Phantoms Move Again, Tweak Logo, Ditch Purple

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The Adirondack Phantoms are scheduled to move for the 2014 season and will keep their mascot and primary logo. The team name changes to reflect the change of location, though again to an “area” name, rather than the city of location.

Originally an expansion team bought by the owners of the Philadelphia Flyers to play in the Spectrum after the Flyers moved into their new venue, the Phantoms were originally named after their city. They sported their NHL team’s orange and black, and added purple to serve as a mark of differentiation.

Lehigh Valley adirondack phillidelphia allen town glen falls phantoms hockey AHL philly

Philadelphia Phantoms Logo 1996/97

When the Spectrum was scheduled for demolition, the team was sold, and moved to its current location of Glens Falls, NY. They kept the mascot, logo, and colors intact, and changed to an area name: The Adirondack Phantoms.

Lehigh Valley adirondack phillidelphia allen town glen falls phantoms hockey AHL current

Adirondack Phantoms Logo 2009/10

The plan, apparently, all along was to build a new arena and move the team to Allentown. The Allentown Arena is under construction, set to open for the Phantons 2014-2015 season but rather than take the name of their city and arena, they are going with Lehigh Valley.

Lehigh Valley adirondack phillidelphia allen town glen falls phantoms hockey AHL new

2014/15 season logo

The team is also changing the “accent” color of the team from purple to blue. Ordinarily a small color tweak wouldn’t be a big deal, but in this case, the blue now goes with the orange to create a look far too reminiscent of the New York sports teams, in many fans opinions.

The script had changed as well, from a custom, frantic font to what looks a lot like Arial Italic.

Strange choices by the team, and not so popular with some folks. What do you think? Should they have changed the logo to something else? Should they leave the purple alone? Is this a completely different team, so a full rebranding should have taken place? Or should they have simply hired a sports designer to give them a clean, professional look?

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  • Cuserell

    I thought the logo always stunk.

  • Matt

    Good logo, terrible word marks (both old and new)

  • Aaron

    As long as there’s black and orange as the dominant colours, the blue accent wouldn’t neccesarily resemble New York teams too much. But yeah, keeping the purple would be a better move.

  • Aaron

    Question is, what team will Glen Falls, NY receive once this move happens?

    • Bill

      Don’t count on Glen Falls to get another team this was there chance to prove that they could support a AHL team and they failed. The area would do better with a ECHL team more than a AHL team

      • Aaron

        I did hear that the Phantoms time in Glen Falls was going to be temporary regardless and they might a team once the Phantoms leave town.

      • Sam

        I hardly see how we “failed.” Just 100-200 season tickets or so away from their goal hardly seems like failure. Also, smaller market teams do worse here, the UHLs Ice Hawks/Frostbite fared worse than the Phantoms ever did, if I remember correctly.

  • John Burlie

    At least the Phantoms are back in Penn, but the purple needs to stay. In fact, the purple should be more obvious on the jerseys and possibly the logo. I don’t feel this will interfere with NY sports teams colours because the purple/blue is not that evident. I’m glad they kepts the logo, but like everyone else, the fonts have never been that great.

  • ingmar66

    Makeover time: new logo, new wordmark please! And keep the purple, it is more spooky than the blue.

  • Devin

    We have the Ironpigs now bring on the Phantoms!

  • Mark

    Why dont links ever work?

  • Jab

    The fonts are horrible I’d actually prefer the old over the new but not by much. Idk what the deal is with the orange “glowing” background. Looks like a designer just threw that in there last minute. So unnecessary and bring back the purple, blue is just too mainstream and doesn’t fit this team imo.

  • James Misercola

    *2014-15 season, year after next.

  • BlueCityNotes

    Lehigh Valley sounds like a high school team. I’ve never been impressed with the Phantoms branding anyway, but now, it just feels like this team doesn’t even belong in the AHL.

  • kurt

    booooo gradients. and i get that the logo is meant to mimic the flyers logo a little but something much cooler could be done with the name “phantoms”

  • Josh Truax

    Paging Billy Joel…

  • Joe Strummer

    Rumour is that the Albany Devils will move to Glen Falls, so they shouldn’t be out of the AHL at all. Good chance same year the Phantoms leave the Devils will set up shop

    • Aaron

      Really? And then who would Albany get anyways?