S-W/B Yankees Become RailRiders, Unveil New Logos

Written By:  •  Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Farewell Yankees, Hello Porcupines on Rails!

At a fan event held earlier tonight the International League’s Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees officially announced they would be now known as the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders.

This change is the third name and identity change for the Triple-A franchise in the past five years, prior to re-naming themselves the Yankees for 2007 the team had been known as the Red Barons.

The name won convincingly in a name-the-team contest according to the club, going up against other finalists Blast, Black Diamond Bears, Porcupines, Trolley Frogs, and Fireflies.  It was mentioned that “Porcupines” appeared on the most ballots but not as the top choice on the most ballots hence the use of that there porcupine on the logo.

New colours are electric gold, rich maroon, and Yankee navy (despite changing their name, the team retains their affiliation with the New York Yankees).  The “rich maroon” meant as a nod to the Red Barons.

Photos and details are unfortunately scarce at this moment, but here’s what we know about the uniforms… sorry about the poor quality, all I’ve seen so far are cell phone pics:

Alternate and home uniforms courtesy @swbyankeestt

There’s three, a home, road, and alternate.

The home uniform is white with navy pinstripes (remember, this is a Yankees farm team) and features the “RailRiders” wordmark in red with gold and navy accents arched across the front, a navy cap will be worn with this uniform.

Alternate jersey is a red vest with navy sleeves, same “RailRiders” wordmark as on the home uniform appears across the front and it looks like red-on-red, which is a pet-peeve of mine. Navy cap also worn.

Road uniform courtesy @swbyankeestt

On the road we have that same wordmark across the front, and thankfully no road pinstripes.  The cap is a beaut and is meant to be a call back to the days of the Red Barons who wore a scripted SWB logo somewhat similar to this one on their uniforms for many years.

The new logos were designed by Brandiose, previously responsible for the classic Richmond Flying Squirrels logo.  Brandiose is also the designer of the new Reading Phillies logos to be unveiled this weekend.



We got ourselves a somewhat better look at the new uniforms, and what appears to be a pillbox “special event” cap… pics below, again, sorry for the low quality.

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  • aka the Porcupine RailRiders

  • Brian Castner

    Living in the area I watched the reveal live on TV. When they started the announcement the crowd was excited and yelling for Trolley Frogs. As soon as they saw RailRiders you could actually see the excitement and energy go away and noticeably see the deflation of the crowd. Just another in a long line of Yankee failures in NEPa.
    I actually voted Trolley Frogs as my 1st choice with Porcupines #2 and Fireflies (should be Lightning Bugs) #3. The RailRiders name is NOT going over very well so far with the fans. Not surprising since I don’t know anybody that voted for RailRiders. Just about everybody wanted either Porcupines or Trolley Frogs so it’s fitting the Yankees at least gave us a porcupine in the logo and then flipped us off to go with a different name.

  • It’s not a bad logo, but I wish they brought back the Red Barons name and logo. I liked the Red Barons concept a lot.

  • Jason Heminger

    This by one of the Brandiose people…

    “The RailRiders are the first professional sports team to honor the American porcupine, and we couldn’t think of a grittier mascot to represent the region’s fighting spirit.”

  • kurt

    i think RailRiders would be a fine name and Porcupines would be a fine name but a porcupine riding a rail is just weird and confusing. the design work is nice enough but the concept is pretty out there. is the absence of a porcupine anywhere on the jerseys/hats an indicator that maybe a porcupine will just be there mascot and not so much a part of their logo set?

  • Angry Beavers?

    I’m totally ordering a BP cap

  • the red ‘SWB” hat is awesome

  • the red ‘SWB” hat is awesome

  • Aaron

    Love the whole porcupine concept with this logo. Very sharp, literally. I also like that they designed their caps to pay homage to the Red Barons. Great work.

  • Replace the Porcupine with a DL&W Pocono, and it would work. Scranton was and is a major rail center, it’s nice to see the team honouring it’s hometown rail heritage.

  • Dave Giff

    Why are all the minor league teams getting away from having the same nicknames as their parent clubs (i.e. SWB Yanks & R-Phils)?

  • Aaron

    Just a couple complaints, but minor, the Yankees symbol doesn’t really have to be on the sleeve. If anything, it potentially kills it. Secondly, SWB should also be on the home caps. Also put some more maroon on the home caps. Even though they’re affiliated with the Yankees, doesn’t mean dwarf their style to a T.

  • Brian Castner

    The frustrating part is the railroad tracks and the “RailRiders” name. The logos and uniforms look very good. Dump the tracks and change the name to Porcupines and this would be an awesome new look. Most of the main and alternate logos are all porcupines so why not just go with that? The RailRiders name is taking a huge beating from fans so hopefully they’ll realize how awful it is and change it over to Porcupines at some point.

  • Brian Castner

    I think teams are getting away from keeping the same names/looks of their parent clubs to appeal to a bigger audience. Especially when it’s teams like the Yankees. Either you love them or hate them. Personally I can’t stand the Yankees so I would never buy any SWB Yankees stuff to wear. With their own identity I feel much better about buying some of this. Yes it still all goes back to the Yankees but the different look makes it easier to do.

    • Aaron

      As it should be for most teams affiliated with their parent clubs. Another thing minor league clubs should do away with and I’m not just talking about baseball, it’s any minor leagues…

      Using the parent club’s logo on their jerseys isn’t necessary. In fact, it’s a bit overkill.

      • DoubleB

        There is much money to be made by affiliates having their own branding, and not just for the team itself. That means more design work being done, more merchandise, more print collateral.

        And I agree that the parent club logo can sometimes sour the look of the jersey, but I know from experience that it is sometimes part of their affiliation agreement.

  • Disappointed. Woud’ve much preferred Fireflies, Porcupines, or Trolley Frogs.

  • Very conservative approach. Fireflies or Trolley Frogs would have been better selection much more opportunity for creative. The hats are boring and remind me or Arizona State.

  • ingmar66

    Best option is to bring back the Red Barons and change the logo to a porcupine flying a triple winged WW1 fighte planer. RailRiders? Oh, please… Why not the Hobos? Those are the real unsung heroes of the railroads in America. Road uniform is the best one of this bunch, the SWB hat is decent. The porcupine logo is a nice design but change the name to Porcupines, then. Be consistent!