Houston Astros Officially Unveil New Logos, Uniforms

Written By:  •  Friday, November 2, 2012

After months of teasers, speculation, and leaks the Houston Astros tonight unveiled their new logos, uniforms, colour scheme, league, and mascot at a “Launch Party” open to fans at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Tx.

The colour scheme has been switched back to navy blue and orange, which is what the franchise had used from their first season when they were originally known as the Colt .45s in 1962 and used right up through the 1993 season.

The new Houston Astros primary logo

Also borrowing from the past is the new logo and uniform — based heavily on various elements of the Astros history, the new primary logo and cap logo is a modernized version of the cap logo the club used from 1965-1993, the primary adding a circle around the cap logo containing the team name, while the new uniforms are, for the most part, a simplified version of the 1965-69 set.

From L-R: Sunday Home/B.P., Saturday Home, Road, Friday Home

Astros owner Jim Crane made it quite clear that the club relied on fan feedback throughout the re-design process holding several focus groups and forums while also consulting the players and “the guys who wash the uniforms”.

The new 2013 home, road, alternate, and BP uniforms for the Houston Astros

The home uniform is as we expected from the leak early last month, white with orange piping down the front, “ASTROS” arched across in blue trimmed in orange and the player number below.  What we hadn’t known was there would be a patch on the sleeve of the new primary logo. All navy blue cap with new “H-star” logo on the front will be worn for all weekday home games; for Saturday home games the cap will be orange with a blue brim.

Original cap logo on the left, new modernized version on right

On the road is a grey uniform with blue piping, “HOUSTON” arched across the front in navy blue  with orange trim – the player number below.  The primary logo also on the sleeve.  A blue cap with orange bill was shown with this uniform at the press conference.

The rainbow striping up the sides of the BP jerseys

An orange alternate with “ASTROS” across the front in blue was also unveiled, this paired with the standard all blue cap, this was referred to as the “Friday” jersey in a post-unveil video by MLB 2K13

What might be the most interesting uniform in this set is the B.P. jersey (how often do you hear that?), an homage to the “rainbow guts” of the late 1970s is present on the BP uniform as the side stripes are red, orange, and yellow, a nice way to pay tribute to such an iconic (yet not eye-pleasing) set.

The new Astros uniform lineup courtesy MLB 2K13

Adding to the B.P. jersey, it was also called the “Sunday” jersey in that MLB 2K13 video, if true this would be the first BP jersey to double as a regular in-game regular season jersey that I can think of since the BP jersey was introduced to MLB about 40 years ago.

MLB silhouette on back of uniform and cap is blue/white/orange

The new mascot, by the way, is Orbit, who was the old mascot in the Astrodome days.  Orbit has gotten a bit of a makeover and was introduced as an alien captured by secret NASA agents who insisted his home was Minute Maid Park.

Font on backs of player jerseys

We’re still awaiting on quality versions of the complete logo package, we’ll be sure to share them with you as soon as we get ’em.

New Houston Astros logo merchandise is already available for sale at MLB.com, you can see or buy anything by clicking here.

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  • eh……. idk how i feel about these

  • noah

    BORING!!! Wake me when they reveal nicer jerseys…

  • Brandon Lewis

    not too bad of unis there

  • Jay

    Maybe it’s just me, but that NOB font looks huge.

  • It’s a nice, clean, classic logo.

  • Alan Tullos

    Looks cool, I know my father will like them.

  • i agree with Scott…i like them

  • Orange is the new black.

    • JPNY

      Why so much hate on ORANGE??!! It’s not the color, it’s the poor design of uniforms in general going on in sports fashion today. They definitely gave them that “Plain” American League look (That I expected) so they can fit in. So now there is at the very least a balance from all the DAMN RED and BLUE (Navy especially!)…..Better colors now, just get demand a better, modern design Astros fans.

  • Francis

    Hats are great !!
    And i love that BP jersey !!!!!!!!

  • Francis Von Schober

    The Hats are great !!
    and i love that BP jersey !!!!!

  • nice clean crisp look .. don’t know what all the complaints are about .. BP unis are awesome

  • Steve

    wow, these are so generic and boring!! the Astros missed a huge opportunity to bring back the shooting star idea. The caps are just OK. no need for an orange bill though. please, I hope they don’t wear it on the road. colored bills with road greys just look bad. Also, now way too many teams have an orange jersey!! Orange should be limited to one team in each league!! so the O’s and Giants have already claimed it. blah.
    so over the past two years:
    Orioles = success!!
    Blue Jays = success!!
    Marlins = fail!!
    Astros = fail!!
    Padres = ????

    • k

      Orange is one of the original Astros colors. I’m glad they reverted to their original color scheme and a classic look.

      Others might see clean and classic as “boring,” but a “boring” good design is so much better than flashy, overdone, and trendy looks that immediately date themselves (see: Miami, any team using purple or teal, or any team introducing black to their color scheme after 1985.)

  • Matt Jones

    I guess that I’m one of these guys who likes the old-fashioned, clean look of uniforms. These look great, and the tip of the hat to the rainbow uni’s for BP is great.

  • Javier

    I know the central topic off this is the new look astros but… Wasn’t mlb 2k franchise cancelled??? Maybe those images are form the show

  • Aaron

    Grand slam with these uniforms. Only thing, orange piping on the roads as well. And a star where the number is on the front. Otherwise 8/10.

  • These are awesome!

  • These are awesome!

  • Braden Leibovitch

    The jerseys are a shooting star above the wordmark away from being awesome.

  • JJHoser

    The Saturday uniform is not orange with a blue brim. its just all orange. and let me say, these uniforms suck. I loved that brick red and cream color scheme. but no. Team have to be retarded. Its not even like they changed names or city. They just changed leagues. No need to change anything.

  • they are awful. beyond awful. So old school. when you have opportunity to move forward, why would you go backwards? we have so much better technology to help with design elements and houston goes back in time to the fucking 60’s design? no.

    • kurt

      uniforms are like suits. simplicity is style.
      just because we have the means of making don cherry’s suits doesn’t mean that’s the best choice when you want to look good.

  • Brian Castner

    I don’t love them or hate them. I hate retro and fauxbacks so I can’t say I like it. But anything was better than the pinstripes. That just never looked right.
    Will that orange hat have a blue bill? It looks like it’s all orange in all of the photos which would look 1,000 times better than a blue bill.

  • PB Paulie

    Dissapointed. The shooting star would have MADE these unis. It’s the difference from “Ok” to “CLASSIC.” I LIKE the BP jerseys, like the modernized logo….but man oh man I really would have loved to have seen the shooting star.

  • Chaz

    Those player models are from MLB 13: The Show, not MLB 2K13.

    • Josh

      Thank God. I was hoping Creamer just got the franchises mixed up. Good to know …

  • Ben Anijar Andersen

    Another wrong finally made right like the Blue Jays and Orioles did last season. Now we just need the padres back in brown and the Angels back to blue hats with a red brim.

  • Ben Anijar Andersen

    Another wrong finally made right like the Blue Jays and Orioles did last season. Now we just need the padres back in brown and the Angels back to blue hats with a red brim.

  • Patrick

    Love these uniforms. I loved the late 60’s look–clean lines, simple fonts and just the right proportions. I find the classic look to be the best for nearly all of the uniforms I’ve seen lately. The BP uniform is awesome! Hopefully the talent wearing the uniforms will come sooner rather than later.

  • Matthew Schilling

    ^I agree that the Padres should go back to brown! However, I think the Angels should stay where they are with the red.

    • Aaron

      Padres back to brown. Totally agree. Angels staying with red, absolutely agree considering the Halos have had more success with it. Maybe the Marlins will eventually go back to teal and black. They can keep some orange but not over do it. As far as the Astros, so glad they brought back the orange caps and went back to basics.

  • Steve

    I don’t think they could have done much better! WAAAY better then those dumb futuristic ones they had the last 20 years. Classic real baseball look for the purists (ironically they are moving to the AL w/ the DH)

  • Meh.

  • AndrewDunn

    horrible jerseys, horrible font, horrible use of navy/orange… great hats…Great BP with Rainbow fade under armpits…They are worst team in MLB so they must have the worst jerseys in MLB, it must make sense…

    Team will probably lose so this will be remembered as the worst unis in team history, they look like the are from 1960s

  • Sean Carter

    so glad the Astros got rid of ugly color scheme they had for while and gone back to the original color scheme that was associated with this team

  • Ryan

    blah, the blue and gold astros was way better looking. these look like high school uniforms

  • Adrian

    Now it’s the San Diego Padres turn to turn back to their original roots…Brown & Gold! Classic and unique

  • SFforlife

    Wow….uh these are uh…well, kind of boring. I agree, orange is being a little overused, even though the Astros wore orange before the Marlins. I love clean, classy designs, and this is fine, but it still feels too generic. And yet ANOTHER circular logo…man..change it up! And why not add the shooting star? The all orange cap is unnecessary, and reminds me of the Marlins (shudder). I like the BP rainbow nod, that’s cool. The font’s really boring, and the blue looks almost black. Overall, it just kinda reminds me of the Marlins, and that shouldn’t be. Miami looks comical. And while orange is cool, and I guess I’m glad more teams are wearing it, the home orange Friday jerseys look like they’re trying to imitate the Giants too much. Eh…overall, it’s a cleaner design than their previous, and I like they navy and orange, but it’s a bit generic, a bit boring, and it looks too much the Marlins and Giants. And that includes the logo…c’mon that gives the AL 6 “circle” logos, plus the Padres and Nats. Ugh.

    • Nunya

      You do know that the orange cap was used in the 70’s so it was a Marlins that are the ones copying. Actually, you wouldn’t know that because you’re a slobbering tard.

  • thomas

    extremely ugly !

  • Chris Oglesby

    for once they look like the astros i remember growing up.

  • Chris Oglesby

    for once they look like the astros i remember growing up.

  • Oknazevad

    I don’t see any orange cap with blue brim; that cap is all orange. Other than that, I like the simplicity and straightforwardness of it. I wish some teams (Miami) would do that as well.

  • Drew

    So I guess all you “boring” commenters also hate the Red Sox, White Sox, Cubs, Yankees, Tigers look too huh? I’ve been an Astros fan for 30+ years, and these unis and logo are absolutely classic, clean and pay homage to everything the Astros have stood for. Reminds me of watching games in The Dome in the 80’s.

    I’m more than pleased with this loook. Kudos to the entire organization for getting this right.

  • SDFanBoy619

    I love how people are criticizing these uniforms for being “plain and boring”. This is baseball. I have a lot of respect for clubs who show restraint and update their teams with classic, uncluttered looks. If you want uber-modern crap like the Broncos, Bengals and Seahawks wear? Be my guest. I think Houston did great honoring their past. Now if only my Padres would do the same. -__-

  • Aaron

    For an orange baseball jersey, the Astros make it look good. The Orioles too. Although I wish the Astros had a navy road alternate to go with this. That’d be cool. I also like how they limited the homage to the rainbow jerseys to just their batting practise jerseys. I think the star at the bottom front of the jerseys ( late 80’s) would make each jersey rock.

  • I am tired of rondells

  • Rob S.

    Home and Away jerseys look great! Classy! The Orange at first glance I didn’t like,but am already thinking they are not bad, much better than Miami. I actually really dislike the BP jersey,then again I dislike every MLB teams’ BP jersey. I think they suck and hope they are not used in any real games as suggested…ie Sunday Jersey

  • The new logo isn’t bad, BUT IT COULD BE SO MUCH BETTER. For example, use a silhouette of the downtown Houston skyline as part of the logo, etc. Like I said, its not bad, but I prefer to move forward. This just shows the lack of creativity within the organization. BORING

  • Sick of rondell logos but I do like everything else, would have liked the logo just to be the Hand the star instead of another rondell

    • Aaron

      Yeah, the H star logo alone would’ve been just fine. But for some reason, the roundel seems to make the logo complete. Kind of like a badge really. Maybe if the edges of the star went outside the roundel a bit.

  • Jay

    The Astros new logo looks OK, but the lettering on both the home and road uniforms are too Plain Jane. The team should have a shooting star above the team name like the 1965-74 home uniforms had. In my opinion, all the jerseys should have had the shooting star over the team name on home, road, and alternate jerseys. Besides, the road uniforms look too much like an earlier style of the Detroit Tigers road uniforms.

    • Aaron

      Actually, the road uniforms look like the New York Mets road uniforms. As far as the shooting star goes, I agree. Either put the star over the name or where the players number is on the front. The font style is fine, although it would look cool beveled slightly. If the Astros wanted to, they could use the orange cap as their full time home cap and the all navy cap as their road. The orange billed navy cap could be their alternate.

    • russ99

      The lettering is my only minor gripe.

      The road jersey is OK, since Houston seems to be kerned properly, and is akin to similar modern road jerseys like Minnesota and Washington.

      “Astros” is off-center and there’s too large a gap between letters. It would be OK, if there was something else on the jersey.

      Maybe they’ll add a star or modern shooting star the home and orange alternate in a year or two, as those probably won’t age gracefully, at least not as gracefully as the 65-74 jerseys.

  • Aaron

    And orange piping on the road uniforms please!

  • Max

    Home and road are very plain.
    Alternate is also plain except for the orange color (Marlins?)
    BP jerseys are very cool. Those should be worn in games, too.
    The print on the jerseys is just very bland- logo should be on the jersey fronts too, not just hats

  • scot

    If it’s true that the BP Jersey is also a Sunday Jersey, then that covers the navy alternate. I love the uniforms. I am in the camp that that font is a little boring but still classy. I would have liked the shooting star in some form or fashion. And I wish the team logo was the one from the 80’s with the balls orbiting Minute Maid Park.

    I can’t wait till the season starts. Go Astros!

  • Joe

    ‘Stros seemed to have exercised much wisdom and chose to use color to “modernize” their classic look. The simplicity is what makes the jersey. Let the logo stand alone and all other elements feed off of and back into it. Tremendous thought process here. Only improvement I see would be to ditch the NASA homage and return to the Colt .45s.

  • Will

    Very classy look…the orange alternate is much much better than the Marlins jersey IMO. And yes Chris, the BP jersey (which is the best one) will also be worn at their Sunday home games, according to the MC at the ballpark, during the unveiling.

  • Matt

    I like, not love, the new logo. It’s much better than the rust colored garbage of the last 10 years.

  • ingmar66

    It is a good effort, but a shooting star on the uniforms would have been less generic. The rondell is overused, they should have limited the logo to the star (getting used to the beveled look by now) and the new H with home plates. The Astros wordmark of the previous uniforms should have been kept (be it in orange and navy and grey), it was much more original than this boring font. But all in all a good effort. Love that BP jersey with the rainbow sides and the all orange hats!

  • Not a fan. Logo is ok, but that font on the jerseys looks very dated and boring. They’ll be redesigning these in 3-5 years

  • Nick

    Swing and a miss. Really squandered a great rebrand here.

    – Orange jersey and hat are awful

    – Orange piping is awful

    – Script is boring and blocky

    – LOVE the batting practice jersey though

    • Aaron

      As far as the orange jersey goes, at least it’s a lot better than the Marlins, although if they fixed theirs up a notch, they wouldn’t look too bad. The Orioles seem to do the OJ the right way. The Giants orange jersey, almost an Orioles rip off and should just reverse the text and jersey colour. The Astros at least made their OJ’s look like an actual jersey.

  • JPNY

    Why so much hate on ORANGE??!! It’s not the color, it’s the poor design of uniforms in general going on in sports fashion today. They definitely gave them that “Plain” American League look (That I expected) so they can fit in. So now there is at the very least a balance from all the DAMN RED and BLUE (Navy especially!)…..Better colors now, just demand a better, modern design Astros fans.

  • Aaron

    What do you mean by plain AL look? This orange jersey would look like this in either league. That’s like saying the Toronto Maple Leafs current look is better suited for the Eastern Conference than the Western Conference. It’d still be the same style in either conference.

  • Chris

    Classic, but very dull. This one just doesn’t work and I bet they make changes again in the near future.

  • Ray

    The main problem with the uniforms….too many of them. Keep it simple for the love of God. The classic white home and gray road uniforms is all they need. Maybe throw in a sunday neon orange uni to keep the kids interested I guess.

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