Detroit Tigers and friends: 2012 World Series Champs “Phantom” Merch

Written By:  •  Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Hallowe’en everyone, let’s celebrate the spooky holiday with our annual World Series Champions “phantom” merchandise post!

This year our phantom world champs are the Detroit Tigers who swept away the Bronx Bombers in the ALCS before being swept themselves by the San Francisco Giants.

As with all of the other rounds of the playoffs we unfortunately weren’t able to find any of the official locker room t-shirts, so our apologies for that, it seems the fine folks at Majestic are doing everything they can to keep their championship gear from getting out in the open — can’t fault them for that. This post will focus on all the other gear we were able to find, including World and League Championship caps for every team who qualified for the post-season.

So, for your enjoyment, here is the phantom 2012 postseason merchandise that we hadn’t yet covered in our Yankees AL champs and Cardinals NL champs posts:

Click any cap thumbnail graphic below for larger image:

Oakland A's 2012 World Series Champions CapAtlanta Braves 2012 World Series Champions Cap
St Louis Cardinals 2012 World Series Champions CapLos Angeles Dodgers 2012 World Series Champions Cap
Washington Nationals 2012 World Series Champions CapBaltimore Orioles 2012 World Series Champions Cap
Texas Rangers 2012 World Series Champions CapCincinnati Reds 2012 World Series Champions Cap
New York Yankees 2012 World Series Champions Cap


Click any blanket thumbnail graphic below for larger image:

Miscellaneous Detroit Tigers 2012 World Series Champions merchandise


Phantom World Series caps – with patch on side, click any thumbnail for larger image:


Phantom American League and National League Championship caps, click any for larger image:


And finally, a few phantom League Championship t-shirts, these are NOT the locker room edition but produced exclusively for fan purchase:

Happy Hallowe’en everyone and may your favourite team not end up on this post next year!

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  • Edward C.

    “5 Time Champions” …. if only. *sigh*

    Go Get ‘Em Tigers in 2013!

    • Chris Creamer

      I always try to include merchandise that includes what would have been the new number of titles, I feel that’s probably the one that hits home the most…

  • Michael Q.

    I’m suprised they got Los Angeles Dodgers World Series gear when they didn’t even make the playoffs.

  • Marc

    Where can we find some of this merchandise here in the States? It would be fun to walk around with one of this shirts just to annoy someone. I would love a 2012 Stanley Cup Champion shirt with the Devils’ logo on it.

    • Chris Creamer

      Sometimes you can find them at second-hand stores but it is extremely rare

  • Matt Jones

    Oh, the Braves merch makes me sad all over again. 🙁

  • Logan R

    Why is there Dodgers stuff when they didn’t even make the playoffs?

  • Tony

    Here is a Tigers WS Champions rotating lamp on

    • Chris Creamer

      Nice find!

  • SFforlife

    I agree, what the…dodgers? They even dropped out of the damn 2nd WC! It’s terrifying to actually see….*ugh*.

  • Brandon B.

    Do you have world series championship t-shirts along with the hats?

  • Joey

    That would be nice if the Orioles really won.

  • Ben D.

    Random observation: On that Rangers cap, the circle with the T in it looks a lot like the Rangers primary logo.

  • Alpo

    i found some 2011 Rangers World Champs t-shirts on ebay. What should I do?

  • Kevin

    Why are the Dodgers on even here? They didn’t even make it to the playoffs.

  • sportsfan

    What’s the value of a phantom world champion hat/t-shirt?