Miami Heat Announce SIX New Uniforms to be Worn in 2012-13

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Miami Heat Alternate uniforms 2012 2013 new announced white black Noche Latina - black

Were you bored with the Heat’s uniforms? No worries.

Last Friday, the heat announced that they will continue their recent tradition of multitudes of uniform styles, with six new styles for the 2012-2013 season.

Thanks to last year’s editions and uniforms that appear in this year’s NBA2K13, we have some idea of what many of these uniforms will look like.

The Heat will wear a new design, referred to as “White Hot.” Based on the videogame captures, it seems like this will be an all-white ensemble, using black outlines to make the text and numbers (somewhat) legible.

Miami Heat Alternate unifomrs 2012 2013 new announced white black Noche Latina - White Hot

The White Hot uniform as it appears in NBA2k13

There will be special event uniforms, for the trophy-ring-banner presentation(s?) and Christmas Day uniforms.

Miami Heat Alternate uniforms 2012 2013 new announced white black Noche Latina - red black

Left is the Christmas Day edition and right is the Noche Latina

The team says it will again have a Noche Latina uniform, which seems to be at least fairly similar to last year’s edition.

Miami Heat Alternate uniforms 2012 2013 new announced white black Noche Latina - el heat

This is how the Noche Latina jerseys looked in 2011-2012

There will be a 25th Anniversary Hardwood Classics uniform, which should look similar to the first season jerseys, though those are black or white, and these are reported to be red.

Miami Heat Alternate uniforms 2012 2013 new announced white black Noche Latina - red on red

Red on Red as seen in NBA2K13

There will be an updated black. As seen below, it seems as if textures will be used in the numbers and lettering.

Miami Heat Alternate uniforms 2012 2013 new announced white black Noche Latina - new black

This is how NBA2K13 shows the black jerseys

The standard 3 jerseys appear to continue on, unchanged.

Miami Heat Alternate uniforms 2012 2013 new announced white black Noche Latina - 3

Three of the new jersey designs, as shown in NBA2k13

Lots of new, tweaked, or changed looks for the Heat this coming year. How close do you think the video game representations will come? Do you think they will sneak one past, wearing something we didn’t see here? Do you miss the old days when teams had a white and a color uniform set?

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  • Kyle

    Actually, the standard road jersey for Miami is changed. It used to say “Heat”. Now it says “Miami”.

  • Mike Barbato


  • F19

    The solid color, outlined graphic jerseys are stupid. The “EL HEAT” jersey is stupid. Changing the black road jersey to read “MIAMI” instead of “HEAT”, as it’s been for the first 24 seasons, seems unnecessary.

    With all these variations over the last few years you’d think they’d have done a yellow one by now.

    The only good addition IMO is the mid-90s red throwback.

  • jon

    The Christmas Day jersey is all wrong, the one that is all red on red is the Christmas style.

  • Liam Scanlan

    I don’t think the black on black numbers have any sort of special texture, but it’s just the video game’s somewhat poor way of showing that the numbers are now made of similar polyester airknit material to what the jerseys are also made of.

  • Ben Anijar Andersen

    The Miami heat of Oregon?

  • GO NU! Glad their sick new jerseys were recognized as being the sweetest in College Football

  • ¿Por qué el uniforme español del Heat de Miami dicen “El Heat” y no “El Calor”?

  • John Burlie

    I don’t like the Heat because they are the Yankees of Basketball. This just adds to it. If my team had 6 new jerseys, they would tailor to each an every individual. Im tired of the Outlined Black and white one and it seems there are 2 more to add to it. Try Gold as a primary colour and change the template for gods sake. Even grey would be interesting if done correctly. a Fauxback would be nice too. It seems Basketball is the worst when it comes to jerseys…

    • Michael Q.

      Excuse me, but how exactly are they the Yankees of baseball? The Heat only have 2 titles while the Yankees have 27 titles. If anyone should be compared to the Yankees, its the Celtics/Lakers.

      • Aaron

        Not only that, the Lakers and Celtics have also been around a lot longer than the Heat. But I see where people are going with the Heat’s comparison to the Yankees though. If you’re going to compare the Heat to any baseball team from a championship standpoint, perhaps the Red Sox and Giants would be more like it. In fact on the Heat jersey, just replace the red with the orange or the black with navy and you’ll see what I mean.

        • John Burlie

          I only meant it in the buying the players aspect. Clearly they aren’t comparable by history and titles.

    • Michael Q.

      Yankees of basketball… sorry.

      • John Burlie

        Don’t apologize, you just didn’t think at all about what I could have meant by my statement.

  • Taylor

    Looks like the “Back in Black” jerseys will be revolution30’s now, instead of that silky material they were made of last year.

  • Aaron

    The standard black, red and white jerseys look fine. I don’t mind if the road uniforms say Miami, but perhaps use the Heat name should also be on the red jerseys. As for the monochromatic white, red and black jerseys, scrap them and stick to the standard jerseys. The other jerseys are pretty useless.

  • Otis Byrd III

    Why are the Heat doing this? They should just stick with their regular home, road, alternate, and the “El Heat” uni’s. I think they should do away with the all black, all white, and all red uni’s.

    I wonder if part of this decision is to sell more LeBron jerseys? Remember a few seasons ago, in LeBron’s last season with the Cavs, the Cavs wore all kinds of alterate/throwback jerseys that season. It was almost like they wore a different uni. almost every game that season it felt like. Obviously the Heat want to sell more merchandise, but are they just trying to market LeBron more with all the jerseys they are going to wear this season?

  • SFforlife

    Terrible, they all suck. The black on black and white things are absolutely atrocious. The “El Heat” thing is beyond dumb. Why the hell do teams think just adding “el” makes it proper Spanish? It should read “CALOR” if anything. Another example of how gimmicky Miami area teams are….really stupid. They’re just pandering to casuals who want to wear Heat jerseys to look hip and trendy. UGH, shoot me now. I’m feel bad for real Miami fans. But hey, I guess as long as the team’s winning, it’s bearable.

    • Michael Q.

      Well we Miami fans don’t care what you think about our appearance; we like it.

      • Like all the looks. There are 82 games, sometimes you might wanna mix it up. The 90’s throwback wasn’t shown. Hope they reinstate the Floridians throwbacks in both colors also.

  • I really like the red on red uniforms. Confusing to the eye? Maybe. Pleasing to the eye of a HEAT fan? Yes!

  • Rob S.

    What an obnoxious franchise!!

  • Brandon Lewis

    GO HEAT!

  • ingmar66

    Why not have a different uniform for every game, home or away? Heat fans seem to buy just about anything with their team name on it. It is a nice logo, the colours are OK, why not go all the way and issue 82 different uniforms? That should be a challenge for designers. When they make the playoffs, fans can vote for which uniforms will be worn for the second time.

    • Otis Byrd III

      haha. They might as well, right? LOL