Redskins Wearing 1937 Throwbacks This Sunday

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Washington Redskins throwback panthers sunday November retro leather helmets - players


The Washington Redskins spent all game last Sunday blinded by the Steelers throwbacks. Now, it is their turn to go retro, but they chose to do so with class.

The Redskins will wear their previously announced throwbacks in their game this Sunday against the Carolina Panthers, honoring their 1937 team, calling Washington their home after departing Boston.

Washington Redskins throwback panthers sunday November retro leather helmets - walk

The uniforms still feature the Redskins colors, or at least a close approximation, that you are used to, with maroon as the primary color. The pants and number go with a richer metallic gold, rather than their current bright yellow.

Washington Redskins throwback panthers sunday November retro leather helmets - front


But the star of Sunday’s show will be, as has become the current convention, the geniuses at HGI who created the leather-esque look helmet the Redskins will wear.

Washington Redskins throwback panthers sunday November retro leather helmets - HGI leather helmet


Just look at that texture! Beautiful! The sport has struggled with how to throw back to leather-helmet-era uniforms and this is by far the best solution yet. Until concussions become such a problem in the game that they ban helmets altogether, I can’t think of a better way to show the history on a current-technology model.

Washington Redskins throwback panthers sunday November retro leather helmets - logo comparison

Click (twice) to see image at full-full size


As was detailed in our first article about the throwbacks, the logo isn’t exactly fully retro, rather a more modern, clean interpretation thereof, with a bigger, bolder gold circle and no white accents. The feathers also change to maroon in this edition.

The 1937 team would be proud of this honor, as the uniforms look pretty similar.

Washington Redskins throwback panthers sunday November retro leather helmets - team 1937

Check out those shiny numbers


The entire Redskins organization hopes the team is inspired by the successes of the 1937 World Champions, and brings that type of results to the field this Sunday.

Washington Redskins throwback panthers sunday November retro leather helmets - steelers bumblebee

This is what the Redskins were forced to look at all game last week


Other than “WAY better than the Steelers last week” what do you think of the look? We will love seeing the team without those stupid dress-shirt-under-a-jersey collars. How do you think the leather look will hold up on TV? Is a writer allowed to go a whole Redskins article without calling RGIII’s name?

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  • Aaron

    They may look like the Florida St. Seminoles, but these throwbacks rock. Too bad they weren’t playing either a long time divisional rival or one of the older NFL teams. In fact, maybe they should’ve worn this last week against the Steelers. I know it was in Pittsburgh, but both teams entered the league at around the same time.

    • wolfgangII

      Exactly. They should emulate the MLB as both teams wearing throwbacks uniforms. Altought the matchup of this uniforms against an 90’s uniforms like the Panthers could be use to compare uniform design evolution.

  • Steve Cramsie

    I think that’s all the Steelers needed… the leather-style helmet.

  • Cory G. Smith

    Pretty awesome helmets, Kimberly, Jerry, and Hilton. And, Steve – no. The Steelers throwbacks are garbage. The helmet they wore was the only good part.

  • Hilton GoWahoos Redskins

    Yeah, the Skins helmets are nice. I liked the ones they were using in college last weekend too. UNC and Oregon had Chrome helmets and Notre Dame had gold.

  • These look awesome. Love the helmets, and the uniforms are accurate too.
    Only negative is the Nike snot trail around the collar like all jerseys have these days, but didn’t then.

  • Matt

    Criticizing the Steelers throwbacks is pretty low considering they’re as historically accurate as they could get. Nike didn’t re-invent history (as much as they probably wanted to), they paid homage to a different time in history. Yes it’s not in style now, but it honors the early beginnings of a longtime football franchise. Yes the Redskins look is more conservative, but that shouldn’t automatically crown them the best of throwbacks. They’re also as accurate as they can be for the period they’re emulating. Did you ever think that maybe the old Pirates were the height of athletic fashion in 1934? that stripes were as powerful as solid color jerseys are now? It’s the same with the NY Titans, Broncos, and Eagles throwbacks. They have a time and place in history and modern day emulations pay respect to that. A little perspective goes a long way.

    • Michael Q.

      They were still ugly.

  • Ryan

    I didn’t like the Steeler’s throwbacks either, but they were an accurate representation. Now, on the Redskins’ throwbacks, I think these should be uniform #1 for the team from now on. It’s the perfect mix of the new and the old,

  • ingmar66

    Agree, these Redskins throwbacks and helmets are simply wonderful. They should stick with them.

  • Max

    every NFL team should be required to wear these helmets every game- absolutely amazing lids!