Arizona Going “Red-Out” vs Arizona State – Wearing All Red

Written By:  •  Monday, November 19, 2012

Arizona redout red uniforms red helmet

A first since 1980, the Arizona Wildcats will wear a red helmet as part of their “RedOut” promotion for their game against Arizona State Saturday.

The Arizona football Twitter account tweeted a couple pics, including QB Matt Scott holding the helmet.

Arizona redout red uniforms red helmet Matt Scott

The crowd is being encouraged to join the team and wear all red.

What do you think? Is the red Arizona helmet a natural add to their current uniform? Or is it too much red for your eyes?

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  • Brad

    If they were lobsters, they’d be cooked to perfection. Sparky is going to stick a fork in them! GO ASU! On a side note, I do like the uni’s, but hope they lose this game!

  • Aaron

    The red jerseys and helmets are nice, but the red pants are tad much. This is over the top monochromatic.

    • Ben Foster

      I believe it’s called a “red-out”.

  • Nathan

    it’s cool

  • Aaron

    They’re forgetting one thing with this uniform, red numbers with white outlines. LOL

  • Steve

    YES! Love the red helmet! I’d keep it in the line up for next year and wear it on the road with all white or at home with white pants. looking good U of A!

  • Rob S.

    There is no reason for the red helmet!! White looks great with the all red uniform.So now there are 4 helmets?? Too much!!!

  • steve

    why are they wearing Utah’s uniforms?

  • ingmar66

    Nice effort. They should use the red helmet more often (away games?).

  • David

    Love it!