Topps Leaks New Houston Astros Logo on Twitter

Written By:  •  Friday, October 26, 2012

It just keeps on happening!

This time Topps is the culprit, tweeting out a photo of their new 2013 MLB baseball card set under construction apparently completely unaware that the new Houston Astros logo is right there on about three of the cards shown.

The logo matches up with what we’ve been seeing and saying in the past, that old H-star logo from the 1970s and 1980s.  It’s the same logo we saw on that leaked image the Houston Astros themselves put out on their invitation to the unveiling.

A close-up of the leaked logo on the left, compare that to the logo from the 80s

My initial reports did suggest the new cap logo would feature a modernized ‘H’ on the logo but that doesn’t appear to be the case here.

Unfortunately the people at Topps didn’t Photoshop the new uniform onto the players, so we don’t get another look at that here.  Still unseen is the new primary logo which I’ve been told is the H-Star logo in a circle, similar to the logos of the Washington Nationals and San Diego Padres.

The leak from earlier this month shows the same logo on the cap

The Astros will officially unveil their new logo and uniform at a ceremony on November 2nd.

UPDATE (1:13pm ET): Friend of the site Braden Leibovitch sees the logo a little differently than I do, namely in the beveled vs. flat department, offering up this clean mockup of what he sees:

Not bad at all, in my opinion.

Special thanks to Twitter user @atlas1226 for the heads up!

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  • Thank you Topps.

  • What a hideous logo. I didn’t know this was a high school baseball team.

    • Kevin Y

      Really Chris? Haven’t you seen their play this season?

  • I know it’s classic but I’m sorry I’m kinda disappointed in this return to this logo. It’s just really bland.

  • ^^ Just a fan concept

  • oh…did not realize that. they look pretty sharp though

  • Curtis J Spangler

    I can only imagine how boring these uniforms are going to look.

  • Braden

    It’s hard to see, but it’s possible that the star could be beveled.

  • Joseph Newell

    I’m actually a fan of their current (now past) jerseys. Oh well. I wont see them much since they are changing leagues.

  • I liked their 90’s set of unis. If they used those while incorporating the orange and blue it might look pretty cool.

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  • I’m not expecting much

  • Ethan Javage

    It kind of looks like a logo for the history channel

  • Hey Chris look above the Astros Card are the Rockies getting rid of the nice Mountain logo and just going with the CR cap logo next year?

  • Take a look above the Astros card I see a Rockie card, are they dropping the nice mountain logo to go with the dull CR cap logo.

  • No, most of the logos on here are cap logos

  • Good that would be awful c r works on hat not as primary

  • Jesse Feltner

    This wouldn’t be a big deal if teams didn’t have to make a big media event out of the release of a logo. Why does everything on this planet have to revolve around what can be milked for every penny it can. Just release the friggin logo after the World Series or even before the season is over, THEN fans can start buying stuff in advance. Release the identity and then use the merch as the payoff to make fans salivate (or vomit, depending on the look). Hell, doing it this way would even give owners and marketing directors time to revamp, tweak or, even, scrap an idea they know won’t sell or be popular before it hits stands.