Team Fans Riot Against Pink Jerseys, Cause Game Cancellation

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Breast Cancer Awareness, Venezuelan Primera Division side Deportivo Tachira soccer pink riot leaving field

Not everyone is a fan of the pink influx into sports this month. Some have more passionate ways of showing it.

Apparently, fans of Venezuelan Primera Division side Deportivo Tachira were expecting their team to be wearing their traditional black and yellow kits and were taken by surprise when the team took the field in bright pink.So, rather than sit and enjoy the match against Atletico Venezuela, the fans stormed the field, waving their replica jerseys over their heads, chanting the national anthem, and overall creating quote a mess for officials.

Breast Cancer Awareness, Venezuelan Primera Division side Deportivo Tachira soccer pink riot

Aurinegro fans would not leave the field, only being herded to the sidelines, for over 40 minutes, causing representatives of the Venezuelan Football Federation (FVF) to suspend the match.

Deportivo Tachira FC Vs Atletico Venezuela Breast Cancer Awareness, Venezuelan Primera Division side Deportivo Tachira soccer pink riot fan group

Fans pushed to the sidelines, but security unable to get them back into the stands. (Click to embiggen)

Tachira had given free tickets to women who attended wearing pink. After the suspension, team officials said they would refund ticket money paid, but did not immediately announce if the jerseys, intended to be worn only the once, would be donned again.

Perhaps they stand a better chance at an away game.

Teams wearing pink has been an increasing sore spot for some fans, who see the team colors as an “untouchable.” There has been sentiment within fans of the NFL to limit pink usage, or to dedicate a single week to its use, rather than 4 games, a full quarter of all games played.

Other objectors ask why other causes aren’t equally represented, such as heart disease, the largest killer in most countries, or men’s prostate health.

The fans of Tachira obviously objected too their team abandoning their colors even for a single game.

Breast Cancer Awareness, Venezuelan Primera Division side Deportivo Tachira soccer pink riot fans

Fans left, wearing their replica jerseys, but not having witnessed a match.

Do you think they went too far? Do you agree with their sentiment, if not their actions? Is there anyone at this point unaware of breast cancer?

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  • I love when everyone says America is the most violent country. It makes me chuckle to hear that and know that I could show up to an Eagles game in a Cowboys jersey and not get stabbed or set on fire.

    • Chris Creamer

      But if you go to a Dodgers game in a Giants jersey you’ll end up in a coma

    • no you couldn’t, pussy. come at us br0

  • John Aracena


  • Brian Castner

    The pink thing is way out of control. Yes I have friends and family affected by this and other cancers and diseases but can we just stop this already? It’s like the Livestrong bracelets. There’s a point they hit where the meaning is lost.

    • John P

      What next,do you want to do away with hockey teams throwing stuffed toys onto the ice at Christmas time? Or maybe canned food drives for the local food bank? Why don’t people like you bitch about some of the important things in life, like high taxes or government corruption? On the one hand, people like you bitch when organizations don’t do enough to publicize important issues like breast cancer..then when they do, you bitch about them going over the top. They can’t win…nobody can win in a world with people like you who aren’t happy unless they have something to complain about.

  • Marc

    Is this the moment that the pink jerseys have jumped the shark? Also, why don’t WNBA teams incorporate pink into their unforms? I think it would be acceptable for a pink and navy, pink and black, or pink and white look for a few teams in the league

  • Ben

    It all has to do with marketing. Breast cancer is very marketable because they have a signature look (pink) and people with the disease are viewed as victims. The good thing is that, largely due to the funding and awareness, breast cancer is one of the most easily treatable cancers today. However, at this time, it receives a disproportionate amount of funding compared to other illnesses and cancers.

    For example, lung cancer not only kills more people than breast cancer, it affects and kills more WOMEN than breast cancer. Unfortunately, people with lung cancer are not viewed as victims due to the high association with smoking. People view lung cancer as a result of individuals’ poor decision making and do not wish to help as readily as those with breast cancer, who had very little control of whether they developed the disease. While this view is not entirely unfounded, one must consider that if someone makes a mistake (i.e. smoking) do they really deserve to die for it?

  • Matt

    I have to agree with the fans on this one. I’ve been done with the pink uniforms for years. Sports and charity should be kept separate.

    • John P

      I guess if anyone needed anymore proof of how selfish, ignorant and heartless the world has become, they only need to read this article and some of the comments that have been posted. I cannot believe that we have so little to complain about that sports teams wearing pink has become such a sore point. This is the kind of crap that allows “political correctness” to take root, where people are afraid to express views, or show any kind of support for any kind of cause without some kind of backlash from ignorant, selfish asses whose only skill is thae ability to type. So sports teams are wearing pink to show support for breast cancer You are the probably all the same people who now whine about pre-game ceremonies going too long, or having to wait an extra few seconds in line for your overpriced coffee, while the person or persons in front of you have actual civilized conversations with the people who work behind the counter…By all means, don’t gripe or complain about anything important, like high taxes or the increasing creeping of government into your lives, but sports teams wearing pink? There’s an excuse to have a riot.

      • Mike

        So, you’re one of those self-centered, inconsiderate, disrespectful assholes who keep people waitng in a line because you think you have something important to say. We all know narcissists like you. When you say “civilized conversation” you mean talking about yourself to someone that has a job to do: to serve the people behind you so they can get to work on time. I love jerks like you!

        • John P

          Yeah Mike, I guess you’re right, I guess I am an asshole for being polite, patient and civilized towards other people…I guess I would get more respect if I behaved more like people like you..pushing in front of other people, not speaking to anyone… instead I’m considered a narcissist (do you even know what that means?)…

  • Soccer fans are animals, but the pink is getting out of control. A small ribbon is enough

  • Charles Pence

    im really getting tired of the pink thing, why cant they be against all types of cancer? Thats why i like the mlb, theyre affiliated with stand up to cancer which is against all cancer

  • Bill A

    Back in my day, you’d be humiliated for wearing pink. And that was before you got beat up. My stance is to keep outside issues outside of sports.

    And any male who wears pink is still a (meow).

    • Oknazevad

      Say that to Bret Hart

  • John P

    See my reply to Brian Castner above, it applies to you too…You think that rioting and causing the game to be cancelled was okay? I’m sure the women who were in the stands who thought that the organization was doing something positive for them were really impressed..Then I guess you can expect this kind of behaviour from a place that has someone like Hugo Chavez as their president..You probably think he’s okay too…

  • Bill A

    Oh yeah, why is it that Breast Cancer Awareness has to be forced upon us at NFL football games, MLS matches and so forth? Don’t we men give them enough attention? Aren’t we always being reminded that ‘My eyes are up here’?

  • Thomas

    Well, at least it’s not breast cancer month anymore!

  • Jim Criniti

    How soccer of them.
    x-Jim Rome

    I concur whole-heartedly. At least it wasn’t bags of urine or blood being tossed from the stands.

  • I think the misinterpretation by those fans was it made the players look girly i.e. gay. Latin American countries are extremely conservative with that subject and take symbolism very seriously. Venezuela is especially adamant on the stand against homosexuality. Sigh what a sad little country I was born in.

  • retrojr79

    Tachira heart was in the right place I mean it for a good cause and their fans are idiot and as for pink in sports I think 2 week is enough for the NFL so each teams could do something special in their home plus I would loge to see them in pink football.

  • ingmar66

    Palermo in the Italian Serie A plays pretty in pink. There is nothing wrong with the colour, there is nothing wrong with the cause. The combination of the two makes some people cringe for all the wrong reasons. But maybe we should think about cancer in general as a good cause for remembering in October. Cancer Awareness Month, with a multicoloured, checkered ribbon on all uniforms of all pro and college teams.