Navy Releases a Special Uniform for their 2012 Game Against Army

Written By:  •  Monday, November 19, 2012

Navy Nike Univorms football college Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy featured


Navy will again wear special uniform’s for their biggest rivalry game, for the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy against Army, December 8th.

The most striking element of the uniform is the gold stripe on the helmet. High in the back, down to the facemask in the front, Navy tells us this is to  mimic the shiny band on a navy dress cap. We think this is a very liberal translation, but it makes for a very interesting and unique helmet.

Navy Nike Univorms football college Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy back

Have to enjoy that the sample was a Roger Staubach

The uniform is mostly with with blue trim, small accents of yellow on the arm. The helmet sports the naval flags to spell out “Beat Army,” which is a really cool touch.

There is a “Navy” tramp-stamp, which I’m not a fan of. Lower backs and butts should be free of legible items or decoration for men and my daughters.

Navy Nike Univorms football college Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy bside

The Shoulders are navy with white numbers, and the tops of the shoulder have the yellow Navy patch.

Navy Nike Univorms football college Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy tall

Socks will be low, plain blue. The undershirt (which somehow, has become as much of a uniform announcement as any other part) will feature a red and white hoops/bib design, and the “Don’t Tread On Me”  made famous by real patriots way before being absconded with by particular political interest groups.


How do you like it? Do you enjoy seeing our military get geared up special for their annual rivalry game? Who do you have? Wait, you DO watch this game, correct? Its an amazing tradition and should not be missed.

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  • BL.

    Those are pretty friggin cool.

  • Bryan

    these are really nice. They represent what America is all about and the Naval routes

  • Robert Tivari

    those are badass!!

  • Brian

    The Navy tramp stamp might be a tribute to Navy utility uniform which has an individuals name sewn about the same spot.

  • Aaron

    Compared to a lot of the newer college uniforms, these look great. Not too flasy, except for the gold stripe on the helmet. Although the gold stripe goes well the naval theme. Great work. 10/10

  • Nathan

    Nicest alternate/1 game unifroms in ncaa this year (beside oregon)

  • Kevin Joseph

    By “amazing” you mean “whatthe?”

  • Kevin Joseph

    By “amazing” you mean “whatthe?”

  • Trent

    Excellent. FYI, the undershirt is based on the Old Navy Jack, a flag that was traditionally reserved for the oldest ship in the fleet (whoever she is at the time), but since 9/11 has been flown from the bow of every Naval vessel. The standard Navy Jack was just the blue field with 50 stars, like the ensign without the stripes.

  • Brian Dolinar

    Cool uniform & helmet, bad idea on the tramp stamp.

  • Nate Melvin

    Awesome uniforms! They’re better than Army’s!

  • Ken Kraetzer

    Looks good except for the stripe on the helmet. Normally Navy has some red on the uniform as a nod to Marines. Thought their uniforms last year looked good, white helmets with gold stripe, blue shirts and pants. With these two teams it is all about winning the game and “Singing second”. Uniforms are forgotten after the first hit. Looking forward to being at my fourth straight Army-Navy game this year after taking my Dad, an Army guy, to three games in the ’90s. No better game to be able to attend.

  • Brad

    Best dri-fit top and helmet of all time?

  • Brandon

    nice unis, can’t believe their helmets are made of real gold

  • Wow! Love the helmet and uniform. Easily the best new look from any team I’ve seen in a long time.

  • Did you just use the word ‘amazing’ to describe a stupid uniform? ‘Neat’ or ‘cool’ would have sufficed, but ‘amazing’?? Give me a break…. Those are ‘word’, at best….

  • Matt

    And to the author JR, it might be a good idea to keep your personal political beliefs to yourself. That last comment about “Don’t Tread On Me” being absconded is completely irrelevant to the story and unnecessary.

    • George

      Agree with Matt – political snark “queers” the article. Very nice unis, though, esp the helmet. Would like to see Army do something in a similar vein.

  • These are very Cool with a Classy Look… But It would Be Bad Ass with Blue Pants and Gold or White Stripe .. Finish with All Black Shoes…


    These are Off The Damn Chain! I Really wish they would consider making a primary uniform set with these!

  • ingmar66

    Nice uniform, nice helmet, nice detail in the Beat Army flags on the back of the helmet. But I do not feel or understand the hype surrounding these intra-service academy games.

  • Navy vet

    I quote; “…made famous by real patriots …before being absonded with by particular political interest groups”

    How about you bite me after you justify how you have the right to decide who a real patriot is!

  • This looks much better than that Shamrock Series Notre Dame helmet. I love it!

  • Rob Robertson

    The real thought that went into these uniforms is pretty unique. Ever heard the wise saying to never attempt to speak intelligently about something you know little about. That is not a tramp stamp and in fact mimics actually markings for navy uniforms. Also, instead of making fun of the helmet and saying it doesn’t provide appropriate tribute, take a minute to look at the back of the helmet at the flags and the number displayed. This was designed to reflect the thoughts and prayers for the navy QB that was recently injured in a horrific car accident. Before you belittle something take a moment to get the facts.

  • Jim Menge

    Go Navy!

  • Bill Wellman

    That’s a Navy Jack clownboy….the Gadsden Flag is a different beast….your pink diaper is showing.

  • ..awesome!!

    I really like the combination, sober and elegant.
    The gold accent really stands out.

  • Anyone know where I can get the undershirt? That’s badass!

  • Great items from you, man. I’ve take into account your stuff previous to and you are simply extremely wonderful. I really like what you have received here, certainly like what you are stating and the way in which wherein you assert it. You’re making it entertaining and you still take care of to keep it smart. I can’t wait to read much more from you. That is actually a wonderful website.

  • Brother Wolf

    A+ on the football uniforms. GREAT JOB!!!