NY Mets Show Off Two New Blue Alternate Jerseys

Written By:  •  Wednesday, November 14, 2012

For the first time since (could it really be?) 1984 the New York Mets will have a blue alternate jersey as part of their regular uniform set.

Unveiled earlier today via a Tweet courtesy @Mets we got our first look at the two new blue alternate jerseys the New York Mets will sport in the 2013 season.

The first photo shows Johan Santana wearing the new home alternate (and also gives us our first look at the 2013 MLB All-Star Game patch on the jersey).  Jersey is blue with orange “METS” script across the front outlined in white, like the 2012 “Los Mets” jersey it has orange piping down the front and on the sleeves.  Player number is also on the front to the lower left of the team name.

We didn’t get a look of the back of the jersey but we have gotten our hands on what it’ll look like.

The player name and number do match the same style as the front of the jersey.

Later unveiled, also via their Twitter account, was the new blue road jersey which as we had heard earlier featured the “NEW YORK” wordmark, similar to their current road jersey, except in silver trimmed in orange.

And, like we did with the home alternate, here’s a shot of the backside of the uniform:

This silver wordmark on a blue jersey mimics what the club wore back from 1982-84 as their road alternate jersey, which according to our records (and correct us if we’re wrong) was the last time the team wore a blue jersey on a regular basis:

The blue alternate jersey worn by the New York Mets from 1982-84

The jersey is similar to the Spring Training/Batting Practice uniform the club started using this past Spring, all that’s missing is the orange piping down the front, to give you an idea of just how beautiful this uniform will look in action just picture the orange piping on this:

The Mets BP jersey, very similar to new 2013 home alternate

It doesn’t appear that the new uniforms are available for sale just quite yet on MLB.com but stay tuned and I’m sure it’ll get up there by the end of the day.

Special thanks to Twitter users @cjnesi and @DonCheech for alerting us to this story

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  • John

    Looks great. I’d prefer without the orange headspoon but love it still.

  • John B.

    They tweeted out a picture of the alt. away.. “NEW YORK” in their traditional road font, silver letters outlined in orange on the same blue jersey with the same orange piping as the home alt.

  • Aaron

    These alternates should have been brought out a year sooner. Well, better late than never. Good job, Mets.

  • Davy Wang

    New York Knicks

  • This story has been updated as the Mets have just unveiled their road alternate jersey as well

  • Arthur Malkin

    Love the blue alternates – pleasantly suprised that they unveiled the “New York” road version also! Does this mean the Mets will abandon the solid white home jerseys? It seems like an unnecssary alternate now.

  • Michael Taylor

    Hate the Mets. Love that blue jersey

  • Troy Griggsby

    I love the concept of alternate UNIFORMS, matching tops and bottoms of historical significance or inspiration. However, I hate alt jerseys that look like solid color little league shirts. In my mind, the Phillies are the only team I know that do it right. And, of course, the Yankees who can’t be bothered with the notion of alternates.

  • Although I am not a Mets fan, those are sharp looking jerseys. Much better then the drab black look.

  • Aaron

    Do you think two different alternates one road one home is necessary? Stick with one blue alternate home and road and use perhaps the cream pinstripe unis as their Sunday home jerseys.

  • JPNY

    As a lifetime, diehard till the end MET FAN, All I have to say is:


  • Jimmy Kemp

    Very nice! Classy. Glad they have ditched the black.

  • 6 Jerseys?! 2 Blues, 1 Gray, 1 Cream, 1 White and 1 Black.

    As Starks from Mets Police said, “be careful what you wish for”…

    We prayed for the black to disappear and now they bowl us over with blues….which I dont mind…but seriously?! 6 jerseys?!

    The only way to avoid the confusion and klusterf*ck that the Mets might make out of this, I propose that they wear them as follows,

    Snow Whites during All night home games.

    Cream pinstripes during All day home games.

    Blue home alternates during Friday night games only!

    The dreaded fugly Blacks during Sunday night games only!

    Road Grays during all road games (day or night).

    Blue road alternates during Friday road (day or night) games.

    In this manner, no one is surprised to see what they are wearing on a nightly or daily basis. Everyone knows what to expect and the Mets avoid looking like the confused mess they used to resemble during the hybrid and black era.



    • stets5150

      no i thought the blacks were gonna be eliminated. does anyone know if mlb has a limit on jerseys a team can have is 5? the only reason i come up with this is look at the 4 teams that have 5 jerseys, atlanta, milwaukee, mets, and minnesota. only the twins eliminated the road alternate in order to officially have 4 home jerseys. in 2009 and 2010, they still officially had their sleeveless jerseys when they dropped the road alternates and picked up the throwback alts, and then when they eliminated the sleeveless for 2011, they now had a road alt again.

  • Austin Harbeson

    Jersey looks really nice.

  • Aaron

    Only complaint about either of the blue alternates, if their going to have a road alternate saying New York which I find a bit of a waste, the text and numbers should be white not silver. Silver isn’t part of the colour scheme. Otherwise I give the whole concept 9/10.

  • Paul

    The dual color top/bottoms belong in AA ball. Classy? A step back to early 80’s cheese.

  • Eric

    You can definitely tell the all star game batting practice will be the same blue jerseys. Wonder if they will go cream or orange for the other league

  • Steve

    Perfect!!! Both of these jerseys are absolutely Beautiful!! I love the grey/orange ‘new york’ on the road version. If any team should have a couple of blue alternate tops, it is the Mets! It’s about time! Well done Mets!!!

  • I really like these blog and i got more important informations.Great Job.

  • ingmar66

    Great jerseys (would love to buy both of them), but why the solid white and solid grey pants? Give us blue or orange piping or stick to the home pinstripes pants.

  • Otis Byrd III

    Even though I’m a Giants fan I’ll admit, these new Mets alternate jerseys look kind of cool. I actually didn’t mind their black alternates, but these new blue alterates look fresh.

  • thomas

    the black jersey still look great…….stop jumping on the hatewagon

  • Aaron

    You know what, I’m looking at their current road alternate and their 1985 alternate. They look pretty similar. Even though silver isn’t part of the Mets colour scheme, they look good even with the text and numbers in that colour.

  • Aaron

    Sorry, I meant 1982-84 alternates. Those jerseys also look sweet.

  • Quamalamalam

    I have been waiting for these types of jerseys since I met the Mets.