Online Shop Leaks New Astros Primary, Wordmark Logos

Written By:  •  Saturday, October 27, 2012

What a terrible weekend for the Houston Astros!

For the third time in the last two days (and the fourth time this month) the Houston Astros have had their new logo leaked online and this time it’s the big guy – the new Astros primary logo, as well as a new wordmark logo – both of these graphics are ones we had yet to see before.

The new logos were found on online merchandise shop courtesy a series of iPhone 5 cases for sale, easily spotted by going to the “Newest Releases” section of their Astros merchandise page.

You can access each individual iPhone case (they are available to purchase now from that site if you want to get a head start on your collection – the site claims you’ll receive your item by November 1st, a full day before the unveil!) here, here, and here.  Adding to the fun is that this particular online shop also offers its items for sale on other sites, so a big site like is also currently displaying these cases.

Three new logo Houston Astros iPhone cases for sale on

We can see the new primary logo features the cap logo leaked yesterday but inside a navy and orange circle with the team name surrounding it. This matches exactly what we had been hearing from our sources would be the new primary team logo for the 2013 season.

iPhone case showing both the Houston Astros new primary logo and wordmark logos – found on

The new wordmark logo is only seen on one of the three iPhone 5 cases available for sale on the site, but looks to be a simple design – the team name in block lettering in the same font around the primary logo – with a single star above.

Seeing the wordmark logo and this font also gives us a better idea of what the front of the uniforms will probably look like, combine the font with the image the Astros themselves leaked on their invitation and we can put it all together.

Pairing up the font from the wordmark leaked by Football-Fanatics with the uniform leaked by the Houston Astros

The Houston Astros gave us a great idea about the new home uniform (and we can theorize the road uniforms from it), pair up the graphic from Football-Fanatics and we know that the new uniforms will be simple block lettering across the front – “ASTROS” in navy with orange trim arched on the home with orange piping on the sleeves and the player number below it.  The cap will be navy blue with an orange bill and the logo up above on the front.

If anyone wants to mock that up, we’ll gladly add it to this post with credit.

Houston’s new logo makes 8 of 30 MLB teams using this format of logo design, that’s nearly one third of the league

What we don’t know yet is how the roads will look, we can assume they’ll be grey with HOUSTON across the front in blue trimmed in orange.  I’m betting the piping will be blue and I’ll go with an all navy cap with that logo on the front, just because that seems to be the sorta thing a team would do for a road cap.

No ideas on alternates or sleeve patches, here’s hoping for an orange one.

The big unveil is on November 2nd which is this Friday, try and act surprised!

Shout out to Twitter user @jamielocklin who tipped us off about the amazon graphic which led us to find the other images on… thanks Jamie!

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  • Lee

    Love it. Gently caress the haters.

  • F19

    Dig the primary. And I’m sure the cap version looks better actually on the hat then big on a t-shirt as we’ve only seen (clearly) so far. This is what a baseball team should look like(not that the ‘Stros 2000s set was bad by any means).

    Very classy look.

  • Generic.

    • Nunya

      Shut the f**k up you moron.

  • Brian Castner

    I usually HATE retro and fauxbacks but so far there’s nothing I can hate too much. I want to but I can’t. Especially when compared with the pinstripes they’ve been wearing.

  • Its better than Cowboy Aliens Old West font tha
    t never matched the name, this is what the Astros should look like.

  • Michael Jacobs

    I really like it.

  • Not bad definite upgrade

  • Jamie Locklin

    Can’t believe I just stumbled across this…

  • Lights Out

    Generic, bland, and boring… par for the course in the MLB.

    • Nunya

      And you’re a moron that needs to die you piece of s**t.

      • Raul

        Well, that escalated quickly

  • I love the retro star “H” logo, and I think it would be interesting on a navy cap with an orange bill, but I am tired of these generic circular logos, Even “Astros” in cursive would have been more unique as a primary.

  • It’s amazing how much is coming out about this logo. Real secret, right?! 🙂

  • John A

    I’m an Astros fan, and I’ll be attending the uniform unveiling event on Nov. 2nd, and even though I’m kind of disappointed the logos have been released and the apparent home jersey has been quasi-released, I’m still pretty damn excited for everything else.

    • Bill Harrison

      Me too, John! Should still be a lot of fun; home & road unis, plus the alternate versions & BP stuff. Perhaps different home & road caps too – see you there.

  • Aaron

    They might as well unveil everything now. The logo itself looks very classic especially with the circle around it. Without the star, it would be bland.

  • Mick

    You know if they just had an unveiling people would notice for a day and move on. But we’ve been talking about these for weeks now, so yeah, the big unveil won’t be much of a unveil, but I think they’ve had more publicity than they could have ever hoped for.

  • JohnnyAstros

    Notice the iPhone case with a blue star behind the H… this could be a clue that Houston will have an all-orange hat as well and could lead us to assume Houston will have 3 hats, the blue/orange hat and a blue hat plus an orange hat. Just speculating. Any hints out there that this could be the case?

    • Bill

      Johnny, the correct name for ballplayers’ headwear is “CAP”, not “hat”.

      • JohnnyAstros

        Categorize your “clever” response under the “who gives a Sh*t” category, Bill.

        • Looks good. Last place here we come! Dammit.

    • Bill Harrison

      I think you’re on to something with the blue star/orange cap, Johnny – when you enlarge it, the H is most def in the new font.

  • Nick Ornstein

    That product could just be vintage. But the leak and evidence seem reliable.


    IM not convinced it could be an Alt and I heard rumor the Mariners may go back to blue and yellow.

    • Aaron

      Mariners going back to blue and yellow? What source? The M’s navy, teal and silver looks.way sharper and since switching to the current ones, they’ve had a little more success.

      • RETROJR79

        I heard it on the radio couple week ago I don’t know if they meant as throwback.

  • Bryan Smalley

    I really hope this is the last MLB primary logo that uses the “roundel” as one of the main design elements within its logo. However, I don’t think the Astros are the last MLB team to go through a design rebrand (pure speculation folks) in the next few years or use the “roundel” altogether.

    • Nick Ornstein

      What is wrong with “roundel?” Curse? Bad teams? I don’t know.

      • Benjamin J. Douthett

        Too many teams use it. Show some originality, dammit!

  • Bryan Smalley

    The inclusion of the roundel confirms that it is a forced and unnecessary element in order to sell the overall new identity to the audience.


    I was hoping it would be orange I like the Astros orange hat better than dark blue.

  • Aaron

    Yeah, although the roundel does complete the logo in some way, just the star logo would’ve been enough. In fact, their new main logo could’ve easily have been a modernized version of their original. Even with the Astrodome design if it had the legs and was shrunk slightly. I have a feeling the Astros will have both an orange and blue version of the star logo with their caps in two colours. If the above photo is any indication of course!

  • Sam

    I love that the very first iPhone cover is a shot of LF I’m MMP before the awful wall of adds replaced the view of downtown. Hopefully Crane will continue to listen to fans and take those billboards down and recapture the view of downtown.

  • David

    Apparently the leaks are the fault of MLB Properties and MLB Advanced Media, which have issued a joint apology:–mlb.html

  • Marc

    The new Astros’ primary logo is typical of the major leagues, but why not bring back the updated orginal Astro’s logo sans the Astrodome? The Astros have created a logo that is sharp looking, but similar to that of seven other teams in the league. Then again baseball is a league of traditionalists-button up jerseys, circular logos, and white home and gray away jerseys. It is almost similar to expecting the EPL logos not to feature a shield or crest in a logo.

  • Chris

    I like these round logos, just so long as it does’t take over the league.

  • ingmar66

    The new tops and bottoms of the legs of the H remind me of home plates. Is that on purpose or what? The primary logo is a little bit too generic for my taste: take the cap logo, put a circle around it and there you go. They could have done more with the space theme. But as a cap logo the new/old star and the H are very good. Love to see an all orange cap with a navy star as an alternative.

  • Mike Reynolds

    Nice and clean, however it is very generic. Not that it is a bad thing kind of wished they would have done just a little bit more.

  • DWolf

    Would probably prefer if the inner circle looked a bit different, but overall very satisfied with the logo!

  • rpmaddox2000

    The logo is very nice. So glad to see the Star-H I grew up with back! I really hope there will be an orange alternative cap. I’ll buy that one for sure.

    I’ll reserve judgment on the uniforms until Friday. The major issue I have with what we know about the uniforms so far is the inclusion of a number in the front instead of the star. Trade the number for the star, and I think the uniforms would be great. Otherwise, we’ll have to see how they look on the players.

  • These are nice and retro works well with the design of their ballpark (just need to change the train to a rocket). Wish they had gone with the 90s look but I don’t think it would’ve matched with the home ballpark theme.

  • Aaron

    By the way, I think you forgot the Angels circular logo.

  • Keith

    What is with everyone and going with circles nowadays?

  • Bill Harrison

    So Chris C, you coming down for the unveil party on Nov 2nd?

  • Stephen Peters

    Looking at all the leaks, does the star in the “new” Astros logo look distorted to anyone else?

    It seems the bottom two points seems disproportionately small/narrow while the side points seem very fat. Plus, the bevel in the star seems funky as well.

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