Buffalo Bisons Go Retro With New Logo

Written By:  •  Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Buffalo Bisons, Triple-A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays and member of the International League, today released their new logo via their Facebook Fan page.

Buffalo had recently changed their Major League affiliation from the Mets to the Jays and took the opportunity to re-brand themselves with their own imagery and own colour scheme, not dependant on whomever they’re affiliated with.

Out with the Mets look from 2012, in with the uniquely Bisons look for 2013

The new logo brings back both the classic red, white, and blue colour scheme and the use of their mascot (Buster) in the hitting pose. Red is the dominant colour in this new scheme.

“It was important for us to reestablish our own team identity with our new logo. Our fans have continued to express their fondness of the red, white and blue logo from the late ’80s and early ’90s at the ballpark. We feel this new logo not only pays tribute to that history but gives the team an exciting new look for the future.” – Bisons GM Mike Buczkowski to MILB.com

Buffalo’s classic “Hittin’ Buster” pose is back after a 15 year absence

Local Buffalo-area merchandise distributor ADPRO Sports were responsible for the design of the new logo.

New uniforms won’t be unveiled until January but will reportedly feature block lettering.

The new Buffalo Bisons logo has already been added to SportsLogos.Net, you can check it out and rate it here

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  • i’m normally all for honoring the past and fixing up old logos to look new and clean, but this looks totally shoddy. i guess that’s what you get for going to a merchandise distributor to design your logo.

  • Aaron

    Finally, the Bisons are going back to their original style albeit in a modernized fashion. Hopefully, the slugging buffalo will be on the cap. I can’t wait to see the new uniforms.

  • The Mets one was better

    • Aaron

      If the previous logo just put red, white and blue instead of blue and orange, that logo probably would’ve stayed. It did look like a realistic buffalo though.

    • Danny Ip

      I agree with Frank Fleming!

  • im not to keen on this one

  • Sean Maguire

    i appreciate the thought behind it, but im a little underwhelmed by the final product

  • Eric Hoffman

    The contrast is off on the Bison, and it doesn’ t look like he cares whether he hiys the ball or not.

    • Aaron

      You have a good point. The only things I would add to this logo are a little more facial expression plus steam coming out of the bison’s nose.

  • Andrew

    Nice logo

  • Squizz

    Did it ever bug anyone else that they are the “Bisons” and not the “Bison” it just sounds and looks too out of place, just saying.

  • The idea of returning to the early 90’s colors and general look was a very good one, however this execution is really unfortunate. Very amateurish. Here was the (unsuccessful) proposal I put forth to the front office in honor of the new Blue Jays affiliation: http://forzamilo.wordpress.com/2012/11/20/re-branding-the-bisons/

    • Aaron

      That rebranding would’ve looked good. You forgot to add the red to that one. Otherwise quite sharp.

    • Christoph

      Mike Kowalski, your take on the rebranding was EXCELLENT. I especially liked the “other cap & jersey considerations”. Great job on that blue and white cap… shame they didn’t use it.

      • Thank you! It’s been great to see such a positive reaction by a number of people.

  • ingmar66

    Downgrade! The Mets logo was much better and Buster needs a better look on his face than this bland expression. As for the whole look and the font, it is obvious that not a single graphic designer was consulted in this lame effort to cash in on the fans’sympathy for Buster,

  • Agreed downgrade. While the logo need a much needed face lift, the logo appears to much generic. It is as if they were trying to be retro and cool but it didn’t really work out that well.

  • John Lucas Jr

    Thanks for the updates to the Bisons page. The dates on when they were AA is incorrect though.

  • Hey John, those “AA” dates are for the American Association, a former Triple-A league which no longer exists – NOT Double-A level baseball as I’m assuming you’re referring to. The Bisons did indeed play Double-A ball in the Eastern League prior to 1985 but they are not considered to be the same franchise historically.

  • Hey Chris what is gong on with Las Vegas any changes planned with the Mets now affiliated, always loved the Alien hope they keep it,

  • I’m not expecting any changes to the 51s – they didn’t change anything when they switched from LA to Toronto

  • Charlie

    The new Bison has a looks like he has a Hitler mustache.