Spoiler Alert: Reading Phillies Changing Name to…

Written By:  •  Tuesday, November 6, 2012

After 46 years as the Reading Phillies, the Double-A Eastern League club announced Sunday that they would be changing their name for the 2013 season.  No fears Reading fans, they’ll still maintain their affiliation with the Philadelphia Phillies, one of the longest Minor League – Major League relationships to exist in all of baseball.

The new name is scheduled to be announced next weekend, Saturday November 17th at an event at their home stadium, FirstEnergy Stadium beginning at 11:30am.  It is said the reason for pursuing a new name is to give the people of Reading a team name of their own to cheer for, and you can’t argue with that.

We here at SportsLogos.Net are always on the lookout to see if a team or manufacturer has slipped up and inadvertently made their changes public and this occasion is, of course, no different.

So, if you like surprises, read no further because here be spoilers.

While we cannot 100% confirm that the following will be the name, it sure seems likely that the Reading Phillies will be known as the Reading Fightins or the Reading Fightin’ Phillies for the 2013 season.

What’s our reasoning?  Domain registrations.

The Reading Phillies registered the following three domain names on August 14, 2012:

  • FightinsBaseball.com
  • ReadingFightins.com
  • ReadingFightinPhillies.com

All three of those domains have been listed as owned by:

Reading Phillies Baseball Club
P.O. Box 15050
Reading, Pennsylvania 19612-5050
United States

The “Fightin’ Phillies” a popular nickname for the Philadelphia Phillies in the 1950s

“Fightins” was a popular nickname used to describe the Philadelphia Phillies teams back in the 1950s and 1960s – fans, media, and even the club itself was frequently referred to as “The Fightin’ Phils”.

While we now have a good idea what the name will be, we still need to wait on the new logos and uniforms and we have great reason to be excited as they will be handled by the guys at Brandiose.

From the Reading Phillies website:

Based in San Diego, California, Brandiose has dreamt up unique team names, mascots, and looks across Minor League Baseball. They have designed the logos for the Harrisburg Senators, Lehigh Valley IronPigs, and Richmond Flying Squirrels as well as reimagining the look of the Cincinnati Reds, America’s oldest baseball club.

What are your thoughts on this possible name?  Does it strike anyone as odd that the team would change for their own identity only to take on another from their parent club?

UPDATE (11/12/12): The day we originally posted this story the Reading Phillies went out and registered ReadingRailroaders.com, possibly due to some of the feedback the report of this new name was getting?  Or perhaps just to try to throw us off? Who knows, but we’ll keep you posted on if anything happens next – we’ll find out if it’s the Reading Fightins or the Reading Railroaders on Nov. 17th.  Hat tip to Mike in the comments for the heads up

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  • Chris McCabe

    Chris, nice find!!! I am a huge Phils fans and live near Reading and all I can say is people are furious over the idea of a name change. If it is one of those names, I like it. I can live with it.

  • Alex

    From the Reading area and the local newspaper says everyone is threatening to never attend another game. I know I’m not. Definitely won’t catch me going “Let’s go Fightin’s”

  • They missed a golden opportunity to become the Reading Rainbows.

    • Kyle

      hahaha that’s a win Michael.

  • I hate it, but at least they’re not spelling it with a “ph”.

    • Matt

      The Phighting Phillies!

  • Michael Jaworski

    I dislike all minor league teams that don’t have an original name. Sure connections to the parent club help build fan support, but it can be confusing especially when they are close together. Give me the Hammerheads or Lookouts over the various Mets or Braves clones.

    • Aaron

      Yeah, I know what you mean on that aspect. Yes, using the same name as your parent club may boost interest, but it can definitely be confusing, especially if their uniforms and logos look too similar. Also, you never know how long the affiliation with the parent club will last for. Regardless of the affiliation, I somewhat agree with minor league teams in general whether it be hockey or baseball not looking too similar to their parent clubs. Some teams do so too much…

      Braves (Atlanta, Gwinnet, Mississippi, Rome)

      Bruins (Boston, Providence)

      Red Sox (Boston, Pawtucket, Salem)

      Devils (New Jersey, Albany)

      Canadiens (Montreal, Hamilton)

      Oilers (Edmonton, OKC)

      Sharks (San Jose, Worcester)

      Maple Leafs (Toronto, Toronto (AHL))

      Cardinals (St. Louis, Memphis, Springfield)

      Blues (St. Louis, Peoria)

      Blackhawks (Chicago, Rockford)

      Flames (Calgary, Abbotsford)

      Penguins (Pittsburgh, Scranton Wilkes Barre)

      Wild (Minnesota, Houston)

      Stars (Dallas, Austin)

      Lightning (Tampa Bay, Syracuse)

      Blue Jackets (Columbus, Springfield)

      Cubs (Chicago, Iowa)

      Mets (New York, Binghampton)

      Senators (Ottawa, Binghampton)

      Jets (Winnipeg, St. John’s)

      Yankees (New York, Scranton Wilkes Barre for now)

      Phillies (Philadelphia, Reading)

      Flyers (Flyers, Adirondack)

      • BOB T

        The Adirondack franchise (Flyers afilliate) is named the PHANTOMS….not the FLYERS

        • Aaron

          I’m aware of that. But I was also referring to minor league affiliates who don’t share the same name as their parent club, but exactly or almost the same colour scheme.

        • Aaron

          Oh yeah, I almost forgot..

          Islanders (New York, Bridgeport)

  • Marty Fox

    Should have been the Reading Readies.

  • Ron

    The next team name change in the Phillies minor league system is likely to be the Lehigh-Valley IronPigs – the trademark registrations was disputed and were revoked. Not a name many like anyways.

    As for the Reading Fightin’s – not a bad name per se, but a poor fit for a baseball team. Though it’d be a decent name for the Reading Royals hockey team, if they chose to rebrand.

    When the Reading Phillies rebranded back around 2008 – pushing the R-Phils in place of Reading Phillies, that seemed to be a bad omen of what was to come – but still, never thought they’d drop the Phillies part.

    Finally, a rant – the Reading Phillies owners profit so much from a publicly owned facility (they don’t own the stadium, the City of Reading does; should have kept the original name, “Reading Municipal Stadium”, but that’s a whole topic in and of itself) that’s received tens of millions in public money, and yet are changing the team name with no public input nor seemingly any regard to the local fans that helped make the franchise so successful.

    • Aaron

      Where are you gettin this rumour about the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs changing their name anyways? I think it’s cool name for a minor league baseball team. As far as the Fighin’s name goes, hmmm! Kind of curious to see how this pans out too. Keeping the Phillies name plate wouldn’t have been so bad, but I can understand why they’re changing their name. Fightin’s might be a more appropriate name for a hockey team in my opinion. For the baseball team, whoever suggested Pagodas, that would be more appropriate. You’ve already got one of them as an alternate logo for this team.

      • Ron

        The IronPigs trademarks were disputed, and appear to have all been revoked. That alone is reason enough. Furthermore, many people dislike the name IronPigs.

        It’s clear with the Reading Phillies franchise renaming that 46 years means nothing. The Lehigh-Valley IronPigs name has far less fan loyalty, history, etc and would be, in comparison, a cinch to rebrand under a new name.

        • Mike

          There was controversy with the IronPigs name initially (as a motorcycle club uses the name) but as far as I know, it’s been resolved and settled and is no longer an issue. I certainly haven’t heard anything about there being any further issues or about the team being forced to change the name. I could be wrong and anything could happen, but I doubt it’ll be changed. IronPigs merch was among the top selling in MiLB for the past few seasons.

        • Tyler

          What? I live in Bethlehem (About 10 minutes away from where the Pigs play) and just about everybody loves the name. It’s different, distinctive, funny but not too ridiculous, and ties into the area’s history.

  • Jeti Mar

    Reading Locos would of been my choice.

  • Shawn

    Initially, I was disappointed that they would change the name. After hearing Hunsicker try to explain it, I was even more so. Didn’t sound as though it was being done for the fans as much as the front office. Once the Fightins rumor began, the explanation made even less sense. If you want an identity of your own, why choose a name that become synonymous with the name you want to drop? At least be original like the Lumber Kings, Sand Gnats, Sky Sox or 66.

  • The Troll

    They’re missing a golden opportunity to change their name to the Books.

  • Brian Castner

    I’ve always hated the minor league teams take the name and identity of the parent clubs. I get why it’s done but it should be a whole new identity. We have the Yankees here. Well I hate the Yankees. I’ll go to the games when my team’s club is here but there’s no way I’ll ever buy or wear the Yankees stuff. Fortunately they’re changing that for next season so depending on which of the terrible choices they had as finalists I may actually be able to buy some stuff.

  • ingmar66

    Not a good name change, Fightins is really a name for the latest Nissan, Hyundai, Acura or Kia model for the European market. Reading Roosters! Reading Raccoons! Reading Rounders (a tribute to a littleknown forefather of baseball)! Reading Pagodas! Reading Pretzels! Reading Rabbits (after the Updike novels)! Reading Harings (after Keith Haring, who was born in Reading). Just check the Wikipedia site of Reading and dozens of better names than Fightins will pop up. Reading Swifts (after Taylor)!

  • Gene Coughlin

    I won’t go to a game next year if they do this. So stupid and shortsighted

    Gene – Reading, PA

  • Reading Rainbows

    Reading Comic Books

    Reading IsFundamentals

    Reading Fighting ‘Rithmetic

    • Anthony

      It is pronounced Red-ing. So none of those names make sense.

    • Aaron

      To me more high tech, how about Reading E-Mails, Reading Texts, Reading X-Rays! I could go on.

    • Aaron

      To me more high tech, how about Reading E-Mails, Reading Texts, Reading X-Rays! I could go on.

  • mnj

    They’re dropping the ‘ph’ to call themselves the “Reading illies”

  • Jab

    Wow as a die hard phils fan find this pretty hard to believe and stupid. What is the point of this. And fightin’s is cool i love our nickname but that should stick with the major league Phillies not the minors. Wow did not see this coming, very interested to see how it pans out.

  • David Frantz

    Actually, Reading has THE longest affiliation for one city with one MLB team(since 1967).

  • Corey k

    I hate it! Our own team to identify with and cheer was the “Reading ” Phillies. Attendance records prove it.
    Bad idea, poor choice , off with thier heads.

  • cara


  • Bill A

    Not that I’m a fan, but having lived next to Philadelphia for over half a century, I never liked the “Phillies” moniker even for the MLB franchise. When I was a little critter I used to wonder why a baseball team would name itself after a brand of cigars until I realized it’s just a derivative of “Philadelphians”.

    Not only did I not like the name, I never took to the Phillies mostly because of their lack of World Series titles at thyat point in their history. The Athletics moved from Philly six years before I was born and weren’t much of the powerhouse they would go on to be when I took them as my favorite team in 1971.

    Yet, the name “Phillies” has remained for over a century and carries some nostalgia with it. That’s why I didn’t like the change of name the then-Clearwater Phillies underwent and certainly not now that Reading will do the same.

    That being the case, I don’t like the suggested possibility of “Fighting” or “Fightins” becoming their new nickname. Something like “Railers” or “Rail Barons” would be much preferrable.

    At least “Iron Pigs” is already taken…..

  • Ron T

    For those of you who will not attend another game because of this decision, go ask your spouse about the day she changed her name to be with you. It’s a name, people. It’s not like they’re changing affiliation or even towns. Get over yourselves.

    • Aaron

      Well said. Now, I myself would prefer that team with a longstanding history in their city would keep the same nickname throughout. That’s the way it should be. But, it shouldn’t deter fans from going to games. The Washington Bullets franchise changed their name to the Wizards mainly because of the violence aspect in DC, but fans still go. It all depends on how the team does. I can see some discontent if a team with the same name for over 100 years suddenly changing names.

  • Mike

    I am a die-hard Phillies (both Philadelphia and Reading) phan. I hate the idea of an affiliate team having the same name as their parent club. And, while Phillies is a stupid name anywhere, it at least makes some sense in Philadelphia. In Reading, it makes absolutely no sense. I am not crazy about the Fightin’ Phillies or Fightin’ Phils as a name and would prefer the Reading Railroaders or something else more readily identified with the history and tradition of the city of Reading. But, I seriously doubt that attendance numbers will be affected by a simple name change. I think it’s great to give the team a unique identity and Reading fans love their baseball and will continue to come to the ballpark regardless of the name. Of that, I’m certain. I know I’ll be there!

  • Mike

    Reading Phillies have also registered the domain name http://www.ReadingRailroaders.com – which is my preferred name. So, I’m hoping for that.

    • Aaron

      Reading Railroaders! Seems to have a better ring to it than the Fightins.

  • Minor League Baseball branding mystifies me even to this day. It’s my own personal distain so no one cares, but why do aspiring MLB players need to look and sound like Disney characters, not professional ballplayers? Marketing? Nah, I need more sane arguments.

  • yh

    Reading Railroaders? I thought Hasbro had a monopoly over that name.

  • Phil Fulton

    Chris – They also registered Reading Groundhogs and Reading Pagodas too.

  • Aaron

    Groundhogs huh? That should be one of the top names for the team. It’s unique enough!

  • Ryan F

    Now that Scranton/Wilkes Barre is the Railriders I’m assuming that Railroaders is off the board…Either that or this Reading name change is going to become a huge disaster…

    • Aaron

      Don’t be so sure about that. Railroaders could still be used if they don’t use the porcupine in the logo. If it is off the list, then Pagodas is still available.

  • Aaron

    In fact, maybe the Scranton team can call themselves the Red Barons and the Reading team can retain the Rail Riders nameplate, huh.

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