Thunder Unveil New Alt Jersey with Vertical Design

Written By:  •  Friday, November 9, 2012

For the first time since their relocation to Oklahoma, the Western Conference Champion Oklahoma City Thunder have unveiled a new jersey, the new uniform will make its on-court debut tonight against the Detroit Pistons.

Navy blue with a vertical design and striping, the uniform is radically different in design from either the Thunder home and road jerseys but does still maintain the font from the regular set.

Montage of new OKC Thunder alternate jersey, from their Facebook page

The shorts have an “Oklahoma City” scripted wordmark on the back near the waistband to “provide a classic, yet modern, application” and the “OKC” spelled out vertically along the side “embraces the organic and loyal support of the fans who chant those letter during home games.”

What stands out the most from this design is the presentation of the jersey script on the front of the uniform, the team says it “demonstrates strength and illustrates the rising nature of our team and community”.  The Thunder also refer to this design as “unique” regardless of the fact the Cincinnati Royals used a very similar design in the 1970s.

The “swingman” version of the jersey available for sale at

The team added that “the minimalist design and clean lines are timeless and reflect the personality of our industrious, hard-working, proud and committed community”.

In other words they had a design and then came up with reasons for the various elements after the fact.

The “OKC” and blue/white version of their alternate logo seen on the shorts

The third jersey will be worn for the following games.  Note that 10 of the 12 are road games as the NBA only allows a team to wear dark alternates at home twice per season:

November 9th vs Detroit Pistons (Home Game)
December 4th at Brooklyn Nets
December 20th at Minnesota Timberwolves
December 31st vs Phoenix Suns (Home Game)
January 7th at Washington Wizards
January 18th at Dallas Mavericks
January 27th at Los Angeles Lakers
February 12th at Utah Jazz
March 1st at Denver Nuggets
March 11th at San Antonio Spurs
April 5th at Indiana Pacers
April 11th at Golden State Warriors

The new uniform is available for purchase now online at or in person at the Chesapeake Energy Arena in OKC.

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  • Dave Giff


  • Andreas Scheunemann

    Hate it!

  • Ricardo Almonte

    Whoa! Unbelievably hideous!

  • Craig Michaels

    I swear sports teams have ADHD.

  • mnj

    I dig it, aesthetic-wise the Thunder are starting to find their own identity

  • what is the point of these? they look like they were thrown together in 5 minutes

    • FUBLU

      @ Michael Bernstein:
      You Ain’t Neva Lied!!!
      In the words of The Chuckster… Turrible!

  • as a fan of the Thunder, I am disappointed. would have rather seen an orange “OKC” one.

  • Sometimes. less is more. Many times, less is ridiculous.

  • Michael Metros

    Looks very ABA

  • I dig the design, unis in general need more vertical type, but the color is too bland. Some red, some yellow maybe? Why not?

    • wolfgangII

      Having five colors in their regular uniforms, I guess the wanted to try a monochromatic style.

  • Martin

    I have seen a picture of an all-orange new york knicks alternate jersey. will there be one???

  • Rob S.

    As Michael B says “What is the point of these”? They already have very nice uniforms.This alternate doesn’t fit in at all w/their colors..Plus they are not very appealing anyway.No reason for these!

  • David A.

    Dear Oklahoma City Thunder:

    The 1977 Portland Trail Blazers just called. They want their jersey design back.

  • Aaron

    Not bad, but could use a little more colour though. I kind of expected either a navy or orange jersey saying OKC at the front. Perhaps the Sacramento Kings should implement this style to their thirds.

  • Nick Rodriguez

    Wow! That’s really bad…but then again the NBA has some of worst uniforms in all of the big 4! Terrible! Ba Baseball has the best!!!!!

  • Dont get it. It doesnt go with any color scheme the team has. Orange or something. This might piss off Seattle fans but pay homage and go green and yellow. You are the holders of their history.

  • John Burlie

    It kind of looks like a faux back. I don’t hate it, they used basic colors, it’s original and it isn’t cluttered.. isn’t that what everyone wants? Then make up your minds. The Thunder have way too much colors anyway, only using 2 looks fine.

  • Very clean. OKC’s identity has too many colors and too much going on at once (even though I’m used to it now) but I could see this working with a tweak here (use your actual blue) and there (maybe make those side stripes gold or orange)

  • Arthur Malkin

    The similar Cincinnati Royals jersey was great and would be an all-time classic if it were not for the demise of the franchise. It certainly deserved a better fate. Not impressed with the Thunder alternate though. Would have rather seen the revival of the Royals had the team moved to Anaheim.

  • David Streeter


  • Stupid, uninspired, unrelated to their identity, bland (o look another navy jersey… this team has a myriad of colors and an OKC wordmark that would have been perfect and they settle on this? Total crapola

  • Brad Joiner

    Looks like the old Cincinnati Royals.

    • Aaron

      All the more reason the Sacramento Kings should use this style for their alternates. Regardless of where they play next year.

  • OKC deserves better

  • Brian Castner

    Just as bad as the new one the Spurs have. And look at all the room on both of them for advertising in a few years. UGH!

  • ingmar66

    The NBA and adidas: an uniform design relationship made in hell. This looks so lame it hurts.

  • ingmar66

    Just checked the Thunder site: the replica looks even worse, with the vertical stripes not running the entire length of the shirt. who wants to wear this kind of crap? OKC fans deserve better looking uniforms for their team (and for themselves to wear). But no, the crazy Bavarians and the greedy moneybags from the League have decided otherwise.

  • It’s always painful whenever a new-ish team tries making up a faux “retro” uniform. Anyone remember the Marlins’ fake Turn Back the Clock uniforms about a decade back?

  • Jeti Mar

    @David Pham, they don’t own the Sonic history. They gave that up as part of the relocation. And as for this alty, terrible.

  • Jeti Mar

    @David Pham, they don’t own the Sonic history. They gave that up as part of the relocation. And as for this alty, terrible.

  • I didn’t think that the uniform would lack the lighter shade of blue. I think both blues the Thunder uses should’ve been included.

  • Bryan W

    Awful. Don’t like them one bit. Too simple, and the striping and lettering is just awkward to look at.

    I was hoping for an orange jersey, without…. that.

  • Leighto

    Looks like they wanted to have one that would off-set Miami’s Black and White ones

  • Joe G.

    It’s ok, but if they ditched the lines and made “Thunder” go across the jersey, it may look better…but I don’t think it’s that bad, the lines are my biggest problem.

  • Brandon B.

    Ugly. I’m sorry, but I think it would’ve been better if they had an all orange “OKC” style. Am I right?

  • Jed

    Who the hell came up with these jerseys as these have to be one of the worst uniforms I have ever laid eyes on. Is this a joke? I mean, this is the best their marketing department came up with for an alternate look? Burn these!

  • Bill A


  • madpanda

    “Hello Brooklyn? We’re sorry, but can you give us that ‘Worst Uniform in NBA’ Award back? We just got a new entry…”

  • Andrew

    Probably the worst NBA uniforms ever made. Just awful. And we’re seriously comparing these with Brooklyn?? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Brooklyn. Those uniforms are nice.

  • If they went with the vertical script and striping, then why didn’t they have the shorts carry the design down. Also no reason to put OKC and the secondary logo both on there. Kinda something akin to the Miami Floridians jerseys but missing the mark in terms of placement of elements.

  • Aaron

    Here’s some ways of improving this jersey…

    The jersey should be orange.

    The stripe where it says Thunder should be light blue with navy outline.

    You’re probably thinking improving? Est-ce tu fou? At least this way, the jersey will have more colour.

  • This is an improvement…but to really fix it they should switch to green and yellow, move back to Seattle and call the team the “SuperSonics.”

  • Dante

    The teams needs a cleaner color scheme anyway. Their main jerseys are almost the worst in the league (Washington.) Keep the blue/make it match the blue in the Oklahoma flag, add in a color or two from elements of the flag or Oklahoma culture, and bam! Better color scheme. I like that they added this navy as an alternate, but the vertical design is terrible. There are too many reaches into the past in the NBA.

    • Aaron

      Didn’t they already add those flag elements to the logo and uniforms?

  • Nathan

    If the Thunder were in the 70’s/80’s mixed with today style

  • Max

    problem with nba- this jersey is really only worn on the road. they should wear it at home when they play teams with different colored red or yellow jerseys, like the lakers or trail blazers. colored jerseys on both teams would look great (a la Euro soccer)

  • F19

    Ugh really bad. Par for the course I suppose for the worst identity package in the NBA.

  • Toby Faber

    Can’t tell the Thunder apart from the Knicks, which is probably why the Knicks altered their unis this year, and the Thunder added these.

  • Tom guys got bad taste. Not the best jersey in the NBA but it is much better looking then their Home/Away jersey. I hope they keep it or get rid of the sky blue on their Home/Away jersey. My top favorite NBA jerseys are Utah, San Antonio and Toronto.

  • Maggie

    Horrid. L.A.M.E. Terribly disappointing and sooo boring. I would expect more from a team that’s so exciting to watch.