Erie SeaWolves Unveil New Logos

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The Erie SeaWolves, Double-A affiliate of the Detroit Tigers and a member of the Eastern League, unveiled their new logo set yesterday at a press conference in Erie, Pa.

A much needed upgrade over their previous set, the new logos continue the SeaWolves “Pirate Wolf” theme but in a much more modern and clean way.

Comparing the old and the new Erie SeaWolves logos

“We are proud to start a new chapter in SeaWolves history… Our new logos, colors and uniforms will enhance the ballpark experience and give fans a new reason to cheer. We’re really excited to share our new look with the fans of Erie.” – SeaWolves Team President Greg Coleman

The whole package, new primary on the right and alterate logos on the left

The new logo set was designed by Studio Simon, a design studio responsible for a large amount of solid Minor League Baseball identities including two other Tigers affiliates – the Toledo MudHens and Connecticut Tigers.

“Studio Simon did a tremendous job creating a new look that fans and players will wear with pride,” added Coleman.

Erie SeaWolves new uniforms for 2013

Erie will wear three in-game uniforms in 2013, a white home, road grey, and a red alternate.  Accompanying these three jerseys are two caps.

New to the identity is an alternate logo paying tribute to Erie’s role in the War of 1812 – a flag with a red ‘E’ on it flying from a baseball bat.  Also a nod to Erie’s nickname “Flag City”.

Alternate cap on the left, Home/Road cap on the right

New merchandise is already available for purchase courtesy the Erie SeaWolves online shop.



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  • Aaron

    From the looks if things,this team should be affiliated with the Pirates. Pretty cool upgrade.

  • Jim Pericotti


  • kurt

    magnitudes better than their old logo. nice work by studio simon.

  • Very nice upgrades! Well done!

  • GeoTheo

    I think it looks great and is a huge upgrade. I am confused about the handles and the bats, whats going on there, and why dont the handles line up with the bats? I looks like there are wavy bats coming out of sword handles.

    • Chris Creamer

      The logo is from a t-shirt so it’s a little wavy… to get a better idea of the primary logo on a flat surface check out the photo of all the logos together on those white boards.

      • GeoTheo

        Oh..yeah..that would make sense

  • Excellent! That came out great.

  • Tom Richards


  • Michael Jaworski

    Nice improvements. Reminds me if the Bradenton Marauders.

  • Matt

    The Lexington Legends (Class A affiliate of the Royals) unveiled there new look and they have a very interesting hat. Check them out Chris.

  • Cuserell

    I wish they would have kept their old colors with the new logo. It seems like everyone has a red and black logo.

  • Craig Eckart

    I like the new colors, the new logo and also the new jerseys. A very nice upgrade

  • ingmar66

    Excellent upgrade, nice logos and cool flag logo.

  • Max

    I like the old logo better, put i prefer the new script with the logo

  • J

    You have to get these to this site ASAP! I love these logos! Especially the one with the wolf with the captains hat (no text).

  • Mike

    The manager should wear an alternate home cap with the wolf wearing the captains hat.

  • Ryan Harrison

    Anyone know what font that is in the logo?