad these won’t exist in reality!

  • Qumar Zaman

    So glad these won’t exist in reality!

  • Ben Anijar Andersen

    My cards lost all well. In compensation my bears are winning on mnf

  • The cards could of been wearing 2011 ws champs patch and a 2012 ws patch

  • CubsWin

    Send that gear to Africa baby!!!

    • Jason

      i would go to africa, just to get some of that cards merchandise!! The cardinals should of won, and we were screwed over!
      We should atlleast have an option of buying some of this merchandise!!!!

  • Michael

    So much for that “12 ‘n 12”! lol

    • Chris Creamer

      Go winless for 99 years, use it again in 2112

  • Ben Foster

    The Cardinals colors (red and blue) go better with the playoff logos than the Giants colors (black and orange) do, but it was nice to see San Francisco win.

  • NDwas

    Have any phantom Nats or O’s merch?

    • Chris Creamer

      Sure do, World Series Champs caps for both, and I think I have an Orioles ALCS cap and maybe a non-locker room Nike shirt.

      I’m waiting to post the World Series caps because I don’t want to spoil/leak the official design until a team has actually won, I might do another post later this week with all the other gear I’ve found.

      • NDwas

        Guess I better plan a trip to a third-world country to pick one up!

  • sfgiantsfan