New York Islanders to Brooklyn in 2015

Written By:  •  Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The New York Islanders today announced they will be relocating to the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn for the 2015-16 NHL season.  A press conference was held earlier today at 1pm ET at the new arena to announce the news.

The four-time Stanley Cup Champion Islanders have played at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, NY since their first season way back in 1972/73, team owner Charles Wang has complained about playing in the aging Coliseum for several years now.  Nassau County politicians recently voted against renovations for the 40-year-old arena.  The move coincides with when the Islanders’ lease with the Coliseum expires in 2015.

The new home of the New York Islanders

What matters most to us here at SportsLogos.Net is what will change with the team identity… nothing.  The team was quick to announce that the name and logo will remain untouched as they move to Brooklyn.  Brooklyn, afterall, is the largest area, population-wise on Long Island, and the New York City colours of blue, white, and orange are a perfect match for the Islanders.

Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, N.Y.

Also announced was that the Islanders have signed a 25 year lease (beginning in 2015) to play at the Barclays Center, which puts them there through 2041 – coincidentally the 100th anniversary of the Brooklyn Americans, the only NHL club to use the Brooklyn name.

This move also reunites the Nets and the Islanders who originally played together at the Coliseum in Uniondale in the early days of both franchises.

The video of the press conference courtesy our fancy YouTube channel:

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  • Way to go Islanders I have loved you since the late 70’s thanks for the kick in the ass!!!

    • Doug

      What kind of a stupid comment is that? Would you rather them move to Kansas City?

      Nassau Veterans is the worst arena in the country that actually houses a Big-4 professional team. They are out of there by 2015, Brooklyn or no Brooklyn.

      At least here, they stay local. Just hop on the LIRR straight to Barclays.

  • Jeff

    Here’s to hoping they stay the New York Islanders – current logo and all….they won’t though

    • Doug

      The logo will certainly change (or be modified) as they need to relaunch the team’s identity with their new home.

      As for the name, they should keep it as “New York Islanders”. You don’t mess with a 4-Cup Dynasty or the current fan base.

      • Ryan

        “What matters most to us here at SportsLogos.Net is what will change with the team identity… nothing. The team was quick to announce that the name and logo will remain untouched as they move to Brooklyn.” Did anyone actually read the article?

        • Doug

          They say lots of things. The logo won’t change but it will be modified. If you look at the current logo, the top of the ‘I’ is in blue which locates Uniondale, where the Isles play. I would think that it would change as the new location in Brooklyn will be further west. But hey! I could be wrong!

  • John Aiken

    As long as they don’t bring back the Gorton’s Fisherman

  • The return of the Brooklyn Americans?

  • Taylor

    would the Nets want a team with Knicks’ colors playing there, though? I guess the LA Kings do have the same colors as the Sacramento Kings and play in the Lakers’ and Clippers’ arena.

  • Jacob

    If we learned anything from the Nets, be prepared for Brooklyn to pop up all over a black and white uniform. I really hope not though.

  • Johannes Kosiek

    The Nassau Veterans Ruin IS the identity of the Islanders…

  • Hank

    they are keeping name and colours

    • Jacob

      Hank, do you have a source? I would REALLY love for that to be true.

  • Leonard A. Price

    Brooklyn Islanders in 2015.

  • Neonix

    It’s the best possible outcome for this franchise. After the Lighthouse Project was rejected, the only other option was moving in another city such as Kansas City, Seattle or Quebec. Despite how horrible the Islanders have been for years, you don’t just throw away a 4-times Stanley Cup winner with such history. By moving to Brooklyn, they will be able (I hope) to keep their identity intact. Name, colors, uniforms… please do not change anything.

  • Brooklyn, or as they say there “Bwooklyn”, is still on Long Island, so no need for a name change.

  • Jacob Behrman

    I’m with Hank, I would love to see the Americans back. Just use the logo/jerseys of the Rochester Americans in the AHL. It’ll never happen, but you can always dream! 🙂

  • Matt Jones

    Good move by the Islanders, even though Kansas City is still waiting on someone to take a chance on their Sprint Center. I would guess that the Islanders will go with an old-school logo and uni.

  • Pod

    I bet there’ll be a black-and-white third jersey.

  • Just hope Jay Z wont be involved.

  • Glyph

    Brooklyn Islanders in the Black & White? I am sure that a whole of fans watch the Islanders glorious years on black & white TV’s. Black & White is just Illuminati propaganda from Jay-Z & Co.

  • MF Cavalli

    New nickname/colors(uni’s)?….

  • Brian Castner

    I’m the only one in the country that liked that Gortons look. At this rate they’ll still be locked out by then anyway.

  • elmo10

    Geographically speaking, the Islanders will still be playing on Long Island, only 30 miles away from where they play now! At least they didn’t decide to relocate somewhere else like Quebec City, Kansas City or Houston. It’s just gonna take a little more time for the Islander fans in Nassau and Suffolk Counties to get to the games. With that said, I wished they could of completed a deal for a new arena at the same exact location they’re currently located!

  • Aaron

    This is what I’ve been saying what should have been done for a while. Islanders to Brooklyn! Now, they don’t have to worry about an new arena anymore. And since Brooklyn is part of Long Island, no need to change the uniforms, logos or colours. Only minor change, if the Isles relaunch a third jersey, a blue and orange alternate with Brooklyn angling down the jersey ala the Rangers as an homage to the Brooklyn Americans.

  • Will there be hockey in 2015?

  • yh


    “The team was quick to announce that the name and logo will remain untouched as they move to Brooklyn.”

    All of the speculation and hand-wringing over new names, colors, logos, etc. can stop.

  • Jason

    Perhaps they will bust out a an all black jersey with orange and blue trimming that has Brooklyn simply stated on their jersey. Wait a minute, they already have that logo, they just need to take off the Islanders wording across the jersey. I also agree, better to relocated to Brooklyn than to Kansas City, Seattle, Hamilton, Ontario.

    • Aaron

      I know where you’re coming from. But hopefully, the Isles will have scrapped that black alternate by then. And if JZ is even involved, hopefully he’ll have enough sense not to mess with the uniforms.

  • Jonathan Klassen

    Cmon why can’t they move somewhere in Canada

  • Don’t have Jay-Z involved with logo or color choices!!!

  • Scheherazade

    Brooklyn will soon have two professional teams after 2015. Who would have ever guessed it. Big things happening in a borough once left for dead back in 1957 when the Dodgers left.

  • Nathan

    Aww… I got excited for them to move AND vhsnge the name. Oh well…

  • Matt Marczel

    I am really happy to hear that the name, logo, and colours will remain the same. Glad to see Charles Wang and the Islanders finally getting a new arena.

  • Ben Anijar Andersen

    How are they going to play at the Barcalays Center if there is no good hockey configuration there? Are they going to redo the bottom bowl so they don’t have half the foldup seats obstructing the view of the goal like what happen at the America West in Phoenix when the Coyotes moved there?

    • Scheherazade

      It has hockey configuration. It was mention long before the completion of the Barclay Center that it will be able to house hockey, which is why they had sent out an invitation to the Islanders to move to the arena. They even had a game scheduled to be played there this season before the whole NHL lockout.

  • Paul

    As much as I love the Isles logo, I do seeing it eventually being tweeked (i.e. modernized) in the same way the Burger King logo was updated about 15 years ago. Particularly the NY workmark w/ stick.

  • Paul

    As much as I love the Isles logo, I do seeing it eventually being tweeked (i.e. modernized) in the same way the Burger King logo was updated about 15 years ago. Particularly the NY workmark w/ stick.

    • Aaron

      If the logo is tweeked slightly, like most logos tend to be these days, it wouldn’t be a bad thing. With the New York Metropolitan Area expanding it’s team base by two teams in Brooklyn, perhaps there’s hope for an NHL team in Hamilton down the road.

  • Joe Scott

    I have loved this franchise since 1972. In all honesty, they have been the most mismanaged franchise in the most most mismanaged league in the last 20 years. What I love is long gone with the gorton’s fisherman, pumpkin uni’s and Nassau County’s smart move not to financially back such inept ownership.
    The Islanders and the NHL are a joke. I am very sad to say I no longer follow the sport anymore and i am sad that MY TEAM is gone……

    • Scheherazade

      What are you talking about? The Islanders aren’t gone, simply moving to Brooklyn (Kings County). And last time I checked Nassau County isn’t far from Brooklyn at all. Better the team moving there than to another state far off and changing their identity.

      • Aaron

        Exactly my point. Shipping a tradition laden team from a proven hockey market to an unproven market like Kansas City is dumb. Especially with all the championship banners they have. And especially changing their identity. As mentioned before, any franchise of that caliber in a different city from their original with the same history but different name just seems wrong. Do the Sonics in OKC or Oilers in Tennessee or even the Expos in DC seem right to you? The scenario of the Islanders just moving from one county to another but still on Long Island is way better. They’re not gone. If so, you’d probably make the same case for the 49ers when their stadium in Santa Clara is built. Please!
        As far as the Nets from NJ to Brooklyn go, well they might’ve switched states, but NJ and Brooklyn are a stone throw away from each other.

  • Bob

    They need to change their name to the Brooklyn Veterans.

    Then we’ll have the ultimate lineup of NY teams – Mets, Jets, Nets, Vets.

    • ingmar66

      Hahaha, but changing it to the NY Vets will come with a new logo: an unhappy looking sick puppy, a kitten with a broken leg and a pregnant cow. Oh, those are different Vets… But I am very happy with the Islanders moving to BK. Go Isles!

  • Doug

    I thought about it and what they’ll do is create an alternate logo that mentions Brooklyn for appeal to certain fans.

    • Aaron

      If they do any alterations to the logo, they’ll probably just add Brooklyn and Queens to the island silhouette. As far as an alternate goes, maybe they should honour the Brooklyn/New York Americans by wearing their jersey occasionally.

  • Mark

    Long (Island) live the Islanders! I’m from Toronto so that doesn’t mean much, but I’m happy to see them stay as close to home without having to go bankrupt & move. I think they should put a little star or letter ‘B’ on the island where Brookly is located on the map in the logo, something barely noticeable yet still there yes? Otherwise, keep it all or else- no black jerseys please, unless the Nets suddenly become the hottest brand in the universe which they will not.

  • Blake

    Exactly…the beauty of this move is that the Islanders do not have to change anything. They will re-work the island in the logo to include Brooklyn and Queens, which of course IS part of Long Island. And yes, they will have the “I” intersect with Brooklyn. Also, last I heard Brooklyn WAS part of NY, so there is no need to change anything there.

    The toughest part of this move for the franchise is that they will have to limit their capacity to about 15,000 even when they return to greatness….hopefully that will be a problem soon. Some fans will not go to Brooklyn, but their place will be taken by fans who did not like going to Uniondale. This was the best move for this franchise…by far!

    Think of the upside, like baseball’s golden years, we now have three great franchises within a train ride of each other, all in beautiful new buildings. Where is Hockeytown now?

    • Aaron

      Three new buildings? I’d say two (Barclays and Prudential) plus one renovated building (MSG). The rendition of the logo you mentioned, possibly one of the subtlest changes of a classic logo. As far as the 15,000 capacity goes look at Winnipeg. Goes to show you don’t really need a 20,000 seat building to be a success.

      • Blake

        The Garden will be like a new building after the renovation is complete next year. Islanders should do nothing to their logo….it is beautiful as is, and is already a classic. Now with new arena in nearby Brooklyn, the intercity games should be better than ever.

        • Aaron

          In a few years, you’ll have an actual three way subway series. Hopefully, this will be a pre-cursor to an eventual three way QEW series (Toronto, Buffalo, Hamilton).

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