Hudson Valley Renegades Release New Logos, Jerseys

Written By:  •  Wednesday, November 14, 2012

As a part of their 20th anniversary celebrations, the Hudson Valley Renegades, Single-A New York-Penn League affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays today unveiled their new colour scheme, logos, and uniforms for the 2013 season at a private press conference in Fishkill, NY.

Out is the old colour scheme of red, navy, and grey in it’s place is dutchess blue, silver, and black. I love the new colour scheme, and the way the Renegades utilize it is more the way I would have liked to seen the Toronto Blue Jays use the colours back in their days using the similar scheme.

While the design has changed, the life behind it has not.  It’s still a minor league design, with an obvious appeal towards children.

What stands out, in terms of uniqueness, among the set is the home cap design, which features the two white eyes of the raccoon from the primary logo and a thin outline of its ears peeking up above the bill. While in a bit of a bizarre move, the road cap design includes the jersey wordmark that appears across the front of the alternate jersey.

(Left to Right) The new road, home, and BP caps for the Renegades

All four uniforms (three in-game, and BP) each have their own cap, so consistency is out with this set but on the other hand you do have your pick of the litter when it comes to purchasing your favourite cap.

Home, road, and alternate uniforms

Alternate and secondary logos

That “HV Tail” logo really sticks out like a sore thumb, or more accurately, a thumb amongst sore fingers.  It’s the only logo that’s been carried over from the previous set just recoloured to match the new look.

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  • Max

    you sure this isn’t the carolina panthers affiliate??? haha

    • Aaron

      Good point! This is a pretty unique concept. Too bad it wouldn’t really fly in the Major Leagues though.

  • Scheherazade

    Is it just me, or does anyone else get a slight ‘Sly Cooper’ vibe with new logo?

  • Ryan F

    I just keep thinking that it’s a detailed, raccoon version of Hoops & Yoyo..

  • Cuserell

    I see it now Scheherazade. Everything from the color scheme to the front cap logo is Sly Cooper. They must have been playing PS All Stars Battle Royale.

  • Ryan

    Wow, that’s a horrible downgrade. The mask cap has the potential to be good, if on a gray cap. The rest is terrible. Looks like a raccoon version of Angry Birds or something.

  • Long Life Gades fan

    Wow, not sure what everyone here is talking about HUGE upgrade. Ryan must be crazy, glad that for the first time since I have been going to games, I can actually like the logo. Love the new designs, glad to see that for the most part the stupid tail is gone. I love the new home hats. Agree though that they missed an opportunity on the away hat. All in all, love the new color scheme and most of the new designs. Finally an entire upgrade, unlike the simple color change back in 2004.

  • Rob S.

    Not Bad, although the hats are a downgrade,especially the home cap.

  • The cap cat face is fun, but the overall effect seems like something a high school kid would whip up on Photoshop. The RENEGADES script looks very cheap, and teal went out of style in about 1998.

    The old Renegades logo and colors were likable and respectable. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  • Johannes Kosiek

    Looks …uhm ….cute!

  • CDixonDesign

    It’s pretty sad as a club, when you’re BP cap is the brightest of the bunch in both potential, and professionalism.

  • Good idea, not a fan of the execution.

  • Koi No Yokan

    The alternate hat is Great !!

  • Home hat is hideous. Throwing away 20 years of “HV” on their cap is a real shame.

  • Garrett Konrad

    I’ve seen better high school logos. This is very amateur

  • Not a fan at all. It’s a very weak logo and uniform treatment.

  • Cuserell

    Agreed with the amateur comments. The font type just reminds me of every cheap, generic PS I’ve seen. You get what you pay for.

  • kurt

    downgrade. the “HV” logo isn’t bad but all the other logos are terrible.

  • ingmar66

    A turn for the worse. The wordmark looks cheap and amateurish, the eyes idea has already been done by the Lake Elsinore Storm. Missed opportunity! Only the old HV mark with the tail looks decent in these new colours.

  • Jordan

    I agree that the new font on the wordmark looks a little amateur, but I have to say I’m a big fan of that 3 panel hat, and really the new color scheme as a whole.

  • Aaron

    The black hat and the three panel hat are cool. The blue hat shouldn’t have the wordmark on it, either the HV logo or the eye logo. As for the road jersey, the HV logo should be larger and more on the chest side ala New York Yankees or Detroit Tigers.

  • Guy Ollie

    Thank goodness for those free fonts.Great logo for a girls softball team.

  • It’s pretty disappointing when a team rebrands and the result is as bad or worse than what they had before.