Houston Astros New Logo Leaks

Written By:  •  Friday, October 26, 2012

After several blurred and hard-to-see leaked new Houston Astros logos for the 2013 season, we finally got ourselves a nice clean image for a change.

Twitter user Ernest Moreno (@astromo1977) spotted the new logo on a t-shirt on sale at his local Academy store and snapped the following pic:

Following the leaks earlier from Topps and the Houston Astros themselves, I am very comfortable in saying that this is indeed your new Houston Astros cap logo for the 2013 season – throw a circle around it and you got your new primary logo too.

This is our first confirmed indication of a bevelling on the logo and it came in just minutes after we posted a mockup of a bevelled Astros logo based off of the Topps leak from earlier today.

Topps leak from earlier today shows the new Astros logo on their 2013 baseball cards

The logo is heavily based off of the cap logo used by the team from 1965-1993, the ‘H’ is in a modified font, and as just mentioned both the H and star have bevels where the original logo was flat.


UPDATE (8:20pm ET): Academy, the store where this t-shirt was spotted has issued a press release apologizing for leaking the logo (somebody should tell them that the Astros already leaked the logo weeks ago). In case anyone doubted it’s authenticity, this should just about erase any of that.

Academy Sports + Outdoors (d/b/a Academy) today apologizes to the Houston Astros fans, the Astros organization and Major League Baseball as a result of the inadvertent leak of small quantities of the new Astros product.

“We express our apologies to Houston Astros fans, our partners at the Houston Astros ball club, along with Major League Baseball for inadvertently releasing the new Astros t-shirts in limited quantity,” says Rodney Faldyn, Academy Sports + Outdoors CEO & President. “We take pride in our ongoing partnership with the Astros, and this oversight is not our standard business practice. We are looking forward to celebrating the official jersey launch with the Houston Astros on November 2, 2012.”

A limited quantity of the new Houston Astros product was released early to the sales floor of select Academy Sports + Outdoors store locations in Houston. That product has been removed from the sales floor and is no longer available for sale.

The merchandise that was displayed represented a small portion of the Astros new identity. The entire identity, including the primary logo, authentic field jerseys, batting practice jersey, caps and new mascot will be unveiled at the November 2nd Launch Party at Minute Maid Park at 6 p.m. (Gates open at 5 p.m.).

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  • Michael Dworsky


  • Troy Griggsby

    Well, I’ll be doggone! Academy often sells gear so I thought this was simply a stylized version of the original. But the legs of the “H” are different. Nice find.

  • Zane Gresens

    They’ve done a pretty awful job at keeping that under wraps until the reveal.

  • Aaron

    If this is their new cap logo, definitely a clean modern twist on the original. Can’t wait to see the actually cap and uniform when they do officially come out.

  • Worst kept secret in sports rebranding history? YIKES

  • Rich

    This looks like a high school team logo to me. Ugh. At least they didn’t use comic sans.

  • Old school

  • Brad Cox

    Nice… But beveling? Gross.

  • kind of interesting that the unuversity of Houston went with the bevelled letters as well…its a Houston thing i guess ha

  • logoloco777

    I like the 3D shading. Let’s hope that this isn’t the last retro-modern rebranding and that this trend goes beyond baseball into other sports! Last year’s Jays rebrand has started something big.

  • I like.

  • steve

    Thats not it. They sell that at Academy year round. It may be close to it but that isn’t it

  • Ernest Moreno

    Steve, this particular Academy I go to all the time, and when I took this pic it was the very first time I had seen this shirt with this logo.

    • abdix

      Nice find, sir. Good job.

  • steve

    Ernest, dont disagree but how would Academy already be selling it before the Astros. I could see a mistake being made by Academy but new shipment doesnt arrive until days before new launch. Either way, i like it. That shirt has been in Academy for about a month now in Sugarland, Copperfield and Edgebrook

  • Ernest Moreno

    Steve, a mistake is exactly what I was thinking, that’s why I snapped this pic. It’s very possible they put this up prematurely. We will find out one week from today.

  • Ryne LeCompte

    …..and its the same as the old one. Not rebranding at all

  • Ryne LeCompte, it’s a rebranding in the same way the Blue Jays was this past off-season

  • John Gamez

    I had a feeling they would make changes for the change over to the AL. The Astros have a great tradition of sharp uniforms. I really didn’t like the pinstripes that much. Seemed too old school for a team with a name like ASTROS!

  • Ernest Moreno

    Wow, now this pic is on our local papers website.


    My favorite line, “Astros officials are withholding comment for now.”

    • David G.

      I believe u are correct. Academy is receiving new Astros product now. This was suppose to be under wraps untill the announcement. Which store did you see this merchandise?

      • Ernest Moreno

        I went back to the Academy that had this shirt and ALL Astros related gear had been pulled off the shelves. I was there earlier this week and it was all there, not anymore.

  • Brian Castner

    The beveling on the H isn’t bad but I like the beveling on the mockup of the star better.

    • Bill Harrison

      Chris: is the cap logo is going to be the club logo as well (e.g. Topps BB Card leak)? Wasn’t the club logo supposed to be a round design like so many other teams use these days?

      • Chris Creamer

        The club logo, as far as I know, will be this logo inside a circle with the team name around it, ala San Diego Padres

    • Matt Marczel

      I agree. The shading on the star logo featured on this shirt looks a tad wierd to me. Defintately like the mock-up one better.

  • jpmoniebags

    Can anyone explain the reasoning for the shading of the orange on the star? It doesn’t seem logical.

  • The star looks like the Citgo logo.

  • Wow they really did a horrible job of keeping this under wraps lol. Been leaked aobut 5 times already.

  • Wow they really did a horrible job of keeping this under wraps lol. Been leaked aobut 5 times already.

  • Ernest Moreno

    For those that do not know, Academy has issued a press release apologizing for leaking this shirt. Apparently several stores were given small amounts of the new Astros gear and they were all put on the shelves inadvertently. But regardless, this IS the new Astros logo!

  • Why is this website putting their logo on someone else’s twitter pic?

  • carg0

    beautiful. a return to class & respectability. cant wait to see the uni’s.

  • Ben Anijar Andersen

    I love it! And I am a Cards fan. Should have never got rid of this color scheme or logo.

  • I’m still excited about the official unveiling, because I want to see the uniforms with the new fonts and stylings. It’s gonna be sweet. Just one week away!

  • Michael Q.

    Its ok, but it seems kinda 90’s.

  • I was at the LIDS website and found this hat. http://www.lids.com/MLB/Houston-Astros/20420003 Possibly a leaked hat w/ logo patch? I’m not sure, but it looks awfully suspicious. It’s only a snapback, not an authentic hat, however, it seems almost identical to the one pictured in the article about the leek a few weeks ago. How close is this to what will likely be released?

  • Chuck Xu

    Old is new

  • Bill

    Reminds me of that day in 1981 when I watched Nolan Ryan mow down the Dodgers and pitch his 5th no-hitter. I like this new version, and look forward to the official release.

  • Benji

    Keep the rainbows retired! GO SKEETERS!

  • Jason

    Is it almost impossible to keep a new major league logo underwraps these days? I do like the vintage and classic look of the Astros updated new logo.

  • Mark

    Old is new but this franchise will always feel like an MLB version of Bad News Bears. I hope their official logo has a bit more going on, & I’m curious to see what they’re up to inside Minute Maid Park -they want to ditch the western motifs yes? Maybe they should retire the train to a museum & install a rocket ship taking off lol.

    • Aaron

      I like the rocket ship idea, but the choo choo train gives really any stadium that classic charm. Perhaps in Minute Maid Park, they could find room for a rocket ship. Say where Tal’s hill is.

  • Another classy redesign from Todd Radom I assume? It has his sophisticated touch with a hint of newness that makes it work. So glad that the Astros have returned to their roots.

  • Jeff

    I just logged-on to this website and was pleasantly surprised to see the “new” Houston Astros logo for next year. It actually is not that new, but it was used back in the 1970’s and early 1980’s. I am really glad that they are going back to these colors as well and will be anxious to see their new uniforms too! I know that the Astros are moving to the American League in 2013 and this logo change will give them a fresh start.

  • Doug

    Sucks. The star they are replacing is lightyear’s better.

  • jeff feichtl

    better than the Miami Marlins unis- can def accept these! Plain but nice.

    • Aaron

      By far! Maybe with other teams (Toronto, Houston, Baltimore) going back to their original look in some fashion, perhaps the Marlins and Padres will follow suit.

  • Ernest Moreno

    I recently did an interview with a local news station and they put it up online. Here it is.


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